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The Juicy Bong
It was  2 am in the night on Friday and I was sitting on my laptop playing games as usual. College life was going smooth for me , I was studying in Bhubaneshwar  in Engineering . My life revolved around my clog & friends and games. I was living in an apartment with 2 BHK alone as I have rented it all to myself. I avoided people , or so to say I didn’t like interacting with people. So I was an introvert who spent most of the time alone inside his own apartment. Since it was a Friday and next two days no college , I was planning to stay up all night and play games or watch movies.

Suddenly the door bell rang !

I was surprised as who the hell would come to your house at 2 am . Still I got up and went to the door and opened it.
I got surprised when I saw a woman standing outside my door.

[Image: Inst-image-1-2.jpg]

[Image: Inst-image-6.jpg]

The first thought that came to my mind was ‘BUSTY’ .This girl had huge pair of boobs and the t-shirt she was wearing was tight and sticking to her body. She had a cute face and dark black hair. In word word she was hot as fuck.

Behind her was 3 luggage bags and all of them looked heavy .

She waited as I fully checked her out and hungrily took in her beautiful body .
She gave a nervous smile and said “Sorry to disturb you at the middle of the night, I am Mrs. Trisha Banerjee.”

Now it made sense to me , the landlord of the apartment told me that a new person would be coming to live in the flat above mine , he told me that like myself she was a Bengali and her name was Mrs. Banerjee. One week ago the landlord gave me the keys to the flat and told me to give it to her when she arrived as the landlord lives in his own house.

I was expecting a middle aged aunty, not a hot curvy girl who hardly looked any older than me.

Now the conversations are happening in Bengali but I am writing it here in English.

I gave a nod and said “Oh, Mrs. Banerjee but you were supposed to come at around 10 o clock so I got surprised”.
She was breathing heavily because of climbing the stairs with all those heavy bags.
She said “Please call me Trisha , I am just 23 . Anyway my train got late to the station and it was hard finding a cab so late at night.”

While she was talking I brought her keys to the apartment and gave it to her. I looked behind her and saw those luggage and asked her ,”Do you need some help with the luggage?”
She smiled happily and said yes please.

One by one we took all her luggage’s to her apartment. He apartment was not yet fully ready and just had few furniture . Meanwhile she gave me her number and took mine and told me about her husband who was in the US in his job. She came here because of her job transfer in an IT company.

Walking up the stairs I was watching her round ass and could only imagine how much her husband enjoyed fucking her.
After taking all her bags into her apartment we both were tired and sat on her sofa.

I was almost out of breath and my hands were aching. She was also sitting in the sofa breathing heavily. Her huge boobs moving up and down. I sat there and kept staring at those lovely boobs which were trying to burst out of her tight t-shirt.
I looked at her said “It will take all night just to unpack all your things , want me to help?”
Her face brightened up and she gave a huge smile. “Thanks Pritam , I am glad that ur my neighbour and so kind.”
(pritam is my name  Tongue)

It took around 3 hrs to unpack all her belongings. By the time it was finished the clock showed 5:40 am .
I was tired and could hardly stand. Trisha was also tired . Her body all sweaty. I could see a large sweat patch below her armpits. Immediately my dick became hard. Was her armpits clean or shaved? And her pussy? Was it hairy or shaved?

I pulled myself back to the reality and got up . “well I think we should get some rest now .” I said to her .
Trisha got up and smiled and said “ Thank you again for all the help . Btw I need to go go shopping tomorrow and buy some things , If you are free can you take me as I don’t know anyplace here?”

I gladly said yes , I was happy becoz I would get to see her hot body again tomorrow.
I came to my room fell on the bed and went to sleep within a few minutes.

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