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My Virgin Sister
[Image: 22208502442.jpg]

"Oh God, Jack! I'm cumming!" She is feverishly rubbing her clit and I am twisting her back and forth as fast as I can. Her pussy seems to be trying to clamp down on my cock, but can't get a grip because of the corkscrew effect of the apparatus.

"Spin me, Jack! Spin me! Spin Meeeeeee! Fuck! I'm cumming!" I'm frantically twisting her back and forth, literally screwing her up and down on my cock. The harness keeps her from bucking, like she usually does, but I can feel her pussy muscles pulsating against my cock, as I twist her up and down.

"Stop! Stop me, Jack! Stop me!" Lisa yells, panting hard. "I need to stop." I stop twisting her and her pussy slides all the way down my cock, crushing her wet lips against my pubic hair. I can feel her pussy muscles tighten around my cock like a vice. I slide my hands down under her ass and massage her hot, round cheeks, slick with her juices. She reaches down between my legs and starts playing with my balls. I want to pump up into her, but her weight keeps me from moving. I just lay there with her hand massaging my balls and her pussy pulsating like a vibrator around my throbbing cock.

"Get me out of this, Jack. I need you to fuck me. I need to feel your hard cock pounding me. Get me out of this harness, now!" She moves her hand off my balls, as I twist her all the way up and off my cock. As soon as her lips clear the tip of my cock, she gushes creamy, hot juice all over me. It runs down over my balls and between my ass cheeks, creating puddles on the air mattress. I roll to the side and let her twist back down. Steaming syrup is still oozing from her pussy lips, as they hang a few inches above the air mattress. I can't resist a quick taste and I lay on my back, positioning my mouth under her pussy. Pushing my tongue deep inside her saturated cunt, I gently swing her across my tongue, as I lap up her thick nectar.

"Oh Jack! Yes! Yes! That's wonderful!" I've never eaten her from this position and her syrupy juices drench my face, as they continuously flow out of her burning, hot snatch. I keep gently swinging her back and forth, as I push my tongue deep inside her pussy, drinking her hot juices.

"Goddamn, Jack! I'm cumming again! I can't believe what you're doing to me!" With that, her pussy hole opens wide and she floods my face with wave after wave of hot, juicy cum. I eagerly lap it up, savoring the sweet, sexy taste of her.

"Now, fuck me, Jack!" Lisa yells.

I pull the straps from around her legs and help Lisa get the big one from under her arms. She falls on her back on the sticky, wet air mattress, and lifts her legs up to her shoulders, exposing her wide open, dripping cunt.

"Hammer me, Jack. Pound my pussy with your hard cock." I slam into her in one hard stroke and pound her soggy pussy like a jackhammer. My balls, which have been building up cum for nearly an hour, are smacking her ass on every down stroke.

"That's It! Fuck me, Jack! Fuck me hard! Oh God! I love it! I fucking love it!" I'm pushing her legs down until her toes touch the air mattress, just above her shoulders, and pummel her pussy with my cock. I can feel my balls tightening and I start pounding even faster as I near my long awaited release.

"I'm cumming, Sis. I can't hold back, I'm cumming!" I push deep inside of her and my cock erupts, flooding her pussy with my hot jism.

"I can feel it, Jack! I can feel you cumming inside me. It feels so good. I'm right there with you! I'm cumming, too!" Her pussy clamps down on my cock, as I jerk in and out of her. Her pulsating muscles milking load after load of cum from my throbbing cock, mixing it with her own gushing juices.

I release her legs and she lowers them back down on the air mattress. Our hearts are pounding against each other, as we gasp for breath. I raise myself up on my arms to take deeper breaths and watch Lisa's chest rising and falling. Her nipples are as hard as steel, sticking out like bullets from her milky white mounds. I enjoy the sight for a minute before leaning back down, crushing her tits against my chest. We are both totally spent, and I lay on top of her, with my cock buried in her pussy. It's long time before either of us moves.

"Why were you looking at me like that?" Lisa asks, a quizzical look on her face.

"I love looking at you. I've always loved looking at your perfect tits. They've turned me on since the first day I saw them," I say, reaching between us and cupping her right breast with my hand.

"Always, Jack? A whole two months now, huh?" Lisa laughs. I laugh too, but not the same way. I am staring into her eyes, trying to decide whether to tell her about spying on her when she speaks.

"What, Jack?" she asks, locking eyes with me.

"Actually, it's been longer than two months. I've been watching you through your bedroom window since right after we moved here." I'm holding my breath, waiting to see what she says.

"What?" She looks incredulous. I don't think she believes me.

"Yeah. I didn't have a girlfriend, I was really horny, and you looked so sexy in your swimsuit everyday, I had to see what you looked like naked. I started spying on you while you were changing."

"When? I never saw you," she says, shifting her body under mine.

"If you saw me, it wouldn't be spying, would it?" I say, sarcastically. "I was getting myself off outside your window everyday, Lisa, as you changed into your swimsuit." There I'd said it. I just look at her, still massaging her tit, waiting for her reaction. She doesn't say anything for a while. Then she looks right at me, smiling.

"That is so hot, Jack! I can't believe you were jacking off outside my window. What did you do? I mean did you have your cock out of your pants and everything?" She starts moving her hips a little, sliding my cock around inside her drenched pussy.

"Yeah. Well, I was only wearing my swimsuit, so I just pulled my cock out and shot my load on the ground. There must be a hundred loads of cum on the ground and bushes outside your window."

"God, I wish I'd known you were out there," Lisa says, squeezing her pussy around my cock. "I would have put on a little show for you."

"Oh you did, Lisa," I tell her. "You put on a hell of a show. Every time you put lotion on after swimming, I watched you massage your pink nipples until they were hard. Then, when you put your foot on the bed to rub lotion on your leg, I was staring straight into your beautiful, virgin pussy. It was an incredible show, believe me."

Telling my sister about spying on her, through her bedroom window, is having its affect on my cock. It doesn't hurt that she's flexing her pussy muscles around my hardening shaft. I keep massaging her breast, running my thumb across her erect nipple.

"Maybe I would have done more than spread my legs in front of the window, and rub lotion on, if I'd known I had an audience." She is breathing a little harder and pushing her pussy up get more of my cock inside her.

"I doubt it, Lisa. You hadn't yet turned into the hot nymphomaniac you are today." I laugh. "Remember, you were still a virgin who hadn't even touched a cock. I'd hate to think what would have happened if you'd seen me out there."

I'm slowing sliding my cock in and out of her slippery pussy. She's raising her hips to meet my strokes, as I drive deep down inside and then slowly glide back out.

"So all that bullshit about it being weird to fuck your sister was just an act, wasn't it? You had this planned all along, didn't you Jack? You manipulated this whole thing." She is humping hard against my cock, trying to make me quicken my strokes. I can tell our discussion is turning her on as much as the fucking. I keep pumping in and out at the same slow pace.

"No, it wasn't bullshit. I never in my life believed I would ever actually fuck my own sister. Yes, I fantasized about it and imagined I was fucking you while I jacked off outside your window, but I never thought it would ever go any farther than just spying. Then..." I tell her exactly what happened the day Tony called and how I hated to see her crying and well, she knew the rest.

We stop talking and start really fucking. The air mattress is making squishing sounds, as I again drive my cock deep inside my sister's insatiable young pussy. I kiss her, intertwining my tongue with hers, inside her mouth. We hold on to each other and rock our bodies together in a euphoric trance that obliterates everything, except our frantic need to drench ourselves in our incestuous lovemaking.

I finally collapse on top of my sister, trying to catch my breath against the rise and fall of her sweat-soaked chest. We are both exhaustively spent and her throbbing pussy is clamped tightly around my cock. I know Lisa won't want to move anytime soon, but I also know we need to clean up the garage and ourselves before Mom comes home. Lisa looks at me with half-closed eyes and a dreamy smile.

"We've got to spy on Mom," she says, holding her body tightly against mine.

The next day Lisa is in Mom's room, while I stand outside the window. Using our cell phones to communicate, I direct Lisa as she adjusts the blinds. We make sure they are just right so that I can see everything in Mom's room, but she can't see me through the window.

Mom's bed comes out from the wall on the right, as I'm looking through the window. Her dresser is on the left. Mirrored closet doors on the far wall allow me to see the chair, sitting in the corner between the dresser and the window. Lisa sits in the chair to make sure I can see her. She playfully spreads her legs and rubs her crotch, then stands up and bends over, shaking her ass at the window.

We make sure we are in the pool when Mom comes home and Lisa invites her to join us.

"Okay, give me a minute to change," Mom says, going back inside. Lisa and I run to her window. Standing next to each other, we have a clear view of Mom entering her room. She doesn't bother to close her door because she knows she's the only one in the house. Lisa is smiling and bouncing up and down excitedly on the balls of her feet.

"This is so cool," she whispers. "I can't wait."

"Shhh," I admonish her. "You won't have to. Here we go."

Mom is unbuttoning her blouse and slipping it off her shoulders, while she kicks off her shoes. She's wearing a white bra, with a front fastener, that she unhooks with one hand. Her ample tits bounce loose, as she shrugs the straps off her shoulders, tossing her bra on the bed. Lisa and I just stare open-mouthed at our first sight of our mom's gorgeous tits. Her tan stops halfway down her large, round breasts creating a stark contrast with the fleshy white orbs that surround her two-inch wide areolas. Her dime sized nipples stick out about 1/4 inch in the center of her smooth areolas.

"God, she has great tits, doesn't she?" whispers Lisa excitedly. "It makes me want to suck on her nipples?" My sister never fails to amaze me.

I move behind Lisa, watching Mom over her shoulder.

"I can picture each of us sucking a nipple at the same time, like we must have done when we were babies," I whisper in her ear.

I wrap my arms around Lisa's bare midriff, rubbing my cock up and down against her swimsuit-covered ass. I notice Lisa glancing down at her own chest as we watch Mom continue to undress.

"I can also picture Mom and I sucking your sexy nipples, Sis." I slide my right hand inside her swimsuit bottom, rubbing one finger up and down her moist slit. With my other hand I pinch one of her nipples through her swimsuit top.

"Mmmmm, oh look!" Lisa directs me back to the scene in Mom's room.

Mom unzips her skirt and wiggles out of it, shaking her tits back and forth, while the skirt falls to the floor. Slipping her thumbs inside the waistband of her pantyhose, she pulls them down over her hips. A dark patch of pubic hair is visible through her white thong panties.

"She's wearing a thong! Can you believe Mom looks so hot?" Lisa breathes as she rubs her pussy up and down against my finger. She's squirming around and I can't believe how hot she's getting seeing our mom naked.

Mom sits on the end of the bed to roll her pantyhose the rest of the way down. As she leans forward, we have a great side view of her tits, hanging down over her thighs. With her pantyhose off, Mom stands up, turns her back to us and rolls her thong over the curves of her hips. We are spellbound as the thin strip of material pulls loose from between Mom's firm, round ass cheeks. There is not a hint of sag in her ass and we catch a quick glimpse of her pussy lips before she straightens up, letting her thong fall to the floor.

"Look at that!" hushes Lisa, pointing toward the mirrored closets. "Look at how neat her pubic hair is trimmed." She's right. Mom has a neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair leading down toward her pussy lips, which are clearly visible between her legs. As she stands completely naked before us, my eyes dart back and forth between her pussy, which I can see in the mirror, and her ass, which is facing us. I'm trying to take it all in, as she pulls her swimsuit out of a dresser drawer. She bends over to slip her legs into the bottoms and again my eyes are torn between her beautiful, round ass and her firm, melon sized tits, visible in the mirror. I stare at her tits, spellbound by the light rose-colored areolas surrounding her thick nipples. I watch them jiggle slightly as she stands up, pulling her swimsuit bottom up over her ass and adjusting the ties on the side.

"There's no hair around her pussy lips, Jack. Did you see that when she bent over? She shaves around them." Lisa is bouncing up and down excitedly slipping my finger in and out of her tight, wet pussy. I switch my left hand to her other tit, pinching her now erect nipple through her top.

I watch Mom put her swimsuit top on exactly like I've watched Lisa do so many times. Fastening it in front, and then turning it around so the fastener is in the back. She slips her arms into the straps and adjusts the front triangles over her large white tits. She checks herself in the mirror and heads out the door. Lisa and I make a mad dash for the pool.

"God that was hot, Jack!" Lisa says before Mom gets outside. "I'm soaking wet and I don't mean from the pool water." We're standing in the pool, Lisa's nipples are embossed on her swimsuit top and I'm sporting a raging hard-on. We act like nothing's wrong as Mom walks out, closing the sliding glass door behind her.

"Hey kids! No monkey in the middle today, okay? I've worked all day and I just want to relax in the pool," Mom says, putting her towel down on one of the lounge chairs and heading toward the pool.

"Okay, no problem," I say, as I watch my sexy mother walk down the steps of the pool. Seeing her tits jiggle, as she descends the steps, I can picture her nipples surrounded by smooth, white skin under her swimsuit top. My cock reacts accordingly and I turn away so it's not obvious. Mom plunges into the water and swims a couple of laps, her graceful body gliding the length of the pool.

Lisa swims over to me and whispers in my ear. "Let's put on a show for Mom. Don't hide your bulge from her, tent boy." With that she climbs up my body and dunks me under water. As I come up for air, Lisa jumps on my back, wrapping her legs around my waist. I loop my arms under her legs and give her a piggyback ride around the shallow end of the pool.

"Giddy up!" Lisa laughs, bucking against my back like a bronco rider. It's very innocent looking, but Lisa is humping her pussy against the small of my back as I splash around the pool. The front of my swimsuit is bulging just under the surface of the water and I see Mom staring at it, as Lisa rides my back. I dip down into the water and Lisa shifts from my back, up to my shoulders. I stand up again, with Lisa's legs wrapped over my shoulders, and I grab her knees so she won't fall. She is still laughing as she starts bucking again, humping her pussy against the back of my head. I tilt my head back making harder contact with her mound and look up to see her nipples pushing out her swimsuit top.

Mom is sitting on the steps, taking all this in, as I move toward her. When I'm about two feet from her and she can't miss seeing my bulge, I arch my back, thrusting my hips toward her and throw Lisa backwards into the water. I smile at Mom, and she tries not to stare at my bulge, as I turn and swim toward Lisa. I grab her by the waist and we start wrestling in the water. A few minutes later, Lisa announces that she's had enough and climbs out of the pool. She adjusts a lounge chair until it's flat, spreads her towel on it and lies down on her stomach.

"You're going to get burned, Sis," I yell to her. "You should put some suntan lotion on your back."

"Thanks, Jack," Lisa yells to me. "Mom, would you mind putting lotion on my back?" Lisa asks innocently.

"Not at all, honey." Mom grabs the lotion and Lisa scoots over to give Mom room to sit on the edge of the lounge chair. Mom squirts lotion on her hands and begins rubbing it on Lisa's back and shoulders around her swimsuit strap.

"Undo the strap, will you Mom?" Lisa asks. "I don't need a tan line across my back." Mom flips open the fastener with one hand, lays the straps next to Lisa's sides and continues rubbing the lotion on her bare back. Meanwhile, I've gotten out of the pool and I'm standing behind Mom. I reach over her shoulder for the bottle of lotion and squirt some onto my hands.

"You need some too, Mom," I say, as I begin rubbing the lotion on her shoulders and back. "You don't want to get burned, either." I look over Mom's shoulder at Lisa who looks naked except for her cute, little, swimsuit-covered ass. She's smiling and encouraging Mom.

"Mmmm. That feel's good, Mom," Lisa says dreamily. "You give a great back massage." Mom doesn't respond. I'm not sure what she's thinking about this daisy chain of back massaging, but it's really turning me on. My swimsuit bottoms are tenting out, and my hard cock is only a few inches from Mom's head, as I stand behind her, massaging suntan lotion on her back.

"I think that's enough," Mom says giving Lisa's ass cheek a light smack. "You won't burn now." She turns to get up, bumps her cheek against my swimsuit-covered bulge and freezes. Her face turns bright red and her eyes stare right at my cock, but before either of us can react, Lisa interrupts us.

"Wait Mom, what about the back of my legs. Please put lotion on my legs too or they'll burn." Lisa spreads her legs apart on the towel covered lounge chair, and Mom turns around reaching for the suntan lotion. She rubs her lotion-soaked hands together and starts rubbing up and down on Lisa's calf. I put my hands back on Mom's shoulders and start rubbing lotion around, but she's not going to let me continue.

"Here make yourself useful," she says, handing me the suntan lotion. "Put some lotion on your sister's other leg."

I move around the other side of the lounge chair, kneel down on the deck and start rubbing lotion on Lisa's other leg. I watch Mom's tits gently swinging back and forth as she rubs up and down Lisa's leg. Her nipples are erect and make a clear outline on her swimsuit top. Mom catches me looking and glances down at her own breasts and then over at my bulge. Lisa has moved her legs farther apart and I slide my hand all the way up the inside of her leg, brushing against her bikini covered bottom. Watching me, Mom does the same thing on her other leg. Mom is still staring at the tent my cock is making in my swimsuit.

"Mmm. You guys are a good team," Lisa says, "you could market this."

Abruptly, Mom stands up, wiping her hands on her thighs. "Okay, I think you'll do. I'm going in the house. I've had a long day. I'll see you guys in a little while," Mom says all in one breath. Her face is flush and her nipples are hard, as she scurries across the patio and into the house.

Really Hooooottttttt Story

Bro.. please continue it....

Bro what happens next..... Continue it very good story

[Image: write-to-earn.jpg]

Wtf!! You can't end it there pls give us the end

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