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Ms. Nandhini – My School Teacher - Multiple Actress Teacher-Student & Incest Novel
Ms. Nandhini – My School Teacher - Multiple Actress Teacher-Student & Incest Novel

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Chapter 1
The Beginning – Dry Humping My Teacher’s Ass!
Starring : South Indian Actress Nandhini aka Kausalya as Nandhini Teacher
INTRODUCTION: Every school boy has or had Sexual Fantasies about some of his Beautiful Teachers, so this story is something anyone of you can imagine and relate to. What if you got Lucky with a Sexy Teacher? And she changes your life for ever, by turning you into her personal sex toy. She makes you do the most unspeakable things with her and encourage you to do the same with other women in your life including the women in your family. This story is about a lucky boy who got to do all those things with the help of  his Beautiful Sexy School Teacher.

Now for the convenience of the readers, every woman who appear in the story will be role-played by celebrities mostly actresses. So you can imagine the characters while you read. The central character "Nandhini Teacher" is played by south actress Nandhini aka Kausalya. Other women will be introduced as the story advances....

Happy reading... Enjoy....!!!!

School days, they are the most colorful days of our life, so they say. I don’t know about others but in my case it’s completely true! My school days are the best because I am living the dream of every school boy in the world, yes the ultimate dream every boy wants to happen in their lives but couldn’t have it.
But before getting into it, let me introduce myself. My name is Shyam and I am studying in 8th standard. I am just your average school student. There is nothing extraordinary about me that I can say. My school is the best and the biggest in our town. Hundreds of students and plenty of teachers. I joined here last year only, when my father got transferred here. Immediately I found a few friends.
Now going to school is not always fun for so many reasons, all these studying, home works, tests etc can be very dampening to the fun one can have but there are benefits, some great benefits in going to school. And they are called GIRLS!!!
Yes, the one thing that motivates us boys, at least most boys to get up every morning and go to school is girls, lots and lots of girls. Girls of different ages, sizes and shapes. A school is a perfect place where you can find all kinds of women from little kid girls to petite teens to older beautiful women. Now, the interest in womenfolk is not something new to me or my friends but almost from the last two years some things have changed. Before girls were all about their beautiful faces and romantic fantasies we had about them, but now we are looking for more, more mostly about what’s under their clothes! Now we boys are always looking at their chests, buttocks, hips and between their legs. 
And the biggest advantage we have is their school uniforms. Oh… those uniforms are a blessing to our hungry eyes and dirty imaginations. The girls in our school wear off-white shirts and grey tight skirts which reach just above their plump knees. We boys with our keen eyes try to measure the bulges they have in their shirts, how their back side sway when they walk and wishfully wait with patience when they run around swiftly, for a glimpse of their naked legs and thighs when those skirts go up and if lucky a tiny glimpse of their panties.
Apart from the voyeurism of accidental up skirts and skirts getting stuck in their ass crack while they get up from sitting, we spend time talking about the women we like and how we feel about them. We discuss about our classmates, junior girls and senior girls. We all have our favorites. We try to imagine how our favorite woman looks naked, how does it look like in between their legs. Everybody will have an opinion about everything, like whose ass is big and round, who has bigger boobs or nipples or which all girls have pubic hair on their pussies etc.Also our talks are not restricted to our girls in our school only, but about film actresses, TV actresses, models and other beautiful such women we know.
But our discussions are more interesting and hot when we join the groups of our seniors. Now, these guys are way too much ahead of us when it comes to these topics. Everything me and my friends know till then, we learned from our glorious seniors. In these discussions we young ones are mere listeners.  My friends often asks doubts and spicy explanations are served. Me being the silent type I seldom ask anything but I certainly had many questions.
One significant thing about sitting with our seniors in their hot gatherings is the extent to which they go about in discussing sex. They cross every known border in this matter; no taboo is actually taboo for them. So we young ones get to listen to forbidden stories and discussions about “Incest”, “Molestations”, “Illicit Affairs”, “Rapes”, many kinds of “Illegal Activities” etc. We sit with open mouths and wide eyes when stories about ‘Sisters playing with their Brother’s Penises, Uncle’s fondling Niece’s Breasts, Aunts sucking Nephew’s Hard Cocks, Bhabhis riding their Dewars….’
And then, they go about our “Teachers.”!!! That was too much for us. Me and my friends, when we are alone, we comment about the students but we never say anything about our teachers. For some reasons that was a forbidden topic for us. May be we were too young to push ourselves to that extend. Or maybe since society taught us to look at our teachers with so much respect and reverence it made us think that it’s too “Sinful” to have sexual thoughts about them. So even though we listened to discussions about incest and our teachers, we never indulged ourselves into those thoughts. But the truth was I always get excited when I hear dirty things about our teachers from our seniors. I tried to hide any of that, obviously. I was so confused about what to do.
Our seniors, they, without any remorse or hesitation will talk about things like, how a particular teacher will look like when she is naked and they try to imagine her various body parts in detail, her boobs, her nipples, her ass, her asshole, her pussy, her pussy hair etc. They speculate the colors of the panties, our teachers are wearing everyday and then they go into more details like how a certain teacher’s ass smell or in which hole of another teacher  they want to put their slongs in.
So any of my typical school days go like this. Me and my friends going through the various excitements of our sexual awakenings and other mundane school activities until that particular day.
It was Monday morning.  And it was the week after we had our midterm exams. So any time we could expect our mark sheets. As usual I was ready for school. Now, here is another secret of mine. This is something I even haven’t told my friends. It’s about my journey to and back from school. I go by our school bus. Since there is only one bus from my school through my route it was a pretty tight one. There were too many of us and half of us have to stand without any seats, and this was the opportunity I used. It was an half an hour ride to school. By the time I get into the bus all the seats will be filled so I and all others without seat have to stand in the area between the two rows of seats on both sides, which was a narrow space.
And here’s what I do. To my luck most of the students in my bus happened to be girls. And among those who were standing are the girls from 10th, 11th and 12th mostly. What I do is, I slowly move from one end to the other of the bus squeezing through the space between the sexy bodies of all these beautiful senior girls. And while doing this I try to press my body maximum to their soft, hot bodies. I always get an instant erection while doing this and my erect cock will form a tent in front of my uniform shorts. Since all these senior girls are taller to me my cock’s tip comes exactly in line with bulging round asses and pussies. 
So every time I pass an ass I give myself a slight push to my hips making my hard cock press against their softness. Their uniform skirts shrink into their ass cracks when I push and make my cock go more under their rounded ass cheeks.
Besides all these buttocks I get to touch so many firm boobs, if the girl happens to be the right height, chances are I get to rub my face on them. All these happen within seconds and nobody even notices. Besides, all these girls are older to me, to their eyes I am just an innocent little kid.
So like every day I got into the bus. I put my hand into my shorts’ pocket and adjusted my cock so that when I get my erection it will be in the right position to maximize the pleasure I can get from all the asses I am gonna dry hump.
And as when I raised my head to mark my entry into the tight pool of hot girls in front of me,I saw something and stood there for a moment wonder stuck! For about 5 seconds I was mesmerized by what I was seeing. There somewhere in the middle of the girls and a few boys there stood four sari clad women, who are obviously our teachers, and what I was starring at, was one among them. 
I suddenly felt an extremely incredible stiffness between my legs, a really big and sudden on. I could feel my cock unusually pushing inside my under wear like never before, like it want to tear my uniform shorts and come out free.
Oh what a beauty! Oh my god who is she? Is this a new teacher? I haven’t seen her before in our school. An incredibly beautiful thing! I think she is a new teacher. There are always new teachers coming in the kindergarten section this must be another one. Oh… those lucky kids!
What I was looking at was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life. She must be in her late twenties. Her eyes are sparkling; her smile was so lively and captivating. 
She was engaged in a tight conversation with the other teachers standing along with her. My eyes traveled down along her slender body. Fair skin, slender structure but not too slim or thin but the right amount of flesh at the right places. 
Due to the crowd in the bus it’s hard to see her from top to bottom but from what I can see she has an amazing body structure. She was wearing a yellow cotton sari. The sari over her chest is stiff like a plate which easily gives the view of her blouse-covered side-boobs and fair shapely belly. My eyes got stuck at her amazing side-boobs. Wow! Those boobs are so hot to watch. She was wearing a matching yellow blouse. The material is so light and transparent that I can swear that I am being able to see her black bra through it. Her boob seems to be so tight and is perfectly round in shape. It has a pointed tip!
I was so confused and surprised at my on state and reaction. First of all I am having a strong erection by just looking at a woman’s face! That’s a first. How is it even possible, I don’t know. And second, it’s not just any woman; it’s a teacher in my school. How did I let myself have such unholy thoughts about a teacher?
Blood was rushing through all over my body and I was getting dizzy because of that. And I was very much aware of the unusual tightness and big tent formed in my crotch. And that’s when the sinful thought roared in my mind like a thunder bolt. “Yes, I want to….  I want to rub my hard rock cock on that woman’s ass!!!”
What am I thinking? I don’t know. But I really want to do it. But she is a teacher. It’s a sin to even think something like that. It’s true that secretly I enjoyed, when my seniors demoralized our teachers with their dirty talks and comments but never imagined I will do something like this. But I don’t want to stop.
I slowly moved forward. On my way my hard cock under my clothes rubbed on a senior girl’s ass cheek, it felt so good, much better than usual. But I want her, the new teacher. I want her ass.
I started reasoning my actions while I advanced to her. She is not my teacher. She is probably here to teach in kindergarten. So technically, she is not my teacher but someone else’s. So why should I bother then. I was convinced by my new logic or I convinced myself that I am convinced by my new logic. 
 With this new philosophy and confidence I moved slowly towards that beautiful figure. She was talking to other teachers around. All of them are completely into their little chit chat and nobody notices the kid passing nearby them. I came near to her. She is standing according to my needs. There is a little space behind her. I can comfortably pass through there or more specifically squeeze through there, between her and a seat to the adjacent.  My plan is so clear. pass through that space innocently, pretending to go to the back of the bus.
I am near her. Oh god, she smells so good. Her smell is making me feel like eating her. Trembling with fear and nervousness I slowly moved behind her and the space is narrowing. My hip touched her hip, an electric shock passed through me. I moved furthermore, slowly. I could sense the pressure my cock is creating under my shorts. If I move a little more it’s going to happen, my straining cock is going to touch this beautiful lady’s ass.
And I moved! And it happened!
I felt the firmness of her round ass on my hard throbbing cock. I felt like another electric shock just passed from her ass mounds through our clothes to my cock.
Oh My God!!! This is Amazing!!! Ohhhhh…..!!! It’s so great… Ohhhh…. Yhaaaaa….. Her Ass is…. Her Ass is….. I don’t know how to describe… its sooo…. Round and Firm and its pushing back at my cock so hard. It’s nothing like I have ever experienced. None of the other girls have this kind of an ass. It’s not too big or small but the right size and shape and right kind of tightness and softness combined. What an amazing beautiful ass this lady has!
My initial plan was to pass through the gap and make my cock just rub over her ass globes. Will take only a few seconds, before even any one notice. But now that I have tasted the pleasure, it seems I don’t want to go away from them. I want to stay and savor this incredible pleasure I am getting on my hungry cock. I remained right there, behind her, my body pressed against her back side. She happened to not notice my humble presence behind her in this rush nor the other teachers. 
Her seducing smell and her incredibly round firm ass touching on my cock, I am in heaven. The moving bus is doing its part perfectly, making both of us move here and there and providing a slight vibration as well. The tiny movements we were having was giving huge opportunities for my horny hard cock to move around all over both her ass globes.
Getting the hang of it, I myself started to move my pelvis slightly left and right and I pushed my crotch forward while doing this, making my hard member stick more into her round shapely ass. The left and right movement is really helping. I could clearly feel my dirty hardness moving from one ass cheek to the other and very clearly sense when one ass cheek ends and my cock’s tip enters and touches her ass crack, her deep narrow valley between those mounds, before moving to the next ass cheek.. Oh.. the pleasure it’s giving on my dick!
Then I looked up and noticed her back. It’s almost naked because she is wearing a very low neck blouse. Oh what a wonderful sight to go along with. She is so fair. Her skin is so neat and clean. I think I could see tiny golden hair on her back. I felt like touching there but I dared not. If she is so fair here, how fair and soft she will be there in her most secret parts….
My thoughts and deeds just passed endlessly but were brought to an abrupt end when the bus reached the school. Now I have to leave. I moved away hastily so to avoid any suspicion. And with the river of kids getting out of the bus I got out.
It was 10 in the morning and our first hour class is about to start. I was sitting in my usual seat somewhat in the back of my class surrounded by my friends. They are all talking about something with great interest but I was not listening at all. My mind was still in the school bus standing right behind that beautiful female structure pressing my rock hard manhood to those round firm very womanly ass globes. My dick is still hard from what happened in the bus. It was so hard to hide when I entered the class. I hope nobody noticed.
Suddenly the whole class just went silent and the next moment all are on their feet. I woke up from my day dreaming and saw our principal standing in the front of the class.
“Good morning sir” students greeted in melodious tone.
“Good morning students. How is everybody doing? I am here to make an announcement for your class. You will be having a new class teacher from today onwards since Mrs. Latha is on long leave. So students please welcome your new class teacher, Ms. Nandhini Varma.”
I stood there with the greatest shock of my life as I watched the beautiful lady from the school bus, whose ass I was dry humping just one hour before, entered our class room with a smile on her face.
For the first time in that morning I lost my erection, completely. I felt my cock shrinking and hiding under the folds of my under wear. Fear engrossed all over me, I was shivering. Oh my god what have I done. My throat went completely dry.
“Hi class, Good Morning to you all.” I heard her saying. 
 “Good Morning Miss.” Students greeted her.  
As the principal left Ms. Nandhini asked us to sit down. I tried to hide myself behind those who were sitting in front of me.
“Kids, it’s nice to be here.” The teacher continued, “I will be taking language for you other than being your class teacher. The principal asked me to make a review about all of your past performances which will give me an idea about how individually you all excellent. So in case, if anyone needs any special attention I can give you that. What do you think?”
“Ok Miss” the students replied in unison.
“Great. Now you all know who I am, so let me know you all, one by one.  Start from there.” She pointed at the girl sitting at the corner in the front row.
The self introduction parade started. This is going to be the end of me. What if she knows? What if she recognizes me? I cursed the moment when I broke my own rules. Is this the imminent punishment for looking at your teacher with lust; is this the end of a student who tried to dry hump his teacher’s ass? All the questions will be answered within a few seconds, next is my turn.
I slowly got up. I was scared to look at her so I looked down. 
“Shyam Kumar.” With trembling voice I said my name.
“Hah Shyam…. You come in the school bus do you..? The teacher asked.
Shit! She knows. I am in trouble, great trouble. I shook my head as a ‘yes’.
“Hmm.. I remember seeing you. Good, sit down, next.”
I was not sure what to think. Does she know? She remembers me from the bus, yet doesn’t seem to know or notice what I was doing right behind her back. May be I was over reacting.
As I was thinking over and over about whether I am caught or not, I heard Nandhini mam’s voice asking all of us to take our text books. Like a robot I took the text book, opened it and placed it in front me. Nandhini mam started reading; all of us put our heads into the text, me too but for a few seconds, unknowingly my head was up or at least my eyes are up looking for my beautiful teacher. 
By holding the book and reading it the teacher moved from one corner to the other. I looked at her moving gracefully; when she turns her back at me, my eyes naturally went, right to her ass, where an hour ago I was rubbing my cock. It’s a beautiful sight the way her ass sways while she walks. Unlike the bus, I am now, getting a very good view of her whole body. I realized she is the ideal, perfect woman. Right height and right weight. She has the body structure of a model. Not too thin or slim but perfect fit. As I mentioned before she has the right amount of flesh where ever it is needed. And that face, that face belongs to a goddess. No mere humans can have such beauty. I felt like run towards her; hold her face in my hands and lick and suck all over her white face.
That’s when I noticed, I was not the only one admiring our new teacher’s beauty. All the boys are trying to get a peek at her. They are occasionally lifting their heads and looking at the various parts of her body. They are trying not to show it in their face but I can clearly see the hunger in their eyes when they are looking at her.
I don’t know when the class got over. I remember Nandhini mam leaving the class room. And the last thing she said before leaving.
“Next week, there will be a test paper on what we read today, it’s going to be a tough one, so be prepared.”
The day continued. But there is a new subject among all the boys. They all are talking about the new teacher. Yes, our new class teacher is an overnight star among all the boys. The senior boys gathered me and my friends during the break. They want to know about our new class teacher. They are so disappointed that, she is not teaching their classes. She is only for over level. They listened to our account about her with watery mouth. After that, they start discussing about how they felt on their dicks when they first saw her walking through the corridors. The discussions moved on to their imaginations about her naked body.  Me and my friends eagerly sat through it all. I was actually enjoying all of it. Every time they mention her nudity I reluctantly try to imagine it. My heart was raising and my dick was so hard.
Yes my penis was hard for the entire day. I was thinking about Nandhini miss all the time and it kept my hard on to stay just like that. I was really wondering why it is happening like never before but I enjoyed it. The only downside was I had to hide my raging hard on, which was making a bulge on my crotch.
After, the last hour class I ran to the bus bay and boarded the bus. By the time I boarded, the bus started to move. I looked towards the back of the bus and there in the middle there stood three teachers and one of them was Nandhini miss. 
I have certainly decided not to attempt any of morning’s adventure. The first time I got lucky. By evening I was certain that my new teacher doesn’t know about my perverted sexual act I performed on her unsuspecting ass. I didn’t want to tempt fate. So I decided to silently move towards the back of the bus without attempting anything.
I moved towards the back and I reached near her. As I was about move past her she suddenly looked at me.
“Shyam, right?” she asked.
“Yes Mam.” I replied. 
“Aren’t you in my class?”
“Hmm, where do you get down?”
“Right before your stop mam.”
She turned back at the other teachers and they resumed their conversation.  I stood there for a second and decided to move further back. I moved towards the gap available behind her. As I approached her I could feel my erection becoming more and more tight in my under wear. And in the split of the moment I decided, any way I am passing through and I am having a good erection because of this lady who is standing nearby, so why don’t I just passively rub my hard cock on her once more and just pass immediately. No one is going to notice if I do it within seconds. It’s just I can’t waste this amazing opportunity.
I slowly moved towards the gap. The gap was real tight. At first my hip touched her fleshy hips, and then gradually I felt my raging hard cock touching her hips. I moved further again. My cock traveled right over her well shaped right ass cheek and reached over her crack. I could clearly feel the depression. When my cock pressed there, her sari slightly get pulled into her crack to give my cock more space between those pleasure mounds. Now I am almost sensing how my class teacher’s ass crack felt like.
As when I was about  to get out of there Nandhini mam suddenly moved backward pressing me against the seat behind me. Now I am stuck between her and the seat. I cannot get away without putting some force on her. She seems to be not aware of what’s going on. She is completely engaged in the conversation that’s going on between the teachers. 
Then I noticed my cock is really hard now. It’s practically piercing a hole in her soft firm ass. How is she not aware of it, I don’t know. But anytime she will. Any moment she will stop talking and will know my cock is pressing against her buttocks. I am scarred like anything. This time I am gonna get caught.
Suddenly Nandhini mam turned her head towards me, “Shyam, you have to get down before me, then why are you rushing to the back side. Stay where you are. Can’t you see it’s too crowded?”
“Yes Miss.” Is all that came out of my mouth. I stopped trying to move. I stood there facing her back side with my huge erection pressed against her ass crack. Her back is right on my face. The low neck blouse is showing of her naked flesh right on to my face. Her smell is killing me. The bus, on the mean while, is moving right and left and up and down. So in correspondence to that, mine and my teacher’s bodies are moving in all directions, which is giving all kinds of rubbing on my hard cock by her ass. 
It is getting too much. I am feeling all kinds of feelings. Feelings which I am not even familiar but definitely with lots of pleasure. It’s getting too hard for me to just stand still. I really want to hump on to her ass. I want to respond to what I am getting on my cock. But I know I shouldn’t. My breath is getting faster. I pushed my pelvis towards her buttocks. The bus is doing the rest. My cock moved up and down against her ass globes and the crack between them.
The first time my hard cock is getting some action of kind from a woman, that too from the most beautiful woman I ever know. My own teacher. The thoughts about what’s going on there between me and my teacher was giving too much excitement to my cock. And then I start to have a new sensation on my cock. It’s like something is building up inside it. As a little boy I had no idea what was happening.  But it felt really good. Even if I want to control it I know I couldn’t, it has reached that point.
My hips suddenly started to shiver like anything. Oh my god, this, my teacher will definitely notice. How can I control it? It’s out of my hand. I felt like screaming but I muffled myself. I was breathing heavily on to her bare back while uncontrollably humping my cock onto her ass.
“Ahh… Ahh.. Ahh… Ahhhh….!!!!” Silently I mumbled. And then I felt it. I felt my nut sack getting tight inside my under wear and something is rising through my cock from the bottom to the tip and “BOOOOOMMMMM….!!!!!”
I pushed my crotch forcefully onto my teacher’s firm ass, pressing my cock into its her softness while something was spewing out of the tip of my penis. I could feel myself getting wet inside my shorts. The front of my under wear is completely drenched and I could feel some liquid flowing through my legs.
“UUuuuuhhhhh….. Oooooppppssss….!!!!” I silently screamed. Which I limited in my mouth itself. What just happened? Did I pee in my shorts? I was so confused and breathing heavily. For a few seconds I spewed through my penis and then it stopped. I felt so much relief. My mental stage came back to normal. I felt ashamed and tired and also scared. Did Nandhini mam notice any of it?
As when I had that thought suddenly Nandhini mam turned her head back at me and looked into my eyes. There was no expression on her face, just a look. Two seconds, she turned back again at her friends. 
I don’t know how much time was the rest of the journey. I was in a suspended reality. When my stop came I got down immediately. I used my school bag to hide the wetness on my crotch. I ran to my house which was thankfully is very near. When I reached home, I ran into my bed room. I was praying for my older sister Nithya not to be there inside. (The thing is, I and my sister share the same room which is a huge setback for me all the time, but my parents say it’s only temporary).
Anyway thankfully, my sister was not there, she hasn’t come from her college yet. I closed the door, threw my bag on the bed. My hands went directly on to my belt buckle, then to my shorts button. I opened my shorts with one pull and looked inside. There, my under wear Is completely drenched wet. What is this? Slowly pulled my under wear down. I was surprised. My cock, which was hard all over the day, is now soft, but it is wet and slick, also my curly pubic hairs, with some white slime like liquid! I took some of it with my index finger and smelled it. It smelled strange. Definitely not piss, this is something else. What did come out of my penis?
Suddenly it hit me. It’s my sperm! I came inside my shorts while dry humping my school teacher’s beautiful ass. I knew all about sperm, its color and how it looks like slightly sticky milk. I learned all about it from the senior boys when they talk about masturbating. 
The thing is, even though I came to know about “masturbation” and shooting sperm out of our penises, from our seniors, last year, I never tried it myself. The reason? I actually don’t know how to do it. When the seniors talk about it, they talk about who it was they were thinking while jerking off and how much they came, but never the actual technique. All I had was some vague ideas about what it was.
But now, it seems I shot my sperm, for the first time in my life, that too with the help of my class teacher’s sexy ass! Even though it happened without her knowledge. 
There is a 95% chance that I might get into trouble because of what I did to my teacher in the bus. But now, this moment what I feel is complete satisfaction. I am gonna forget about what’s happening tomorrow as the consequences for my actions. Because this feeling of satisfaction is worth spending some time with. I removed my shorts and under wear immediately and put them for washing. I must remove the stains before my mom notices it.
In the night, I slept like a baby, with a wide smile on my face.


Ms. Nandhini – My School Teacher - Multiple Actress Teacher-Student & Incest Novel
Chapter 2
Nandhini Teacher's First Lesson – How to Masturbate
The morning after I Dry Humped our new class teacher’s ass on our school bus. I woke up hearing my older sister Nithya chechi (Starring “Nithya Menon”) calling out my name. 
“Shyam you idiot, come on get up. You are late for school. I am gonna tell mom, you better get up.” She shouted at me. It’s a curse to share a room with your older sister. She wants to decide on everything that’s happening in the room. It’s like, it’s her room and I am just a guest. 
“Ok Ok, I am up. Stop shouting.” I got up and threw my blanket away. Immediately I noticed, I am having a huge boner, my cock is throbbing inside my night pants, and is making a tent in the front. I suddenly turned sideways, in order to hide it from my sister who was still standing there and staring at me.
“Go and get ready. You are already late, dummy. Come on, let me make the bed.” As I got up from my bed my Nithya chechi pulled the bed sheet and start tidying it up. Not only just the room we share a bed too. It’s a huge king size bed, I sleep on one side and she sleeps at the other. Luckily we have two different tables for studying. Being an extreme neat freak my sister wants to make the bed as soon as we get up. That’s why she was shouting at me to get up.
She was right; I was late to get up today. All because of what happened yesterday. My first orgasm! It changed everything. I slept like a baby. Hiding the tent in front of my night pants from my sister I quickly moved to the bathroom and closed the door. I pulled my night pants down. There stands my erect cock. I slowly touched it. The moment my cock felt my touch, Nandhini teacher’s smiling face came into my mind. I closed my eyes and imagined it was my teacher touching my cock and it felt really good! I wanted to pee, so I tried to push it down to aim it at the toilet but it bounced back. After trying for some time I finally somehow peed into the toilet. I know I couldn’t do anything about the erection; it has to go by its own, unless like yesterday, I have to rub my hard cock on my hot beautiful school teacher’s tremendous ass! 
Within 30 minutes I was ready for school. My cock is now only semi erect. I can manage it under my underwear. After a quick breakfast, I ran to the bus stop. I reached just in time for the bus and boarded it. Immediately I saw Nandhini teacher standing there in the middle of the bus, with the two other teachers. I looked through the corner of my eyes. Is she looking at me? I didn’t have the courage to look at her, straight, not after what I did to her yesterday. I have already decided to stay away from her and her ass. I can’t let myself get tempted and go hump her again. 
The whole day I spent in fear. I was waiting for her to call me or to get called into the principal’s office. I was making up different excuses to try in front of them, to explain my perverted behavior. But nothing happened. Nandhini teacher came to our class. Nothing out of ordinary was there about her attitude. She was the same cheerful lady we saw yesterday in our class. When she called for attendance, I had to say it loud. She clearly looked at me, just like she looked at everybody else when they gave their attendances. No change in expression, no angry stare.
It was unbelievable for me first, but when the next three days passed, after the day I dry humped her, without any incident I started to believe. My teacher has no idea that I used her ass to ejaculate my cum. 
The following week was very busy for the teachers with all the paper valuation from our midterm exams. By the end of the week, we all got all our mark sheets. And Nandhini teacher was preparing a performance review for all of us. She is making the review, combining our past years’ performance too. Later on Friday, she announced the reviews will be done by Monday, next week.
I was relieved that nothing happened in relation to my perverted acts on my teacher. And I tried to stay away from making further troubles. But it seems the whole school is now mesmerized by our new teacher. She has made a great impression with all the other teachers and the principal. Now every teacher wants to be her friend and the principle wants her to be included in all the activities of the school. All the boys are mad about Nandhini teacher. Many of them have already fallen in love with her. Most of the senior boys want to fuck her mercilessly and make her their sex slave or doll ( I don’t even know what that means ). I heard, even some girls want to try something with her. The sexual tension created by this one woman in our school campus was unbelievable. 
Because of these, I felt extremely proud of myself. Because among all these horny boys, I am the only one who had, actually done something on her. Although I am not gonna repeat it again out of fear, I felt extremely great about it. It’s a real achievement.
That week and weekend passed uneventfully except for one small problem. From the day, I saw Nandhini teacher for the first time onwards, I am having constant erections, which usually last for the whole day. I still don’t know how to masturbate and I know masturbation can solve this problem. But how? 
Finally, Monday came. We all are eagerly sitting in our places. Nandhini teacher is at the teacher’s desk.
“Class, your average performance as a class is not up to the mark, about which, we have to do something” teacher continued. “Then there are a few among you, whose individual performances have come way down. I have marked on your progress reports, who all are they. And I want those students to come and meet me personally during the break time.” 
After this, teacher proceeded to continue with the lessons. After that hour was over we all got our progress reports in hand. I was surprised when I saw, my card was marked as one among those who have to sit with the teacher. 
I passed in all the papers. Sure, I was not having high marks. But all those who have got marked in their report cards are those kids who have failed at least in one paper. Maybe she made a mistake. Anyway, I waited for the call to meet her. My call came at the last, which was during the last break. I went to the staff room. There she was sitting by her desk. There were only a few teachers in the staff room at that time. Nandhini teacher’s desk was at a corner, behind a shelf full of books. It’s not so easy to see her, sitting there. I approached her. Teacher looked up and motioned me to sit beside her. I sat near to her. Being this close to her, I can feel my semi erect cock is now getting fully erect. I tried to hide my erection by placing my hands over my crotch. 
Before she could start anything to say, I said, “Mam, I think you made a mistake, when you marked my report card. I haven’t failed in any subjects.” 
“I know.” She replied with a smile.
 “You know?”
“It’s not because you have failed but because you are a special case. I have checked your previous performances and compared. You came to this school with great marks and you continued like that up to the middle of last year. Then it was spiraling down like it has a pattern. As your class teacher, I am genuinely concerned and it’s my duty to do something about it.”
I stared into her eyes as she continued. “I have asked all the other kids to take extra help from their subject teachers or get private classes. So I want you also to do something like that. But, you seem like a brilliant student actually, you don’t need help from subject teachers, you need help with the process of studying itself. Getting what I am saying Shyam?”  
“Yes, Mam,” I replied.
“Good, so, this is what I am thinking of doing. I personally, will guide you and help you with your studies, with all your subjects. But, we don’t have enough time to do that, here in our school. Then I thought, you live near to my place, so I want you to come to my house and do your studies under my watch. What do you think?”
I sat there with nothing to say. I can’t believe the opportunity I am getting here. I get to spend some private time with my secret fantasy woman. But there is a problem. I can never go anywhere near her, without sporting an incredibly huge boner, like the one I am having right now. How the hell am I gonna hide it from her?
“Yes, Mam, Oh yes I can come.”
“Good, so here’s the address to my flat. We shall start from today evening itself. After you reach home, freshen up and come at sharp 6. Ok ?”
“Yes, Mam.”
I left the staff room with a fast beating heart and my hands trying to cover my raging hard on.
Its sharp 6 and I am standing at the door number which Nandhini teacher gave me. I pressed the door bell and waited. I could hear someone walking towards the door on the other side. Lock’s unbolting and the door slowly opened. My teacher’s beautiful smiling face emerged from behind the door.
“Shyam, please come in, you came at sharp 6 itself. What a punctual boy you are.” She gestured me to enter.
And that’s when a lightning bolt hit me right into my eyes and passed through all over my body. I stood there with my eyes wide open and jaws dropped. What am I seeing? Oh my God!
My shocked eyes are looking at my Nandhini teacher; I am looking at what she is wearing. My school teacher is wearing a white nightie which is completely and absolutely transparent! The thing is practically a net. I can see everything through her dress. I can’t believe this is happening. I am looking at my school teacher’s naked body except for a white bra and a red panty she is wearing. I can even see the tiny pink flower right in the middle of her panty’s waist band. Am I dreaming or is this really happening?
“Come on in. What are you waiting for?” said Nandhini teacher.
I raised my eyes from her semi nude figure and looked at her face. She looked very casual like there is nothing unusual going on here. 
“Come on.” Saying this she turned and walked. With trembling legs I followed her inside, closing the door behind us. Following right behind her, my eyes are stuck at her panty clad ass which is swaying both sides while she walked. The red panty is just namesake. Its low waist and really tiny. I can clearly see the beginning of her ass crack from above the waist band and the lower part of her butt cheeks from below. 
My cock was ready to explode by now. It’s pushing too hard under my clothes. I felt like fainting. My heart beats and breathing are running like a fast train. I wanted to tear away my shorts and my underwear and take my cock in my hand shove it where ever I can, on her naked hot body. This is too much for a boy of my age can handle.
“Please sit on the sofa and relax Shyam. I will get something for you to drink.”
Nandhini teacher walked towards the kitchen showing off her panty clad ass and long slender legs. Like a fool, I stared at her nakedness. I tried to sit but my raging hard cock is preventing me from sitting comfortably in any position. I really wanted to open my shorts and take out my cock, give it some freedom and space. But how can I?
While I was trying to sit somehow comfortably Nandhini teacher came back with something to drink for both of us. She came near to me and placed the drinks on the coffee table. My eyes again, went straight into her innards to see her beautiful naked body. My eyes travelled from her perfectly round boobs covered by her white bra to the junction between her legs where her thighs come and join, right under her secret triangle which again is covered by the sweet red panty. I kept staring at the first female nude form I have ever seen. 
Is she not aware that her dress is really see-through, that I can see all of her naked structure? I sit and wondered.
After placing the drinks on the table Nandhini teacher came and sat next to me on my right side. Now my semi nude teacher is sitting just inches away from me. 
“Take your books Shyam.” 
I opened the bag and took a book. It was her subject. She took the book from my hand and opened it. 
“Hmm, let’s look at the topics we covered today at school. And I will try to assess your studying method. Here let’s read it together.”
Saying this Nandhini teacher placed the book right on my lap with her left hand still underneath the book. I jumped slightly. Her hand is on my lap covered by the heavy text book. The back of her left palm was right over my crotch area just one inch away from my erection under my shorts. The legs of my shorts are somehow pulled upward and her fingers are now touching my naked skin.
In this position, we started class. She started to read and explain the lessons. I am trying to concentrate but I couldn’t. What am I supposed to do? I am sitting near to the most beautiful woman I ever know in my life. And she is almost naked. This is the same woman who is been responsible for my week long erections which I cannot control or get rid of. Also, this is the first woman to show me some female nudity and finally, she is the one who gave me my very first Orgasm in my life. How am I supposed to study?
As the lessons were proceeding her phone rang. Teacher pulled her hand from underneath the text book on my lap slightly rubbing my erection in my shorts for a fraction of a second. I jumped but tried to keep my composure. May be she didn’t notice. Teacher took her phone and rose from the sofa we were sitting and started walking, talking to the phone. She was walking to and fro right in front of me. And I am sitting right there staring at the nakedness of my school teacher through her sheer nighty.
It was incredible to watch what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe my luck. I am seeing an older woman’s nudity, that too my school teacher’s. How lucky can a school boy be? As my first nude female bod, I tried to figure out each and every curve through her see through nighty. She looked like a goddess. Her boobs are thick and round as apples and are pushing her bra cups. As she walks her boobs bounce like rubber balls in her tight bra. The bra gives away most of her beautiful boobs. I could see her complete cleavage. My eyes moved downward to her panty covered area. The sweet red panty was barely covering anything. It clearly gives an exact idea of how her pussy area is. The pussy mound was very prominent. I felt like go and smell and kiss her panty covered pussy mound. When she turns, her ass comes into view. The same beautiful ass which I molested on our school bus. The same ass which made me shoot my milky white stuff for the first time. Her panty is slightly moved into her crack from her left ass cheek, giving a nice view. I enjoyed the beautiful ass globe. The ass cheeks, both left and right sway up and down as she walks. 
My cock was unbelievably rock hard. I was not sure what to do. Suddenly she put down the phone.
“Sorry about that. So where were we?” Leaving the phone on the desk teacher came back to her same position right near to me on the sofa. Her left hand again crawled back under the textbook on my lap, this time I am pretty sure, the back of her palm is touching my raging boner under my shorts. She seems to be not noticing it. The lessons continued.
“So tell me, what does that mean?” suddenly I heard my teacher asking. 
“What?” I asked.
“So, as I thought, you were not paying attention while I was explaining it, didn’t you?”
“Sorry, mam.”
“No. Sorry is not enough. I must give you some punishment as well. Something which I cannot give, when we are at our school but here, I can. Something like this.” Saying this Nandhini teacher moved her palm which was resting on the right side of my crotch towards my naked inner thighs and she pinched me.
I jumped from my seat moaning, “Oohhhh…. Maaammmm… AAhhhhh….!!!!”
Suddenly I went silent, teacher too. When your teacher punishes by pinching your thighs you scream or cry but never moan passionately. And here that is what I did.
Three awkward seconds passed. Then Nandhini teacher said.”So, see, I will pinch you every time you make a mistake.”
She grabbed my right inner thigh symbolizing her authority.
I looked obediently into the book she continued reading and teaching. The portion got over very soon. She didn’t ask any further questions either so no pinching either. As when the lessons got over she left my thigh. I was relieved because I was holding my breath and trying not to move. Because if I do, her fingers will definitely touch my erection. And she will know what kind of thoughts I am having when she is teaching me. 
“You seem to be very distracted Shyam, we need to find out what’s causing it and I promise, I will help you with it. As your teacher, I am willing to do anything to help you with your studies.” I smiled at her, while I tried to hide my erection with my bag.
“We will continue classes tomorrow at the same time. And one more thing Shyam, don’t tell any of your friends or any other students at our school, that I am giving you private classes. I don’t want other students to think that I am showing favoritism to anybody.” She said and smiled. 
I agreed. And then I left. But before leaving I checked her whole body, one more time so that I can remember it and enjoy, while I am home.
That night and the next day, I impatiently waited for everything to get over soon so that I can be there at my teacher’s place for my special class.   
An entire week has passed with me attending every day private classes at Nandhini teacher’s house. And every day she welcomed me wearing just another clearly transparent nighty and skimpy panty and bra. She had them in all kinds of colors. No matter what color or shape they were, they gave me a very clear view of my beautiful teacher’s shapely nakedness. My nights are now thoroughly sleepless. And my penis is erect almost all the time thinking about my sexy hot school teacher.
It was the day after one week. At sharp 6, I was at the door. Following my door bell, the door was opened. There stood my beautiful teacher. Today she is wearing a pink nightie which is also transparent like yesterdays. And inside she is having a white bra holding her melons and a light pink cotton panty. I got excited and my erection, as usual, is tight and bulging. I followed her into the hall. She closed the door and locked it. Drinks were already on the table. We both sat together. For a moment our eyes met each other.
“Shall we start the lessons?” asked my teacher.
I took my text book out and placed it on my lap.
“Sit closer to me Shyam.” Teacher said. I moved nearer to her. Our knees touched. We didn’t put an effort to move them away. Nandhini teacher is sitting on my right side. Suddenly I felt her hand crawling underneath the text book on my lap.
“Where is my punishment leg? Hah … here it is!” Nandhini teacher placed her palm on my right thigh but it was covered by my shorts.
“What is this? Are you trying to escape from punishment? Up goes the trouser legs, I must have full access to the softest part of your thighs because that’s where it pains most.” Saying this Nandhini teacher pushed my short’s right leg upward and moved her soft fingers crawling in between my thighs.
I couldn’t believe what just happened. I sat there with absolute disbelief. My teacher’s hand is so inside my shorts. I am absolutely sure that some of her fingers are touching my underwear. Is she not aware of where her hand is in?
The lessons started. I can sense my shorts are getting tight because my cock is getting thick and trying to stand up like a pole. Can she sense my shorts and underwear move and shrink. Oh my god! I tried to concentrate but I couldn’t. Her soft palm and fingers are so incredible against my inner thigh. My dream woman’s hand so near to my raging boner. I wish she just threw away the book and just grab my penis and squeeze it tightly.
The class is progressing casually. During its course, she moved her palm several times naturally. I am not sure if it’s me, but I think every time she moves her hand it’s getting more and more inside my shorts. And suddenly I felt her fingers, their tips, are now touching my balls over my underwear. I can clearly feel her beautifully sharpened fingernails piercing at my balls outside my underwear. I looked at her face and there is no sign that she is aware of what she is doing. 
“Are you listening Shyam?” Suddenly she asked. I came out of my thoughts.
“Yes Miss” 
“Well let’s continue.” She continued lessons. And then I noticed her finger tips are now somehow inside my underwear and with a shock, I realized my throbbing cock is touching those fingers. Oh my god…. What is going on? Is she not aware of this???? She better not! She will kill me if she knows what’s going on. I was so scared to death. My heart is beating so fast. 
But the pleasure….. oh… the pleasure. I can’t believe how great it feels to get a slight touch of her finger tip on my horny dick. The fear and sexual pleasure was too much for me to handle. And then I felt something. 
Am I getting wet?????!!!!!
Oh god no!!!! I think I am getting wet inside my pants. It’s happening very slowly, not like how it happened in the bus on her ass, with fast shots of wetness but slowly. Am I peeing? Oh my god, my teacher is going to know this because I can sense that something is oozing out of my cock’s hole and its flowing right on to her fingers. She can clearly feel it. I am sure. I am dead.
Nandhini teacher suddenly pulled her hand from inside my shorts. I eagerly looked at her finger tips praying that nothing happened. Fear crawled inside me when I saw what’s there. Her finger tips are clearly wet! 
I am dead! I am dead, I am dead! I screamed inside. Nandhini teacher lowered her gaze and looked at her fingers and clearly saw the wetness. It’s not the white milky stuff I shot in my shorts when I humped her ass in the school bus. It’s thick but colorless. I looked at her face, there is no change of expression. 
There was a plate of cookies on the table. She moved her hand with the wet fingers. Picked a cookie with the same fingers and brought it near to her mouth and gave a bite. I can clearly see that my wetness on her fingers is now on the cookie. And while I watched she ate the whole cookie. I sat there with so much disbelief. And to my shock again ‘she licked her fingers!!!’
She saw the wetness on her fingers. And yet still she used those fingers to eat the cookie and licked her fingers. Does she still not know that she ate some juice that came right out of my ugly cock. I couldn’t believe my luck.
“That’s really a nice cookie. I think this is enough for today. I am so hungry and tired. See, I will eat all these cookies now itself.” She said picking another cookie. I felt so relieved I couldn’t hold it together anymore.
By covering my hardness with the text book I got up. She also stood and gave me a clear view of her naked body through her nighty. I tried to hide my attempts to look at her nakedness. But it was damn impossible. Her sweet panty and bra are too irresistible. Those legs are worth dying for. 
“So our classes will continue the same time tomorrow.” She said. Collecting as much as mental pictures of her semi nude boobs, ass and pussy I left her place.

The next day.
As when the door opened, like the days before there stood my sexy beautiful teacher in another transparent nighty, this time light blue in colour. A white bra and a pink panty covered her apple boobs and her beautiful pussy triangle.
Like clockwork, we sat at our positions, me with my text book on my lap trying to hide my growing hardness and her to my right. After yesterday’s happenings, I was not sure what to expect. Anyway, she is not gonna put her hand on my leg especially inside my shorts. 
But to my surprise, again like clockwork her left hand came under the textbook and grabbed my thighs.
“If you lose your attention I will pinch you really well and good so be careful. I know yesterday you were not paying any attention.”  Teacher said with a stern look. 
I looked at her with fear and uncertainty. How can I concentrate with this soft hand on my inner thighs? My eyes traveled all over her body. The small panty can’t cover anything at all. It’s like she is completely naked. Lessons started.
After ten minutes of reading, she asked me a question. Obviously, I wasn’t paying any attention. She pinched me.  Within the next 30 minutes, I got pinched seven times. My thighs are really paining by now. Nandhini teacher stopped reading and looked into my eyes.
“Why do you think, you can’t concentrate on your studies, Shyam?” teacher asked me.
I sat there with a blank face. What should I say?
“You are a bright student; I don’t think you have a problem with grasping. Don’t you Shyam? She stopped and brought her face nearer to mine. Her face is full or compassion or something like that. I looked into her eyes innocently.
“You are just distracted. Are you distracted by……. ‘this’ Shyam?”
My heart got stuck in my throat. I just felt Nandhini teacher’s fingers touching my erection.
“Is this, what I think it is Shyam?” She put more pressure on it. My breathing stopped. I couldn’t lift my face and look at her. I lowered my face. Her hips got into my eyes. Through her transparent nightie, I can see her pink panty tightly holding to her hip, and then flowing to both sides, over to her pussy and ass.
“Come on, answer me. Is this your penis I am touching Shyam?” she asked.
“Yes, ma,” I said with trembling voice.
“Are you having your penis hard and tight while I am teaching you here?”
“Sorry, Mam,” I said with shame and fear.
“Students shouldn’t have their penises tight and hard while sitting for studying. Don’t you know that Shyam? She asked with a stern voice.
I sat there with no words to say. I am caught. Oh God, what if she tells my parents. They will kill me.  
“I am sorry mam. I didn’t know what to do. I am sorry.”
“You don’t know how to take care of it when it is hard?”
“No mam.”
“But it didn’t seem like you didn’t know last week, when you were pinning me, with this on my back side, twice that day.”
I looked at her with shock.
“Yes, I knew. I knew what you were doing to my back on the bus.” She looked into my shame filled eyes and continued, “Not my back, my “ass”, isn’t it Shyam. Did you enjoy doing it? Did you enjoy rubbing your penis on my ass?”
Her grip on my rock hard cock got tighter as if she wants to punish it for rubbing on her ass.
“I didn’t know what I was doing then, Miss. But…” I stopped in the middle.
“But?” teacher asked. “Say it.”
“I kind of….” I stumbled with my words.
“You enjoyed it. Come on say it.”
“I enjoyed it,” I said with a scared voice. Did I see a slight smile on her lips when I said that?
“And in the evening, when you were doing it, did you cum in your uniform shorts? Did you shoot your cum?” she asked with an eager voice.
“I did mam,” I answered.
“Good, then why did you say you didn’t know what to do?”
“I didn’t mam. Last week, it was an accident. It just happened. I had no idea. Please, mam, I won’t repeat it again. I am sorry.” I plead. I was shaking.
“Shyam are you scared? What you did is a good thing. It shows you are a good student.” She said with a smile.
I was shocked when I heard what she said. It was already unbelievable when this elegant lady, who is respected by everybody in my school, started saying words like “Ass” and “Cum”, those forbidden words which I have only heard from my dirty minded seniors in school. Now she is saying, it was a good thing that I rubbed my hard cock on her ass? I looked at her in disbelief. She gave me a beautiful smile. I felt, now her hand on my erection is slowly moving up and down. Oh.. it’s so good.
“When you got your cock so hard, just like an obedient, good student you came to your teacher and rubbed your cock on her ass. What you did is a responsible thing Shyam. I appreciate you.” She said. I looked at her in bewilderment. 
“Now, you said you don’t know how to take care of it. But you are hard now, Shyam. Don’t you think we should do the responsible thing again? Or you won’t be able to study like a good student.” She said while squeezing my cock in her palm.
“I was like this, the entire week mam. It simple doesn’t go away.” I said.
“I know. I noticed. I saw many times, you trying to hide it in front of everybody. You shouldn’t have it like that and walk around in the school in front of others, must take care of it immediately. Anyway, don’t worry about it anymore. I am your teacher and I am here now. It’s my duty and responsibility to teach you, how to take care of things like this.” She said and squeezed my cock again. I looked into her eyes in disbelief. 
“Don’t you want me to teach you Shyam?” teacher asked.
“Yes, Mam!” I replied.
“Then get up and pull down your shorts. Let me see what you have there.” She left the grip on my cock. I slowly got up from the sofa. Nandhini teacher leaned back with a smile on her face. Her eyes moved from my eyes to the crotch.
I took hold of my shorts button and slowly unbuckled it. Pulled the shorts both sides, the zipper got pulled down. I saw Nandhini teacher biting her lips. When it was open, I hesitated for a second. I looked into Nandhini teacher’s eyes. She showed an encouraging gesture with her eyes. I proceeded, pushed my shorts down, it fell at my ankles. I stood there with my underwear and t shirt. My cock is pushing my underwear and making a tent.
“Wow, look at it pushing your underwear Shyam. Let me pull it down for you. I can’t wait to see it.” She said with an eager face and came forward. I pulled back suddenly. Nandhini teacher looked at me puzzled.
“What is it Shyam? Don’t you wanna show me, your cock?”
“It’s…. its ugly, Mam. You won’t like it.” I said with shyness.
Nandhini teacher started to laugh.
“You, cute poor little boy. Why do you think it’s ugly?” she asked with a loving smile.
“Because I have… I have…. I have...‘Hair’ down there.” I said nervously.
“Hair? You have hair there? You mean your pubic hair? What a sweet little boy you are. That’s so sweet. That’s why you are so shy?” Teacher gave me a sexy look and smile and touched my naked legs with both her hands, then slowly moved them upward.
“It’s called ‘Pubic Hair’ Shyam. Everybody has it. I mean everybody will grow pubic hair there when they are big enough to have sex. I have a lot of pubic hair on my pussy, a really thick bush. So, if you have it, it means, now you are a big man, not just a little boy.” Her hands reached the waist band of my underwear. Slowly she pulled my underwear down. 
My erect cock sprang out like a wild animal coming out of captivity. Nandhini teacher brought her face nearer to my crotch. My cock, like a spring, hit right on her cute nose. It felt incredible when that happened. My cock touching my teacher’s nose. Nandhini teacher giggled when it happened.
“Wow! Shyam, I am impressed. Look at it standing.” She admired it for a while. It stood erect and proud in front of my class teacher’s sexy face.  The dense amount of hair around its base was dark and curly. 
“Hmmm… That’s a nice thick patch of pubic hairs you got there Shyam, I never thought little boys of your age can grow this much pubes around their cocks. It means now you are a big boy capable of playing grown-up games…. Oh!!  I can almost smell your pubes, its musky smell!” Teacher looked at me and smiled. Her face was glowing with excitement. “There is nothing like the smell of a young little boy’s erect cock”. She inhaled my aroma.

“Ok Shyam, now I am going to touch your cock and you will feel really good.” She said still staring at it. Her eyes moved to mine and again moved back to my cock.
My excitement increased. As I eagerly watched, my school teacher’s soft fingers came and touched my rock-hard cock.
“Ohhhh… Misssss…. Ahhhh….!!!!” I moaned when I felt her tender fingers on my cock. She slowly encircled her fingers around my thickness. Suddenly a huge drop of liquid shot right out of the tip of my cock and fell on her white fingers.
“OOoopss… Mam…Sorry. I think, I just peed on your hand.” I said apologetically.
I was so embarrassed at what happened. I stood there nervously with my cock in my teacher’s grip. The colorless liquid was all over her fingers. 
A surprised Nandhini teacher eagerly checked her wet fingers and smelled it. I looked nervously at her.
“I am sorry Miss. I didn’t mean to do it. It just came out.” I again apologized. 
Teacher looked at me with a slutty smile.
“Why are you apologizing? Once again I must say, you did the right thing. I wish I could put some extra marks in your progress report for what you just did.” She lifted her right palm, with the liquid and showed it to me. Automatically her left palm grasped my cock without any delay at the same time.
“This here is your precum. See, its very light and watery. That’s why you thought its your pee. It’s not pee and it is different from your cum. Your cum will be more thick and white in color, which you will see now when I bring it out of you.” She jerked my cock twice when she said that.
“And if you remember, this is not the first time I am getting your precum on my hand. Yesterday in class, I got some on my fingers.”
Suddenly I remembered what happened. I remembered when I shot the same colorless liquid called precum on to her finger tips while she crawled her fingers inside my shorts. I looked down embarrassed.
“That’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You worried that it fell on my fingers? Again you proved you are an excellent student. You did the right thing there. Your cum should always fall on a woman, either inside or outside. This is your first lesson. Always remember it. If possible, always cum on the woman, if you are not already cumming inside of her. You can cum on any part of her. But you will feel really good if you direct you cumshots on your favorite part of her body. Means, if you like her face, cum on her face completely or cum in her mouth. If she is in any way a good woman, she will definitely swallow your cum. Or if you like her ass, don’t hesitate, make her bend over and shoot your cum directly on to her asshole.
I carefully listened to her instructions about where I should direct my cumshots, while she played with my cock and my hairy nutsack in her both hands.
“Feeling good when I am doing this?” Teacher asked while massaging my cock.
“Yes, Miss. It’s really nice.” I replied.
“I can see it on your face, you dirty little boy.” She said in a slutty voice. “You have a very beautiful cock Shyam. It’s really cute and hard. And look at all these pubes you have around it. And these wonderful little balls hanging under.”
Nandhini teacher moved her fingers through my sparse pubic hairs, grabbed my hairy balls, squeezed and massaged them, nice and good. 
“Now let’s start today’s first important lesson.” She stopped and looked into my eyes and continued, “Masturbation!”
An excited smile came onto my face. Finally!
“When you get some stimulus from somewhere and your cute little dick gets, suddenly so big and strong like this, you either have to ‘fuck’ someone or you ‘masturbate’.” Teacher said this and looked into my face.
“What? Shocked, that I used the word ‘Fuck’?” she asked. I smiled at her and she smiled back.
“Get used to it. From now onwards, we will be using words like that in our class. Words like Fuck, Pussy, Ass, Cock, Asshole, Cum, Blowjob, Rimming, Creampie; all are going to be used here for your learning. Not just saying but how to do also, many of those things. But slowly and gradually, one by one, ok?” she said.
“Ok, Miss,” I replied by pushing my cock into her closed palm circling around my cock.
“Ohh… Very eager to learn huh?” she said with excitement. She liked what I did.
“Back to our lesson. Basically to masturbate, what you have to do is move this skin of your cock, up and down like this, see what I am doing here.” Teacher said. 
I looked down at what she is doing on my cock. Nandhini teacher is having her right palm and fingers circled around my rigid cock and her left palm is supporting my nut sack from under, she is slowly moving her right hand up and down, just like she described. I noticed the skin around my cock is going up and down along with her soft palm’s movement. 
“Wow.. See, there is more precum coming from your cock.” She said while slowly jerking off my cock. 
I looked at my cock’s tip. From my pee-hole, the liquid called precum is oozing and is flowing all over Nandhini teachers stroking palm. She took it immediately and spread it all over my hard cock.
“You shoot this precum so that you can use it as a lubricant while you are fucking or masturbating. See, how my palm is going smooth on your cock now. Feeling it?” she asked while gradually increasing the speed of her process.
“When you are doing this by yourself, it’s called masturbating. But if I am doing this to you, then it’s called a ‘Handjob’ or a ‘Tugjub’. Understand? She asked.
“Handjob! Yes, Miss.” I replied studiously. 
“Are you feeling good now? Is it giving a nice feeling to you when I am doing this to you Shyam?” she asked me while jerking.
“Yes, Mamm…. Hhhaaaa.. it’s really good.” I said, enjoying the unbelievable pleasure I am getting. 
“I know you can see through my nightie. So look at my body, look at my bra, my pink panty. Try to imagine how I will look without my bra and panty. It will give you more pleasure.” Teacher advised me while continuing to do the jerking action.
I followed my teacher’s instruction. I tried to imagine her completely naked, without even her bra and panty. Without her panty, she said she has lots of hair down there between her legs, on her pussy. My cock throbbed in her hand when I thought about it. Teacher smiled at me when she felt the throbbing in her palm.
“Now I know this is your first time, so it might pain a little. But don’t get worried, it will go away.” She continued, “Now I am gonna do something else. I am going to pull this skin; by the way, it’s called ‘Foreskin’, down backward slowly. It will pain a little when I do this, so tell me if it’s too much pain, then I will stop. Ok ?” she looked into my eyes and asked. I shook my head in agreement.
“I just want to see your cock-head completely. Now, starting to pull.” Nandhini teacher stopped the jerking motion and slowly started to pull my foreskin down. Like she said its paining a little but I want her to continue. She brought her face closer to it. Her breadth hit on my, now revealing cock’s head.
The foreskin is halfway down and it started to pain, a little more than, before. I jerked my hips.
“Paining, too much? “Teacher asked. I looked at her in disappointment. She smiled and said. 
“Don’t worry; we will continue that in tomorrow’s class. By doing it every day, little by little we will bring out your cock’s head out. Now let’s get back to jerking you off after I smelled your cock for a second.” She said and moved her face nearer to my cock’s slightly exposed head.
I was surprised at what she is doing. Nandhini teacher is not what everybody thinks. She is really a sex craved dirty minded lady. Lucky me, that she finds me as her prey and sex toy.
I stood there allowing this grown up woman to touch and smell my cock and balls. Nandhini teacher brought her nose nearer to the tip of my cock and inhaled.
“Hmmm…. Just the way I like it, the smell of piss and young boy cum. I love this smell.” Her fingers moved through my sparse curly pubic hair at the bottom of my penis. She smelled that too. I could see the enjoyment and pleasure on her face.
“When did you start growing pubic hair Shyam?” she asked me while playing with my pubes.
“Last year Miss.” I replied.
“By the middle of the school year?” she asked again.
“Yes, Miss, I think so.”
“See, what did I tell you? Your marks start going down when you start growing pubes. Which means, you hit puberty, sexy thoughts start coming into your mind and you lost your focus in your studies.”
She resumed jerking off my cock again with her right hand, while her left hand played with my balls. 
“You keep your cum in this nice sack and when I jerk off you like this, it will come out of the sack and shoot through your beautiful cock.” She said as her left palm moved further under my balls and reached between my legs. 
“Spread your legs sideways a little Shyam.” She said.
I spread them wide. Her fingers crawled through my underside and her middle finger entered my ass crack from below. Oh my god, what is she doing? Is she trying to? She pushed further and without any shame, her slender middle finger reached my asshole. She pushed her finger slightly into the hole.
“AAaahhh..!” I moaned.
“Felt good?” With a smile, Nandhini teacher asked. I smiled back at her. Once again she pushed her finger into my asshole and jerked my cock a little faster along with it.
“Ohhhh… that must have felt really good…. Haaa… Shyam? Teacher asked while jerking faster and pushing her finger further into my asshole. I nodded with pleasure and agreement.
“You even have some hair around asshole too, what a big boy you are.” She said with a smile.
“Now come closer to me, while I jerk you off.” Nandhini teacher opened her legs wide. I moved inside. Through the transparent pink nightie I am seeing her beautiful naked legs spreading in front of me, now I can see the crotch of her panty-covered pussy much openly. What an obscene, yet beautiful sight!
“Now watch carefully.” Nandhini teacher increased the speed of her jerking motion. Now my balls are jumping too along with my cock.
“Ohh.. look at those beautiful balls jumping. Tiny little boy balls. Oh, what a sight!” teacher whispered.
“Feeling it more, Shyam?” teacher asked with jerking voice.
“OOhhh.. Yes, Mam… Really feeling it now…AAaaahhh….!!!”
“HhMMM… good…” 
She jerked even faster and pushed the left hand finger more into my anus. I could feel it building from my cock’s underside. I pushed my cock more into her palm. For support, I involuntarily grabbed Nandhini teacher’s left shoulder. And then I pushed my cock more to her.
“Oh, Shyam… Is it coming? Is it coming in your cock?” teacher asked with fast breathing, matching to her hand’s motion.
“Ohh… Yes, Miss… I think so.” I cried.
“Do you want to touch your cock on my face, while I am jerking you off?” she asked eagerly.
“Ohhh…. Yesss Miss!!! Please… Please let me!!!... Please…!!!!” I said without breathing.
Nandhini teacher pushed her beautiful face to my crotch. Next moment my jerking cock touched her beautiful soft cheeks.
“AAAaaaahhhh….. Misssss…… AAAAaaaahhhhh…..!!!!! That’s so goooood….!!!!” I cried with pleasure.
I saw my dark leaking cock, getting pressed against her fair soft skin. My cock is still oozing precum and now its falling on her nose and cheeks. She rubbed her face on to my cock. While my balls get rubbed on her red hot lips, my cock’s red bulb like head gets rubbed on her eyes, and her nose is completely inside my pubic bush.
All these are too much for me. Can’t hold back anymore. I felt my nut sack shrinking and the insides of my cock opening. Something is rushing through it. And it will come out of my cock right now. Oh my God, my cock is right on my teacher’s face. My cum will fall right on her face and will make more mess on her face.
“I am cumming Miss!!!” Saying this, I tried to pull my cock away from her face. But she pulled me back and pressed her face back to my cock with more pressure. I looked down at her face.  
“No, Shyam, remember what I said before. Never waste your cum. Always spray it on the woman….! Now… On to my face….. On to my face…. Yesss… Now….!!!!!” She cried between heavy breathing. 
I heard my teacher loud and clear. I forcefully pressed my cock on to her beautiful face and start humping my hips as well, just like I did it on her ass last week. My hand which was resting on her shoulder so far, moved to the back of her head and I pulled her head more to my crotch. Nandhini teacher jerked my cock faster than ever. Sweat on her face and the precum oozing from cock, all are now on Nandhini teacher’s beautiful face. It’s a mess, and I am gonna make it messier.
And it happened!
“Hhhhmmmmm…..AAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………. Nandhiniiiii Missssssssssssss….. AAAaaaaaaahhhhhh….!!”! I cried loud and called her name out, as I shot my first cumshot.
My cock’s head bulged in her stroking hand and through my tiny pee-hole my cumshots squeezed into the air and landed right on her nose. It was thick, slick and hot. Nandhini teacher pumped faster and harder. 
“Yes Shyam. Like that… Shoot your cum…. Shoot your cum on to my face. Yes… Yes…. Yes…!!!!” she encouraged while jerking me fast.
My second and third cumshots came immediately after that. They both landed on everywhere on her face and fingers. I watched my cum flowing all over her sexy beautiful face. Her eyes, eye lids, nose, red lips. Both cheeks and even some on her hair. Then came, my fourth and my last, the fifth cumshots, again landing on her already wet and dirty face. 
I stopped cumming. But it wasn’t enough for my horny school teacher. She continued pumping my cock faster and faster and started rubbing her cum drenched wet face on to my cock and hairy balls. I saw her nose and lips moving all over my wet cock, my drenched pubic hairs and slippery nut sack. Trying to inhale the smell of what I just produced. Then eventually she slowed down, step by step. 
When she realized I stopped cumming, she squeezed my cock’s tip, a few drops of watery cum oozed out through the pee-hole and landed on her lower lips. Using my cock’s head she spread that cum all over her face again. I pushed my pelvis more into her sexy face when she did this and enjoyed the pleasure of having her cum drenched face rubbing on my spent cock.
For the first time after my cumshots, Nandhini teacher looked into my eyes and she smiled. 
“This is how you masturbate. I hope this helped.” She kissed the tip of my cock. I looked at the mess I have made on her face. Cum is everywhere. I felt really proud and satisfied.
“How was it Shyam? Did you like my handjob?” teacher asked with a smile.
“It was great Mam. I don’t know how to describe it. It started to become really good when you pressed and rubbed your face on my cock. From there I don’t even remember what happened.” I said with great satisfaction and still pressing my cock on to her wet face. She continued to rub her face on to my cock and balls for a few more seconds and then took the cock in her palm.
“See, how your cock is coming back to its normal size.” She showed the tired and spent cock in her palm. I looked at it. She continues to massage it lightly. Then I noticed, I am standing much closer to her now and she is pressing and slowly rubbing her panty covered pussy on to my leg. 
“So Shyam, now you know how to masturbate.” She looked into my eyes, her hand still playing with my shrinking wet cock, she continued. “So, here are the things now you should start doing. From now onwards I want you to masturbate daily, at least four times a day or if possible six times. If you can do more than six, then do it. Do it, as much as you can but never less than four per day. Four shots are compulsory. Got it?”
“Ye, Miss.” I shook my head along.
Teacher continued her instructions. “And you should masturbate in the morning, evening and at night. In the morning masturbate before coming to the school. But before leaving your house, just play with your cock for two minutes but don’t cum, just bring it to the edge so that you will be horny again when you get into the school bus. And I know how you like to rub your cock on all the girls’ asses on the bus. So if you are enough horny when you are in the bus, you will get more pleasure instantly. And you may get a chance to cum too, if you are at the edge while rubbing on to some girl’s ass.
“In the evening, jerk off, as soon as you are back from school. Then get ready and come here for your tuition classes and we will do so many things together and make you cum as many times as possible. After that, at night, do it again by yourself before sleeping. Practice masturbation daily, I want it to become your most important habit, understand? This I am telling you because it will really help you with your studies. You will be a great student and score full marks if you masturbate daily, plenty of times."
I listened to her instructions carefully still standing half naked. She continued with the instructions, still having my cock in her hand, massaging and pumping it lightly and softly. 
She continued. “Now the most important thing about masturbation is you need to think about someone in your masturbation fantasies. Whoever makes you horny, think about that person and jerk off plenty of times, shoot your cum for that girl or woman till you feel satisfied. There are no restrictions to what you think about or who you think about while jerking off. You can think about anybody and anything. The more dirtier, the more vulgar, the more merrier.” She looked into my eyes, pumped my cock a little harder and continued.
“Now, would you like to think about me while you masturbate Shyam?" Teacher asked looking into my eyes with a meaningful smile.
I shyly nodded a yes. Nandhini teacher smiled and involuntary pumped my wet cock little faster.
"Good boy! You are every school teacher's dream student. Think about me at least for one masturbation session in a day. But also Think about film actresses, TV actresses, models, your class mates, senior girls, junior girls, all the teachers, neighbors, even your relatives; especially your relatives! Masturbating thinking about family members is the best. Little boys all over the world shoot their hot cum thinking about their mommies and aunties and sisters! It will give you more pleasure. Try to do that daily at least one or two times. Think about your mother, sisters, cousin sisters, aunts, bhabhis etc… and…
“AAAaaahhh…..!!!” Suddenly I screamed with pleasure. All these dirty talking about masturbation timings and whom should I think about while I masturbate and especially when she mentioned the women in my family I lost my control. And her playing with my cock along with these talks didn’t help either. 
With a loud cry, I shot my cum right on to her face. Everything happened so fast, both of us didn’t expect it coming. It hit right on her eyes and she wasn’t able to close it by the time. From her expression I understood, that cum falling in your eyes is not an easy feeling. She was laughing but at the same time trying so hard to open her eyes. All this time she didn’t leave her grip on my cock. As soon as my cock starts shooting cum, she pumped it hard and fast and directed it at her face.
I shot four more shots of cum all over her face. And with each shot, I called out her name with pure lust.
“AAHhhhh… Nandhini Miss…!!! AAAaaahhhh… Nandhini Misssss…!!! AAAaaahhhhh…. Nandhini Misssss….!!!! AAAAAaaaaahhhhh Nandhiniiiiiiii Missssss……!!!!!!!.....AAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh….!!!!!!!!!!!!”
As soon as I stopped cumming, I felt really tired and I thought I will fall down. Nandhini teacher cleared her eyes and looked at me and smiled.
“Ohhh… Shyam, you are such a horny boy. See how you came twice, within a few minutes. That too, with this much cum! Look at me, I am so completely covered in your cum.” She looked at me, with surprise in her cum drenched eyes. 
“Did it all come from this?” Taking my nut sack in her palm, she asked playfully.
I smiled at her with a tired and exhausted face. I felt proud.
Teacher stared into my eyes and I stared into hers. We remained like that for a while. Her right hand is still holding my spend and tired cock in her soft palm. She is pumping it up and down very slowly, much slower and gentler than before. And with every pump she squeezed a little, making my remaining juices to ooze out through my tiny pee hole. Her left hand, its fingers gently rubbed the underside of hairy balls.
“I think this is enough for today’s class. You have learned a lot of important lessons today.” Nandhini teacher said with a slutty smile on her face and continued; “Now tonight’s homework, I want you to start keeping a journal for your masturbation and sexual activities. Tonight, start with writing about your first three orgasms including the one you did on my ass on the bus. And I want to see it in tomorrow’s class.
She brought her face near to my wet and tired cock which was shrinking pulled its skin backwards and kissed on it's exposed red head.
"Nice little boy!" She left the hold on my cock but a strand of sticky cum connected her lips and my cock's tip from her goodbye kiss.
“Now Shyam I want you to promise me something. You can never tell anyone about what we did now or will be doing in coming classes from here onwards. This is a very special class and these are very special lessons I am giving you and I don’t want anyone else to know about this. OK?”
I nodded a yes. She didn’t even have to ask. I would never tell this to anyone and ruin what I am getting from my sexy teacher.
I put my underwear and shorts back on, took my bag and moved towards the door. My teacher, with her cum drenched face, followed me till the door, before closing the door behind me, she said; “Shyam don’t forget to masturbate tonight, before going to bed and in the morning, before coming to school.”
She smiled and closed the door.
The walk back home, I was tired but I walked like a king. Can’t wait to see, what I am gonna learn in the next class. Hope I could get to see Nandhini teacher completely naked! no nightie, no bra and no panty…..!!!
To be Continued….
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