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Epic Cuckold Story - The Unwanted House Guest Sequel
The Unwanted Houseguest Chapter 46 – The Smoking Gun

The following morning, I woke up groggily, having fallen into a deep sleep. I found the Kavita’s panties were wrapped around my neck again. I distinctly remembered taking them off and leaving them on the bed when I had gotten up at night. Kavita must have pulled them back over my head while I slept. I flung them off. Kavita had left for the office early, but prepared breakfast for me before leaving. She had taken her overnight bag with her as she was planning to go to the airport directly for her trip to Calcutta. I decided to go late to work as I felt unmotivated.

In the privacy of our home, I spent some time browsing around online for news and interesting entertainment. I casually browsed questions that were on my mind, starting with “how to get wife to stop cheating.” That led to various reading about signs that a partner is cheating, and what to do about it. I was already far beyond recognizing the subtle signs of cheating. So then I searched for something more specific to my situation, “Do women prefer large penises?” I kind of suspected that the answer would be that they do, but I hoped to find that maybe there was an alternative answer. I found a range of opinions on the issue, with the majority seemed to confirm my intuition that all else being equal, most women would find a somewhat larger penis more satisfying, up to a point after which it was a turn-off. However, there was almost no indication that a smaller penis was ever preferred, so I did not find any reassurance on this point. Almost universally in the many blogs and discussions about the topic, a penis of my smallish stature was a turn-off.

Of course, I didn’t necessarily trust everything I saw on-line, but one particular website had references to a globally representative study with large base sizes and charts and diagrams showing what looked like objective statistics. This site about penis size showed that I was in the 12th percentile of length, and only the 4th percentile for girth, definitely far below average on length, and at the very tail end of guys on thickness. This meant that 88 out of 100 guys had a longer penis than me, and 96 out of every 100 men had a thicker penis. I measured myself again thinking maybe I measured incorrectly, but it didn’t change the results. I sighed in frustration.

Further searches took me into more taboo areas, but finally I got tired of searching and decided to stop. I felt dirty. My face was crusty from last night’s cunnilingus experience, and I had a serious case of pussy breath. I got up to brush my teeth, gargle, and shower.

My mind kept wondering about Kavita’s Magnum sized condoms. Initially, I resisted the temptation to look for them. I wanted to take the high road and not be so obsessed over the matter. However, my resistance lasted only about half an hour. I opened up the bathroom drawers. Not there. I looked in the medicine cabinet and her closet. Not there either. Finally, I found the boxes in her underwear drawer in our bedroom, tucked away in the back among so many neatly arranged, attractive panties and bras. I was like a kid in a candy store, checking out the colors, patterns, textures of Kavita’s unmentionables. I rubbed my favorite lacy black and pink pair of silky bikini panties against my cock vigorously, but having masturbated already this morning, I couldn’t do it again. I kissed the panties before placing them back carefully into the same position.

One of the three condom boxes was open. Inside it, I found a yellow post-it note from Kavita. It read ‘To whom it may concern, here’s a running count of condoms left.’ The note showed the numbers one through twelve, arranged in order, with a line crossing out the first three. She was counting down how many condoms she was using, in writing! The audacity of my wife! I confirmed that in fact there were nine left in the box. She was becoming more emboldened, not merely to take three very large size condoms for a two-night trip, but also to leave a note clearly intended for me to discover. She wanted me to know that she knew I would be snooping. She correctly predicted that I would look for the condoms. ‘To whom it may concern’? Why not just write ‘Manu’? Who else would possibly be concerned than me? I imagined that she was getting a kick out of it right now. But I had a right to be concerned, as her husband after all. My face felt hot, like a kid caught red handed doing something wrong. I put the note back in the box and closed up everything just the way it was. I felt embarrassed at having been caught, even though no one but me would actually know. I would not let Kavita have the satisfaction of knowing that I found the note. Let her play her cunning games if she wanted to. For me, this self-tormenting act of counting her condoms and imagining with whom she was cavorting was becoming an unhealthy obsession. Moreover, I would soon be able to listen to the recording to learn what was happening with more certainty. Patience, I thought to myself, breathing hard and calming myself down.

As I prepared breakfast to leave, my phone rang. It was Kavita. “Hi honey,” she said, “How’s your day going?”

“Everything’s well. I’m going into the office, and you?” I asked.

“I’m on my way to the airport. We had our decision meeting this morning. I think you made a pretty good impression yesterday.”

“Wow, great to hear! Thanks to you for the inside scoop, Kavi!” I smiled, forgetting this morning’s sordid discovery for a moment. “So how does it work? Do you all vote?” Truth be told, I was a little offended that my wife had any say in this at all. Even in her senior manager role, she worked in an entirely different department.

“Praveen Kumar started with the hiring manager, Subham Das in this case, and asked him for his comments. And then he went around to all the others, and finally to the other department leads, including me. Overall, you passed very well.” she explained.

Notably she summarized it with an ‘overall’ comment, but didn’t say anything about her own recommendations concerning me. Maybe she was trying to be polite by not reminding me of the power play she subjected me to during the interview. “Thank you, Kavita,” I replied. “Does that mean I’m getting the job?”

“I don’t know with 100% certainty yet, but I’d say that you better update my contact name to ‘Kavita Joshi’ on your phone and change the ring tone for me to something more professional.”

That was her not-so-subtle hint that I was going to get an offer. “Yes, of course, I’ll wait for an official confirmation letter, and only then change my phone settings, so I don’t jinx it. Thank you Kavita.”

“Manu, you’re welcome. But listen, as much as I’ve supported you in your efforts to join Optima, for the last time, I need to tell you sincerely that I personally don’t think it’s a good decision to join. For our relationship I mean,” Kavita explained as she changed topics.

“Kavita, look, I know how you feel about it, but I need to make a career move to improve my prospects. We’ll treat each other at work as if we are just professional colleagues, just like we did yesterday.” I did not see any downside to this. “Look, Ms. Joshi, even if the company somehow discovers one day that we are together, we can just say that we met at work and fell in love.” I had it all figured out.

“Manu, I’m not talking about others finding out. There’s no crime in us being married. I’m more concerned about the effects of us working together spilling over into our personal relationship,” she explained. “It just feels like we’d be inviting unnecessary tension into our lives.”

“Well, if you don’t let it spill over, I won’t either. We’ll just flip a switch between personal and professional,” I said, realizing how naïve it must have sounded, but that’s how I felt.

“Flip a switch? Did you just say that?” Kavita asked with disbelief. She paused for a moment, probably shaking her head. “Okay, Manu, all I’m asking is that you think things through carefully, putting aside ego. That’s all I ask. Then it’s up to you make whatever decision you think is right. I just wanted you to know how I feel.” she concluded.

I was determined not to be conned into caving in and giving up this new job opportunity. “I promise I’ll think about this with a clear mind. Thank you for trusting me on this, Kavita. I appreciate it. I have another question for you, Kavita,” I asked.


“Can I ask you what you said in your evaluation about me when Praveen Kumar asked?” I inquired.

Kavita sighed. “Manu, I’m going to be totally honest with you. I actually submitted a ‘maybe’ recommendation for you instead of a definitive ‘hire.’ I had to do that so that I could be seen as neutral, and not be held liable in the future of making a biased decision. You’ll have to forgive me for this Manu.”

I was taken aback for a moment. My own wife had not only raked me over the coals during the interview with a line of unnecessarily tough questioning, but she had now given me the weakest possible recommendation short of not to hire at all! On top of it, just as I was about to receive an offer, she was still discouraging me from accepting it.

“Manu, are you there?” Kavita asked.

“Yes, sorry, I was just processing what you just said,” I muttered.

“Manu, please understand. I waited until I heard what all the others said, and only then gave my maybe recommendation. I knew by that point that you were going to get an offer, and I did it to protect us. Even when Praveen Kumar pressed me to ask why I was on the fence, I gave only weak reasons that he could easily overrule. Trust me, Manu. I wasn’t trying to undermine your chances at all.”

“I understand Kavita, you helped me out before the interview a lot, and I understand why it would look suspicious if you gave me a glowing recommendation and then people find out that we’re married.”

“Thank you for understanding Manu. If it’s any comfort to you, you should know that most of my recommendations are turn-downs, so everyone at work knows to calibrate a ‘maybe’ from me as a good sign,” Kavita concluded.

“I see. It’s part of your bad ass bitch image, huh?” I suggested.

“Well that’s not true, and it’s certainly not the kind of appreciation I expected Mr. Sharma! Now I need to get through security. Love you much…TTYL!” she signed off.

I considered what Kavita had done. It was a brilliantly balanced and politically well calculated move to ensure that I got the offer while also protecting herself professionally from the future liability of any accusation of bias. Furthermore, in the personal arena, she did it in a way that if I got the offer, she could take credit for helping me prepare, and if I didn’t get the offer, it was not because of anything damning that she said. It was a way of making sure that any outcome worked out in her favor, including the pre-emptive demand last night to give her an exquisitely dirty cunnilingus treat.

I thought back to my lunch meeting with Subham Das, and how he made insinuations of Kavita using her influence in inappropriate ways. It was exactly the Kavita that I had just recently come to understand, as her husband of many years. But how he came to know or suspect this was another matter altogether. She must have done something to tip him off. If she had been wielding her sexual prowess to get ahead at work, it would explain why she had tried repeatedly to discourage me from joining her company. I wasn’t going to fall for it. This was my opportunity to find out what was going on.

As I arrived at my office, I got the call I had been waiting for – the HR person at Optima. I stepped away into a stairwell to get some privacy. She started the conversation by congratulating me. She went on to explain the details of the specific job. She asked me to confirm my interest and asked me when I could start. I could not hide my thrill. I gave her the standard two weeks, figuring I would need to inform my current employer and give them due notice. She thanked me and told me to expect a formal letter in the mail, and that I should sign it and bring it in on the first day of work.

I texted Kavita the great news, and then proceeded to delete all the personal information off my work computer. I marched into my manager’s office and told him in my usual polite way that I was resigning, and giving two weeks notice. He was not surprised that I was leaving of course, but he was dismayed to learn that I was going to a key competitor. He called up the HR person, and when they learned of my plans, they asked me to leave today instead of two weeks from now. I collected up my belongings, turned in my badge and computer, and said goodbye to my friends and colleagues.

At home, I reprogramed my phone to change Kavita’s contact information to ‘Kavita Joshi’ and removed the special ringtone that I had set up for her. I called my parents to share the good news. They were thrilled to hear it. My mother, of course, took the opportunity to remind me that she is only getting older, that professional advancement is not the only goal in life, and that Kavita and I should think about having children soon. I nodded dutifully.

I had gained an unexpected bonanza of two free weeks to myself before starting the new job. I spent a few hours web-surfing. Then I felt a pang of responsibility, thinking to myself that I should finish Kavita’s stupid assignment so that I could get it back on with her, hopefully this weekend while Prem and Gowri were to come over. I struggled again to bring myself to answer all 7 questions honestly. After a couple of hours of intense motivation, I stepped back from the computer to review my answers.

Q1. Why was I snooping through your bag? ‘Because I wanted to touch your panties. It was a vicarious way to enjoy the woman to whom the panties belonged, who I was not able to touch directly. And it was during this time that I discovered the condoms by accident.’

This answer was relatively truthful and defensible.

Q2. Why did I not ask you about the condoms when I found them? ‘Because I was so shocked by the presence of the condoms that I felt paralyzed. I was dazed and hurt, but I didn’t want to do anything reckless in that moment by accusing you of something, even though I did exactly that afterwards.’

This answer allowed me to explain my behavior then while also acknowledging what I eventually did. Hopefully she would credit me for at least not jumping to conclusions in the moment, that is, having some self-control.

Q3. What did Prem say to me in the parking lot on the day that he left? ‘He told me he appreciated our hospitality. Then he also called me P.B., told me that I’m not a real man, that I don’t deserve you, and that I better take good care of you.’

I really did not want to admit all this to Kavita, but Arun had already told her what had happened, so there was nothing to hide. On the plus side, it would help Kavita see how unfair and mean Prem could be to me.

Q4. What interactions have I had with Prem and Gowri since he left? ‘Prem texted me a few weeks ago out of the blue, provoking me with a pornographic photograph and claiming that you loved him. I reacted a little immaturely in the moment as any man would. Kavita, please understand that it was only after he made taunting remarks towards me. Also, I haven’t interacted with Gowri at all.’

I told the truth on this question, only leaving out the specific but unnecessary details of how I sent him a picture of the ‘fuck off’ gesture many times. There was no way to deny what I had done. Prem had probably complained to her about my behavior, and he was in possession of the evidence on his mobile.

Q5. Why did I lose my erection one night even after you made it clear that you desired me? ‘I don’t know what happened exactly that night and why I lost it. Kavita, please trust me when I tell you that I desire you sexually, all the time. I’m obsessed with you.’

I deliberated over this question for a long time, knowing that what I was said was true, but only half the truth. Bringing up the real reason about my doubts over her infidelity would make her upset, so I decided to avoid mentioning this. Instead I decided to use the opportunity to restate my love and desire for her.

Q6. After that, why did I refuse to give you an orgasm with my tongue? ‘I was feeling sorry for myself, and I figured if I couldn’t get an erection and enjoy you, that you shouldn’t have the pleasure of an orgasm either. Kavita, I’m very sorry that I acted selfishly. I will do anything to make it up to you.’

Again, what I said was plausibly true. I debated whether to reveal that I held back because I had been grossed out by the thought that another man might have been there that evening already. After writing and erasing it repeatedly, I struck it out because it felt wishy-washy. I should either believe she was being unfaithful, or not, but I couldn’t have it both ways.

Q7. Why did I jack off into your panties after telling you that I was too tired to do it? After you fell asleep, I was still aroused and desiring you. I didn’t want to wake you up because you seemed to have drunk a lot and you looked tired. I recognize that I acted unfairly, Kavita. I’m sorry, but I will do better.

I stared at my answers, wondering how would Kavita react? Hopefully she would see that I was sorry, and willing to make it up. I needed go get her on my good side, if nothing else to get into her pussy again. I was a man on a mission.

Another couple of days passed like this. With all the extra time on my hands, I took walks around the neighborhood to clear my mind, and even went to the gym to work out. Now I’d be able to tell Prem that I did work out, although I wasn’t doing it because he recommended it, but because I wanted to. At home, however, I spent hours on the computer, surfing inappropriate sites that I’d never look at if Kavita was around. I was tempted to masturbate many times, but I decided not to. If the stars were going to align themselves to the possibility of enjoying sex with Kavita this weekend, I wanted to be ready to shoot a big load. With that thought, I held off on doing it myself.

On Thursday, Kavita and I talked about how things were going. She had been busy with various meetings at work, and dinner with colleagues and clients in the evenings. I told her happily about how I had worked out and also completed the assignment.

“That’s awesome. I knew you would put your mind to it and make it happen, Manu,” Kavita commended me. “Was it so hard?”

“Well, yes and no. I mean there was nothing literally difficult about it, but it was more challenging than I expected, Kavi,” I replied. I did not want her to know just how hard it had been for me, and how many times I had erased entire paragraphs before settling on short replies, or how many things I thought of but couldn’t get myself to write out.

“Manu, this kind of communication will be therapeutic for you. I’m proud of you for doing it. Why don’t you email it to me so I can review it before I come home tomorrow?”

“Okay, sure,” I offered, wondering if this was a good idea for her to read when I wasn’t around to explain it. On the other hand, better to let her absorb everything now so she could be in a good mood prior to our guests arriving. I hesitated for some time, thinking about whether to send her my answers by email. My finger hovered over the return key as I contemplated what might happen if she disapproved, and I wasn’t there to explain myself. As I deliberated, my finger somehow hit the key, and the message was sent. It was not intentional. It didn’t matter now. It was already gone. I had no regrets.

On Friday, Kavita returned home early in the afternoon after days of working a grueling schedule. She was on the phone, giving out orders to someone back at the office. She smiled at me while on the call, and we embraced. I helped her out by taking the bag from her hand and putting it in our room. I gestured to her to ask if she wanted to drink tea. She nodded yes, so I prepared two cups of tea and brought them out to the living room. Kavita finished her call and sighed as we relaxed and caught up over tea.

“Tough week, huh?” I said. “You came back home earlier than I expected.”

“Yes, we had a whirlwind of busy meetings. I’m so glad it’s Friday. I’m taking the afternoon off. I’ve worked so hard. Figured we should probably get the place ready for our guests tomorrow.”

I smiled. “Kavita, I felt highly energized this morning, so you’ll see I’ve already cleaned up the apartment, and prepared the guest room, even the bathrooms. We’re all set,” I said proudly. With all the energy I was saving by not masturbating, I had been able to focus better on housework to win some points.

“Manu, you are so sweet!” Kavita exclaimed, “But let me at least make dinner then. I miss cooking for you. Would you like aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower)? Or do you want baingan bharta (roasted eggplant) again?”

“Kavita, you know I love the way you cook any dish. It’s all delicious, but I’m not sure what we actually have on hand,” I said.

“Don’t you worry, Manu. I picked up some groceries and fresh fruits and vegetables, figuring that you may not have gone shopping for household stuff. Let me change and take a quick shower, and then I’ll make dinner – my choice.”

Kavita unpacked her bag and put her clothes away in the laundry, put the groceries in the kitchen, and placed her toiletries back in the bathroom. While she showered, I took the opportunity to retrieve the listening device from inside the pocket of her bag. I plugged it into the computer and learned that it had recorded almost two hours of sound. I downloaded the audio to my phone. Meanwhile, however, Kavita had finished showering. I would have to listen to it later.

“Manu, while I make dinner, could you pick up a nice bottle of whiskey?” she asked.

“I think we still have some left,” I objected.

“I know, Manu, but it’s almost finished, so I figure let’s celebrate with our friends tomorrow,” she replied.

“Yeah, of course. Do you care which brand?” I asked.

“Oh, I can’t really tell the difference, but let’s splurge on something nice, like Black Dog, or Chivas Regal,” Kavita said. It surprised me that Kavita asked for specific brands. She wouldn’t know the difference between a good whiskey and a glass of mouthwash, but now with her new life in the fast lane, she must have started to develop more discerning tastes.

On my way to and from the local liquor shop, I listened on my headphones to the recording. I was disappointed to find that a lot of it was just indiscriminate noises, or irrelevant conversations with the cab driver, airline announcements, conversations with colleagues about work, checking in at the hotel, and so on. I fast forwarded through these. As I started to walk back, I came across my own conversation with Kavita. It must have taken place in the hotel room. Then, about one hour into the recording, I heard a most outrageous and shocking event. My heart was beating fast as I stopped on the roadside, leaned against a wall for support, and turned up the volume. I had found the smoking gun.
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The Unwanted Houseguest Chapter 47 – The Calm Before the Storm

I stood by the roadside, sweating as I listened to the surveillance recording of my wife on her business trip this week. At last, I had acquired indisputable proof of her infidelity and lying. I had to close my eyes to concentrate on it carefully. It was Wednesday night. I heard Kavita having sex with someone! It started minutes after Kavita and my goodnight call ended, so I gathered that the guy must have been in the room with her, quietly waiting even as she talked with me. The bag must have been placed far away from the bed because the sound was distant, but it was unmistakably the telltale sounds of Kavita moaning in orgasm. The man’s gruff voice in the background grunted aggressively with animal-like noises as he pounded her. I turned the volume up to the maximum level. They appeared to pause every so often, maybe to shift positions? Whatever happened, I was in disbelief. Of course, I had mentally prepared myself for this very possibility. Rationally, I bought the device and planted it, knowing the possibility of hearing something like this. But to hear it for real was another matter. It was emotionally gut wrenching but irresistible also. I stood paralyzed, listening intently. It went on for a solid ten or more minutes before she experienced her telltale bed-shattering orgasmic convulsions.

It happened again the next morning (yesterday) at about 7 o’clock. This time, for some reason, I couldn’t hear the other guy, but Kavita’s voice was clear as she screamed out in the heights of carnal pleasure. I could not believe it. Here I was, working on sweeping floors at home in preparation to get the house ready for her ex to visit, while she was out enjoying sex with another man. It struck me that she could not have gone out to meet someone else so early in the morning since the bar would be deserted. What that meant was not only that this guy fucked my wife, but he probably must have slept in her room so he could nail her again in the morning. Once was not enough. That explained why she had taken multiple condoms. She must have had a premeditated plan to fuck him multiple times. It was not just a meaningless one-night stand just for sex. If in fact she had allowed him to sleep over, it suggested an intimacy that only lovers share. Who was he? She didn’t know anyone in Calcutta. She said she was going alone, so it could not have been one of her colleagues. But maybe she was lying. I had no clue. My cock was getting hard in my pants as I contemplated the events.

By this point, I had been gone for a while longer than it should have taken to get the whiskey. Kavita was calling me. “Darling, are you okay? Where are you?” I had to finish listening to the recording before returning home, so I told her I had to go to another store to get the brand she wanted. The time stamp on the recording showed that the room was silent all day while she was away at work. But on Thursday evening (last night), I overheard Kavita speaking with Gowri. It sounded like she was already in the middle of the conversation when she entered her hotel room. Kavita was sharing details of our relationship, acknowledging how we were working through some intimacy and trust problems. The telltale phrase I heard from Kavita’s mouth was “No, sadly, Gowri, there’s nothing happening in the bedroom lately.” I couldn’t hear Gowri’s side of the conversation but from the nature of Kavita’s appreciative tone, it was clear that Gowri was taking her side like a good girlfriend. They commiserated over Kavita’s frustrations.

Then they turned to a more positive topic of this weekend. “I’m so excited to see you guys this weekend!” Kavita gushed. Gowri must have told her something interesting. Kavita reacted, “Really! I’m not surprised of course. I’m so excited hearing it. Gowri, you better not be complaining – you know I’m jealous … Look, I have to go Gowri, but I can’t wait to hear more about it on Saturday!”

She seemed to have shared the intimate problems in our relationship with Gowri, which meant that she might have shared it with Prem. Is that why he was teasing me about not getting any action? He must have known. She even made clear down to the tawdry details that there was no action happening in the bedroom, at least not for me. I was puzzled about the last comment too. What was Kavita telling Gowri not to complain about? And what was Kavita jealous about?

The recording continued. It sounded like she went to take a shower. She must have parked her rolling bag near the bathroom because I could clearly hear the shower running. I could hear her singing at first, but then the singing stopped, and the sounds of sex in the shower took over. “Mmmm, oooh,” she moaned over and over again, each time the moaning got deeper and longer. I surmised that her lover must have been inserting himself into her slowly, penetrating her pussy gradually. She must have been using the third of the condoms with him, the night before coming home to me. “Oooh, yeah, in you go, you big bad boy! Fuck me good!!” The action continued again for a long time. I heard Kavita’s cries of passion increase in pitch and frequency, until she reached a long, drawn out climax. I could not fathom who she was fucking, because the guy never said a word. It was frustrating to be able to hear all this, but not see or know what exactly was happening.

That was the end of the incriminating recording. As I walked back home, I sighed to myself in a mix of resignation and satisfaction. Resignation that my wife was having an affair even after she told me she was committed to working things out with me. Satisfaction that my suspicions were vindicated. My investment in the recording device may have been motivated by paranoia, but now my persistence had paid off. I succeeded in confirming exactly what anyone would have logically surmised from the triangulation of evidence. Kavita was having an affair, probably with multiple men in different cities, all while denying it. At the same time, she was mentally toying with me by openly flaunting the condoms and even making me purchase them, thereby making me an unwilling participating in her cheating. To make matters worse, she still blamed me for not trusting her. She was demanding a level of trust that not only had she not earned, but one that she had no right to even expect! She was acting hypocritically for wearing a belly ring with my initial on it. It didn’t mean anything in light of what I had just learned.

Over dinner, I was aloof. Kavita noticed and asked me if I was okay. I denied that anything was wrong. She was clearly excited about the guests visiting this weekend, and thinking about what we would do for dinner. She was also planning to do some shopping with Gowri tomorrow afternoon. She acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Yet I had just learned that she had enjoyed sex three times with some guy with a big penis, a skilled lover capable of giving my wife deeper and seemingly more intense orgasms than I could give her. I was lost in a distant world even as I sat across the table from Kavita. How could she be so cold and calculating? Was I married to a pathological liar?

“Manu, are you regretting that we invited Prem and Gowri over this weekend?” she asked, sensing that I was not myself.

Despite all my misgivings, my cock felt aroused in the presence of my gorgeous wife, in anticipation of getting sex tomorrow night. It felt irrational that I would still be turned on, but the penis works in mysterious ways. It would be the ultimate demonstration to Prem that I was having sex with MY wife, in MY bed, in the same home while he slept in the guest room. I had to win this fight, damn everything else. I was almost embarrassing to admit, but I wanted to make love to my Kavita in Prem’s proximity to prove my own manhood, to reclaim what he had taken away from me. This weekend held huge symbolic importance for me. I replied to Kavita, “No, not at all. I agreed to hosting them at our place. It’s the only hospitable and courteous thing to do. We couldn’t let them stay at a hotel!”

“Okay, good, that’s what I thought too when I asked you about it. Then what’s bothering you? Are you having second thoughts about accepting the job at Optima?” she asked.

“No, not at all, Kavita. I already resigned from my work and accepted the offer. I did think about what you said. I’m convinced that it will be beneficial to my career, and it will not affect our relationship if we commit strictly to keeping our professional and personal lives separate.”

“Okay, fine. We shall have it your way. You will be unknown to me at work. I will be the pretty lady who never notices the geeky Mr. Sharma. I hope you won’t be the creepy tech guy who ogles me and fantasizes about me!” she joked.

“Very funny, Ms. Joshi. You think too much of yourself. Don’t mind the genius geek who hardly notices your bitchy attitude. I’ll be the guy who goes home to an equally hot wife,” I rationalized.

We laughed and hugged. She had not said anything about the answers that I had emailed to her. No news was good news I figured. I was going to be in pussy heaven soon. My optimism was growing. I figured I better check and confirm. “Kavita, I presume you got the assignment that I emailed you?”

“Manu, yes, I meant to talk about that with you. It’s good that you took the initiative, but I’m going to give you a chance to redo it and submit it again.”

“WHAT?” I screamed. “Why?”

“Because regrettably, the assignment fell short. I mean, your answers were not a failure. It was a good effort on the first few questions, but some of the latter questions were not answered honestly.”

“You must be fucking kidding me!” I despaired.

“I am fucking not kidding. You responded as if you were writing an apology or making promises to me. That was not the assignment. I asked you to give honest and reflective answers about why you acted the way you did.”

“What!? How can you tell me if what I’m feeling is honest or not?” I objected.

“Because I know you better than you know yourself, at least on some matters,” Kavita replied.

“Kavita, you told me you would explain the condoms after I turn in the assignment. I’ve done what you asked—” I started to demand.

“Yes, and you’ll find out everything you need to know, but only after the assignment is done to my satisfaction. Look, why are you fighting it? Accept my feedback and try again, darling,” she pleaded.

‘Accept my feedback?’ ‘Try again?’ Kavita was really pushing my buttons now. A felt a switch turn on inside me saying ‘enough is enough. No more!’ I got up and stomped my feet in disgust and threw my napkin down. “Kavita, I know you’re sleeping with other men on your business trips. I know what you did in the hotel room. I want to know who he was. And I want to know why.” What I heard on the recording had suddenly began to torment me. It had left an indelible effect on my mind, much like the view of what happened on the final night of epic sex before Prem left. I was haunted by that scene as well, and now this.

“I’m not having an affair with anyone, Manu,” she insisted quietly, looking straight in my eyes.

“Don’t lie to me Kavita. It’s insulting,” I replied.

“Are you serious Manu? You’re going to start these stupid accusations now? At 11PM?” she complained.

“Yes, at 11PM. Apparently such a late hour is perfect for fucking other guys, huh Kavita? But not for explaining your actions to your husband. Well guest what? I heard you having sex with him three times,” I stated seriously.

Kavita challenged me. “Oh did I? Really? I wish I could remember it.” She was pretending not to know. Still denying it.

“You did it once on Wednesday night, then again yesterday morning, and then again last night, in the shower,” I stated calmly, staring at Kavita’s eyes. She grew quiet for a moment, realizing that I knew the truth now.

She asked more quietly, “Really, Manu? And how do you know all this?” she asked, puzzled by the revelation that her privacy had been violated.

“Never mind all that, my little cheating wife. I demand to know who you’re having an affair with.”

“Manu, did you see the man? What did you think of him? Was he handsome?” Kavita asked.

“Kavita, this is not funny.”

“Did you hear him? Did he call my name?” she continued to provoke.

“Cut it out, Kavita. I said it’s not funny!” I shouted.

“I’m not trying to be funny. I’m genuinely asking you if you saw me having this alleged affair.”

“Why would it matter? You had sex three times while out of town with someone other than me, your husband. That’s not an ‘alleged’ affair. It’s the very definition of an affair!” I replied. Kavita studied me for a moment, analyzing things.

“It seems to me, Manu, that you must have somehow listened in without actually seeing anything. You spied on me somehow. How did you do it? Did you follow me to Calcutta and then listen outside my door with a stethoscope?” Kavita inquired in a light-hearted way.

“I did no such thing. Do you think I’m so desperate that I would follow you out of town?” I objected.

“Then it’s clear that you must have recorded me somehow?” she concluded.

“So you admit it, Kavita?” I asked, pouncing on the moment.

“No, there’s nothing to admit, Manu. This is obscene. You’re being paranoid. Despite whatever you heard, you’re jumping to wrong conclusions again!” she objected. I felt the tables turning uncomfortably. This is what happened in all of my arguments with Kavita. Just when I thought I had her cornered, she would suddenly come out on top. It was happening again. I had been through this so many times that I could sense it now.

“Manu, I’m too tired to talk about this now. And I don’t want to say something I’ll regret. I love you too much to risk that. So good night!” Kavita turned and walked away. We went to sleep upset with each other, resigned. I had held high hopes for this weekend, but it wasn’t working out as I planned. I slept fitfully, tossing and turning, feeling a mix of frustration and arousal at the same time. Now that she was aware that I had planted a listening device on her, she would undoubtedly figure it out and remove it if I tried to use it again. I should not have revealed what I knew so quickly, but the damage was done now.

I fumed, feeling sorry for myself. I had to know what Kavita was hiding. I had to find some more corroborating evidence to make an airtight case. The evidence would most likely be on her smart phone. It was about 6AM in the morning. I had another brilliant idea.

I got up from the bed, found Kavita’s iPhone, fully charged. Now I had to just unlock it. As she slept, I tiptoed over to the bed and tried to place the phone against her thumb to unlock it. She sensed something touching her hand and moved away. Damn! I waited a few minutes, and then tried again. She was starting to wake up. I panicked. I knew the moment was going to be lost if I didn’t act quickly. I held her thumb forcefully against the touch ID on her phone for just long enough to unlock it. She woke up just then. Realizing what I had done, she yelled at me to give it back to her. I ran into the bathroom with her phone, and locked the door as she ran behind me and pounded on the door. I had access to her unlocked phone. I had to know now. I felt entitled to know who she was sleeping with.

“Manu, how dare you violate my privacy like this! Manu Sharma! Unlock this door right now!” she screamed. I ignored her. I searched her recent phone calls, text messages, frequently used contacts, pictures, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp messages, online search history, and even her emails. After about twenty minutes, however, I came out defeated, finding nothing incriminating except for the intimate pic of her and Prem that I had seen already.

In the meantime, Kavita had showered and gotten ready. I handed the phone back to her. She snatched it back.

“Manu, once again you didn’t trust me. You spied on me while I was travelling out of town, and forcefully broke into my phone and violated my privacy. You should be ashamed!” she scolded.

“I had to. You left me no choice.”

“Did you discover what you were looking for, Manu? Anything incriminating?” she demanded to know.

Silence fell over me. “Not yet,” I mumbled.

“Manu, it’s not a ‘not yet’. The answer is no. I have nothing to hide. I told you I exchanged messages with Prem and Gowri about their visit this weekend,” Kavita said.

I stayed silent. What I heard on my recording was unambiguously the sounds of Kavita having sex. Yet, there was no other evidence on her phone besides the smoking gun recording. The only plausible way to reconcile the facts was either that she preemptively took care to erase any trace of evidence on her phone, or she had an affair with a stranger with no traceable connections.

“Manu, I forgive you. I understand that my history with Prem would lead you to be a little suspicious. But I’m telling you the truth.”

“I’d like to believe you…” I muttered, “But seriously, Kavita, how can I?”

“Well you should. Now you extend the same courtesy to me. Let me see your phone,” she requested, holding out her hand.

My eyes grew wide over this unexpected request. “No, sorry,” I replied. Had I anticipated that she would want to see my phone, I would have taken care to erase my browsing history. But I had no reason to expect that Kavita would want to search my phone.

“Okay, then at least log in to your computer and let me look,” she suggested, trying to be flexible.

“I can’t agree to that either,” I insisted, with no further explanation.

“And why the hell not? You spied on me. The least you can do is extend the same courtesy to me!” Kavita snapped at me, understandably so.

“Kavita, you have no reason to suspect me. I can tell you with 100% certainty that I’m not getting any action from any woman, not even my wife,” I said bitterly.

“I regret that you’re not getting any action. I’m not satisfied either. But you’ve brought that onto yourself, haven’t you?” she quipped sharply. “Manu, do you see what a hypocrite you’re being? You’ve accused me of false things, and spied on me repeatedly, then forcefully invaded my privacy today by unlocking my phone and searching it, and then finding nothing.”

I replied, “Look, Kavita, I don’t know what to say. All I know is what I heard in your hotel room.”

Kavita was in complete bitch mode by now. “Manu, STOP! You’ve broken my trust, AGAIN. We are not going to talk about what happened in my hotel room, nor about the condoms yet. I’ll explain everything you need to know later sometime AFTER you deliver your end of the deal. For now, you should consider yourself in the dog house!” Kavita concluded.

In the last 12 hours, my chances at turning our relationship back to a positive sexual trajectory had suddenly slipped away in a very frustrating way. I slumped over, defeated, shocked, and feeling dazed. We looked at each other. After a few moments of silence, Kavita calmed down. She took a deep breath and reassured me with tears in her eyes, “Manu, I’m sorry to yell at you like this. But please believe me when I tell you that I do love you. I’m trying my best, and I know you love me too. That’s why we’ve lasted, because our relationship is special and resilient. We are stronger than this. Let’s trust each other and get through, I promise.” I looked at her silently. I calmed myself down, but I could not find any words to express myself at the moment.

The doorbell rang. Our guests for the weekend, Prem and Gowri, had arrived. Kavita dabbed her eyes and put on a smile as she proceeded to open the door.
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The Unwanted Houseguest Chapter 48 – Asking Prem For Help

The doorbell rang. It must have been our guests, Prem and Gowri, coming to visit for the weekend.

I stood frozen in our main room even as Kavita moved to answer the door. Kavita and I had just fallen apart again, just as the possibilities of reconnecting had been looking brighter and within my reach this very weekend. She was naturally upset about what had transpired. I had doubted her word based on the recording of her actions, and then confronted her based on the overwhelming circumstantial evidence of her continuing infidelity. Still she continued to deny cheating on me, and told me that my attempt to answer her questions was not adequate. That felt like a convenient way to change the subject. I wanted to prove to her that I was not a fool to be taken for granted. So I had openly shared my accusations of her infidelity, stolen her phone, invaded her privacy, and snooped around on her phone without her permission, despite her repeated demands to stop.

I could now appreciate why she was angry about my actions. She had a point too. I had made a risky bet by violating her privacy and stealing her phone. If only I had found something incriminating, it might have paid off. But it did not. I came up empty-handed after searching her phone thoroughly. I felt confused, knowing what I heard on my recording was clearly the sounds of my wife having sex with another man. Yet I could not find any corroborating evidence to prove it. I think what really pushed her over the edge, however, was when she asked to look at my phone and I denied her. After that, she put me in the doghouse. Even then, she reminded me of her love and commitment.

Initially, I was tempted to lash out at the ridiculousness of the situation. But I knew subconsciously from past experiences that this was not a good path to take with my wife. I had not acted in good faith for sure, even if it was she who had been unfaithful. Somehow, the despair in my heart gave way to a sunny optimism which agreed with my wife. By insisting how she would explain things after I re-answered her questions more sincerely, Kavita was effectively offering me a lifeline, a hand that could pull me out of the abyss of despair I felt in my heart. I felt it was the only way forward for me. Once again, the ball was back in my court.

I smiled as I came out of my trance, welcoming Prem and Gowri back to Bangalore as they entered our home. I was happy to have some company to break up the tension between Kavita and me. Kavita got some water and snacks for them before sitting down next to me in the living room, with our guests on another sofa.

Prem looked fit and strongly built as ever, with a gripping handshake. The density of his muscular hand reminded me of his natural strength. In comparison, my hand must have felt mushy to him. He wore a crisp black shirt with khaki pants. The top button was undone, showing off a gold chain. He looked a little leaner and more athletic looking than I recall. I was relieved that he did not have a threatening presence towards me. The last time we had been together, he had humiliated me in front of his fiancé by exposing my panties and smaller than average penis to her. But now, there was no indication that the incident had ever happened. We were like any normal, vanilla friends. He acted in a friendly and civil way, at least for now as a guest and in the presence of his fiancé and Kavita.

Gowri looked every bit as gorgeous as I remembered her. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a fitted pink t-shirt with the word ‘bebe’ in sequins embroidered across the top. I could not help but notice how the word ‘bebe’ was stretched across her ample breasts. She had grown her hair out longer, and her lipstick and eye-shadow accentuated her beautiful physique. As she walked by, the smell of her perfume wafted past me. It was her signature scent of sweet jasmine flowers blended with dark and earthy gingery vetiver, a fitting aroma for the sexy vixen. I had to mind myself to be careful to avoid looking at her body, and instead focus on her eyes. She seemed to have a sixth sense about men staring at her and had warned me last time not to do it.

I only now noticed that Kavita had done herself up quite beautifully too, no doubt because we had guests. She had dressed in fancy weekend attire, looking stylishly hot in black pants and designer floral V-neck blouse with flower patterns. The stripes accentuated her height, and the open neck revealed her ample cleavage. She had put on make-up and hoop earrings with matching necklace too. My nose picked up her perfume, a French I had given her years ago as an anniversary gift that she used only sparingly because it was special and expensive. It was a blend of Bulgarian rose, frankincense, and woodsy patchouli, a fitting symbol of her mysterious and erotic beauty. Funny how she chose to wear it today, and how I hadn’t noticed any of this or complimented her until now. It was only in the presence of my ex-rival that I had suddenly taken note. The competitive dynamic had heightened my awareness and arousal.

Kavita acted nonchalantly around Prem. If any hint of the prior affection existed, I could not observe any overt chemistry between Kavita and my ex-rival. On the contrary, Kavita sat close to me, and acted normally, like a faithful wife hosting friends over for lunch. Maybe the fact that Gowri and he were officially getting married soon might have put a damper on his philandering behaviors.

Over lunch, we talked at length about how our home life, work, friends, social scene, and family. Prem and Gowri congratulated Kavita about her promotion, though she downplayed it. She complained about the frequent travel that it required, and how she did not like being away from home so often. I also shared my good news that I quit my old job and was taking on a new role. Prem congratulated me. When Kavita told them that I was going to be working at the same company, they were surprised.

“Wow, that’ll be a little awkward, no?” Gowri asked.

Kavita replied with a casual smile, “I thought so also at first, but it’s a big company, and Manu had a great idea of keeping our office identities separate.”

“Yup,” I replied, “I’ll be Manu Sharma and she’ll be Kavita Joshi, working in different teams. No one will suspect that we are married, and even if they do find out, so what? It’s not a crime to be married!”

Prem scoffed, “Interesting and creative solution…I’m impressed, Manu. Now you can keep an eye on your wife at work, huh?” he smirked. Kavita blushed and shook her head as Gowri nudged him to shut up and behave nicely.

Kavita changed the subject. “Gowri, what’s this about your new job opportunity here in Bangalore? Are you really considering moving back here?”

Gowri explained, “Yes, I hope it works out. It’s a role in education administration with an international school. It’d be a step up for me. I had a first set of interviews that sounded promising, so we’ll see.” I thought to myself that Gowri would be quite a distraction in any educational environment. A boy would be hard-pressed to focus on his studies with a sexy fox like her in the vicinity, or said another way, probably his trousers would feel something hard pressing against them.

Prem added, “We’re going to spend time tomorrow to visit possible places to rent. The other reason we wanted to explore moving back is that we need some distance from my family. My family is not exactly thrilled about me marrying outside of our community.”

Gowri elaborated, “Yes, sadly, and some of my family is beyond ‘not thrilled.’ They are adamantly against the marriage, only because of religion.”

Prem said, “I’ve tried my best to reassure them that I love Gowri just the way she is. She should keep her Hindu identity and her name. I will not insist on conversion. Hell, I’m not even that religious anyway.”

They went on to explain that having some distance by moving to Bangalore would ease some of the tension, and that they hoped the engagement would help get the families to win their families over and pave the way for the eventual wedding.

We talked more about Prem and Gowri’s engagement plans. They officially gave us a beautiful invitation card. “You must block this date for the engagement ceremony. No excuses, okay?” Gowri insisted. The date was a couple of months away. I marked it on my calendar to keep that weekend free.

After lunch, Prem read the newspaper as I helped Kavita and Gowri clean up in the kitchen. A few minutes later, Prem popped in to ask to speak with Kavita. He whispered to me that it was something to get advice about a gift for Gowri. They stepped away onto the balcony for their private conversation, leaving me in the kitchen washing the dishes while Gowri put things away in the cupboards. Gowri and I retired to the living room afterwards. She asked me more about my new job, Kavita’s yoga practice, the politics of Modi, and a variety of other topics. I tried to be polite by answering, but I was too distracted to make sincere conversation.

Prem and Kavita stood on the balcony facing away. They appeared to be deeply engrossed in whatever they were talking about. I couldn’t hear anything, but the body language did not look like they were talking about gift choices. It almost looked like Kavita was speaking about something at length, occasionally shrugging her shoulders as Prem just listened. Then Prem turned around and started to talk, like he was describing something or explaining an idea. Kavita shook her head repeatedly, smiling politely. Finally, Gowri got impatient with my company, and got up to approach them. Prem started to make his way back inside from the balcony, finishing up their conversation in a hurried manner.

Prem spoke softly to Kavita, “…Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. Trust me.” He had his arm behind Kavita as they entered inside.

“Okay, fine,” Kavita relented, not in a resentful or resigned way, but rather in a conceding tone of appreciation. Prem’s hand was not touching her ass or embracing her in any inappropriate way, just lightly supporting to guide her over the step. She did not even seem to notice.

I could not figure out what they had been talking about. ‘Trust me,’ were the final words I heard from Prem. Kavita made brief eye contact with me before averting her attention to other things. It could be completely innocent, relating to whatever gift he was trying to get for Gowri. Or it might have been something else entirely, something dark and sinister. The man could not be trusted to keep his hands off my wife. What was Kavita trusting him to do? What was he going to treat gently? The never-ending ambiguity of possibilities made me crazy.

Kavita asked Gowri, “Gowri, are you still up for shopping?”

Gowri, “Yes, didi, I really need your opinion on the dresses, shoes, jewelry. Let’s go!”

Kavita looked at Prem and me, “Guys, will you be okay? It’ll take us a few hours. You could hang out here, take a nap, get a drink somewhere, or whatever. Manu, maybe you could show Prem some of the apartments in the new neighborhood near our offices?”

Prem answered, “Thanks, ladies. You go enjoy yourselves. Spend time and money. Manu and I can entertain ourselves, right Manu?” He smiled. I had a sense of uneasiness, being left alone with Prem. I followed Kavita into our room as she went inside to get something.

“Kavita, do you have to go for so long?”

“Manu, you know how it is. We women have to try things on, and we’ll probably go to a few different stores. What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Nothing, I just think Prem will get bored, that’s all,” I replied.

Kavita smiled at me in a teasing way. “Manu, he’s not going to bully you if you don’t provoke him.”

“I didn’t say that he would!” I objected.

“Ok, relax, I was just kidding. Look, just find a way to pass the time. Maybe take him to the gym. That’ll keep him busy,” she suggested.

That was a good idea. It would keep him occupied with something productive to do instead of harassing me. I had no reason to feel apprehensive, since he had been behaving nicely. I decided to take the high road. Prem’s presence with us this weekend was a test of my confidence in being able to be around my rival, my wife’s ex-lover, and not be resentful, jealous, or threatened. I put on a face of courage. “That’s a good idea. You girls enjoy. Get something nice for yourself too.”

“Thanks Manu! I plan to,” she replied as she prepared her purse and put on her strappy sandals.

“By the way, Kavita, what was Prem talking about on the balcony when he said, ‘Trust me’?”

Kavita looked surprised by my question, taken off-guard. “Oh, what was that about? I don’t recall,” she replied, buy time or avoid the question, hoping that I would drop it.

I wasn’t going to let her shrug it off so easily. “Well, recall how he said that he would be gentle, to trust him, and you replied ‘okay fine.’ You must remember, no?” I asked more pointedly.

“Oh yeah. I was talking about removing these bangles from my wrist. They don’t go with this outfit. But they’re stuck. Somehow it feels like they’ve shrunk or my hand has gotten bigger. He offered to help me take them off without breaking or bending them. I told him I would use soap and warm water, but he was insisting, so I relented. He just wants to be helpful.” She looked at me directly. Her elaborate explanation went on and on, a telltale sign that she was lying.

“Kavita, you could have asked me. I can help you take them off,” I offered, wondering to myself why she needed Prem to help her with this personal task.

“Manu, of course you could, honey. But he’s just trying to be helpful as a gracious and appreciative guest. Stop reading so much into it! We’re getting late.”

As we left the bedroom, Prem walked up to her. “Okay, watch this Kavita. It’s like magic. Just roll up your sleeves.” Kavita obliged as I watched, offering her hand to him. Prem took some drops of mineral oil. He massaged her wrist with the oil. He casually glanced toward me as he held her hand. Then he gently moved the golden bracelet bangles down, squeezing her delicate fingers together while simultaneously rotating the bangles off her wrists one by one, as I stood by uselessly. “Voila!” he concluded, handing the bangles to me while looking at Kavita.

Kavita held her hand out, smiling big. “Thanks Prem! That was easier than I imagined.” She turned to me. “Manu, could you do me a favor – put these away, and get me my glass bangles, the blue ones?” Prem watched with a smile as I tried to hide my discomfort and act as if it was not a big deal that she took his help to remove the tight bangles.

“Sure,” I replied. I put away the bangles in her jewelry drawer in our bedroom. I came back out to give her the casual every day pair of bangles to wear instead. Before I could put them on her hands, she took the bangles from me and slipped them on herself.

Gowri and Kavita prepared to leave. Kavita kissed me goodbye. As she did so, she gave my crotch a little squeeze in a subtle way that no one noticed while whispering “behave nicely!”

After they left, Prem and I sat on different sofas, watching TV and lazing around. It felt a little awkward at first. Then he broke the ice. “Hey man, I’m sorry for upsetting you the other day by sharing that picture of Kavita with you,” Prem said.

I looked at him, thinking to myself that he had not shared it with me in a friendly way. He blasted it to me out of nowhere, with no context, as if to throw it in my face. I almost called him Prem, but then I recalled that I wasn’t supposed to call him by his nickname. “Amir, the picture was emotionally gut-wrenching. I don’t understand why you sent it to me. Regardless though, I got over it. I’m sorry too, for sending you the middle finger pic,” I replied, wanting to keep things amicable.

“I don’t know why I did it. I misjudged and thought you’d appreciate the artistic beauty of the expressions…”, he started to say. “But forget it ever happened. I understand how you must have felt. Never mind about the artistic beauty. I didn’t mean to make things worse.”

He certainly was not being helpful. It had not even been 15 minutes since the girls left, and he was starting to grate me already. With the memories about the photograph now top of mind, I thought back to the scene I had witnessed with Prem had dominated my wife, ravaging her sexually repeatedly on that epic night. He had taken her in different positions, kissed her, fondled every part of her body, carried her over his shoulders, danced with her, stripped her, tied her up, whipped her delicate buttocks, and fucked her to heaven and back. The visual impressions of Prem consummating his relationship with my ravenous wife were alive again. My curiosity was aroused now. “You mentioned you had another photo, an even better one. Can I see that?” I asked.

Prem looked surprised, furrowing his eyebrows. “No, Manu, let’s not go there. I’m sorry for doing it the first time, so I’m not going to do it again.” I didn’t press him on it. He kept flipping through channels on the TV. A few minutes later, he turned off the TV. He seemed perturbed by my request. “Can I ask you something, Manu. Why would you want to torture you more with such photos? There’s plenty of porn out there. Why would you want to see such an image of your wife?”

I asked myself the same question. What kind of sick, perverted guy would enjoy seeing such a picture of his own wife getting sexed. It was an elegant artistic expression, made so much more intimate because it was of my wife. But that’s what made it so inappropriate also. A man is supposed to be possessive of his wife, and protective of his wife’s dignity, not revel in the pornographic display of his wife with a rival. “You’re right. Why would I want to see such a picture, when I have the real woman?” I said as I forced a laugh. He stared at me skeptically. I looked away, determined not to embarrass myself by asking again.

I changed the subject. We decided to go to the gym. Although I didn’t use the gym very often, I had a membership and a guest pass for him. We changed inside the locker room. As Prem took off his pants, he revealed a giant bulge in his underwear. I wasn’t looking, but it was too obvious not to notice. He put on a fitted muscle shirt and shorts. His chiseled arms, solid chest, and rippled abdomen stretched his workout clothes. By contrast, I put on my ordinary workout clothes which hung loosely over my smaller frame. Inside the gym, he came with me at first to see how I was doing. He coached me on how to do reps. “Three sets of 10 with progressively higher weights!” he boomed at me as I struggled painfully to do the butterfly chest press on the machines. Then he left me to go work out with the free weights while I continued using the various machines and ran a little bit on the treadmill. Sometime later, after the workout, I showered quickly to avoid having to be in his presence in the locker room. I did not want to be seen naked, nor visually reminded of the size of his penis. I waited for him outside.

Walking back home, I asked Prem how things are going with the marriage planning, and what kind of ceremony they were planning to hold.

“Between Gowri and me, it’s all beautiful. I love her more than anything, and she feels the same way. But let me be honest with you, Manu. We are planning to do a court marriage, followed by joint weddings, honoring both our religious traditions. Our families are not so positive though.”

“I think it’s a great way to bring two faiths together, but I understand it must be difficult for the more traditional family members to come to terms with it,” I replied.

“Manu, you have no idea what abuse I’m getting from some family members. But I take it in stride, because I love Gowri. She’s been getting shit from her family too, but such is life,” he mumbled.

“It’s a test of your commitment I guess,” I added as we walked back home.

“How about you, Manu? How are things going for you and Kavita?” he asked sincerely.

“Well enough,” I replied, not wanting to share anymore. He looked at me, waiting expectantly to say more.

“Okay, I understand,” he said, nodding his head and shrugging his shoulders as if to acknowledge that he tried but failed to get me to open up. The tone of how Prem said it and his body language also suggested that maybe he knew Kavita and my life wasn’t exactly blooming with roses right now. He got the hint after I didn’t say anything more. “I get it, Manu. I don’t want to pry but let me know if you ever need someone to talk to. Gowri always reminds me that we men need to be more open. I just want things to work out well for both of you,” he said sincerely. No smirk, no smart ass attitude, no double meaning. It was not like the Prem I knew from before.

I left Prem to do his own thing as I prepared things in the kitchen for tonight’s dinner. Kavita had left me a list of things I could do to help prepare for dinner. She had already prepared half of the meal in the morning. I laughed to myself how ironic that Prem of all people was offering up to talk with me, to be a confidante. I never had any close friend to share my troubles and thoughts with. I had Kavita, but nobody else who knew me, no one that I could trust. I had no neighbors, family, friends or co-workers who would understand what I had gone through in my intimate life with Kavita. Most of them would likely react strongly against Kavita, call her nasty names, or advise me to leave her. But I could never fathom the idea of leaving her. She could easily get married again, and now with her career in full swing, she might even choose to stay single. I, on the other hand, did not have such easy prospects now. Realistically speaking, I knew I was unlikely to ever attract someone as hot as my wife again. Moreover, if people were to find out that I had tolerated this situation for as long as it went on, I would bear the burden of judgment and humiliation from society for allowing myself to get into the mess so deeply. Prem was the only one in a position of knowing my circumstances, seemingly without judgment.

But how could Prem, the bully who had seduced my wife and caused anxiety in my life for months, possibly be my friend with respect to repairing my relationship with Kavita? He was the very cause of my problem to begin with. His presence in my life had caused me to lose confidence in my manhood, suffer the humiliations of knowing that he had pumped his semen up inside my wife so many times, and with her enthusiastic approval. His history of seduction, having done it not just once, but many times over with my Kavita, was indirectly causing me even now to harbor suspicions about her continuing infidelities, even after he had left. I could never trust him.

Yet, Prem and Gowri were soon getting married. He had little to gain from offering to help me now. Maybe he genuinely wanted to see that Kavita was happy. He was not threatening me. He was offering a lending hand. As much as I hated to admit to myself, he seemed to understand Kavita’s psychology well, maybe even better than I did. Moreover, the worst of the humiliations I had been suffering from came from witnessing things I should never have seen on the epic night before he left. I could not blame anyone else but myself for sneaking into the house to spy on them making love. I had to somehow come to terms with those memories. Maybe by putting my ego aside, I could gain some small insight from Prem that could help me reconnect with Kavita. If he turned out to be unhelpful, it wouldn’t matter much. He was leaving tomorrow anyway. I had nothing to lose after all, so I rationalized in my mind.

Kavita texted me just then that they were winding up the shopping and would be home in a little over an hour. I decided to bite the bullet and speak with Prem. I poured two drinks of the whiskey to steady my nerves. I walked out to the living room, offering one to Prem.

Prem accepted the whiskey. We toasted to ‘good times ahead.’ I mustered up my courage. “Listen, Amir, I was initially uncomfortable talking with you about my personal matters earlier. But I do want to make Kavita happy, and I need to rebuild my relationship.”

Prem turned his gaze toward me cautiously. “I understand. It takes courage to act,” he replied. I didn’t say anything for a moment, but I kept looking at him.

“Manu, is there something you want to say?” he inquired.

I swallowed my pride and mumbled, “You know my situation with Kavita I think. What do you suggest I should do?” I asked thoughtfully, getting straight to the point.

“Manu, it’s a positive step that you’re wanting to do something to make it better. I’m sure she will appreciate it too. But let me ask you what YOU think it will take to repair things?” he asked, throwing the question back at me.

“I don’t know. First, I think she needs to come clean and tell me the truth about things so we can move forward,” I stated.

Prem stayed silent for a minute, looking away. He shook his head, then took another big mouthful of the whiskey. He swallowed hard and then looked at me. “I don’t know Manu. Never mind. I don’t think you’re ready. Maybe it’s not my place to share advice after all.” He suddenly backed off.

“Oh, come on! What was all that talk just now about offering to be someone I could talk to? Have you changed your mind already?” I blurted out.

“It’s not so black and white, yaar,” he replied. “I’m sorry.” He refused to look at me in the eyes.

Frustrated by his stonewalling, I walked away angrily, back to the kitchen to continue preparing dinner. But I couldn’t concentrate. He was holding back something. I would not get to see him again or have this opportunity anytime soon. I continued chopping the onions and tomatoes. I was out of ideas on how to reconnect with Kavita. I had no one else to turn to. I had to know. I flip-flopped back and forth. Finally, I decided to take the plunge. I marched myself outside again, approaching Prem.
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The Unwanted Houseguest Chapter 49 – Manu’s Missing Underwear

I walked out to the living room determinedly. “Amir, for everything that you’ve done to undermine my husband-wife relationship, the least you can do is be more forthcoming!” I yelled at him.

Prem stood by the balcony, holding his glass of whiskey. He looked shocked, raising his hands in a defensive posture. He spoke softly, “Whoa, Manu, please calm down. Put the knife down, okay?”

Only then I realized I was holding up a large knife as I yelled. “Sorry,” I said as I put the knife away and wiped my hands. “Please, let’s talk?”

He paused to gauge whether I meant it. “Let’s imagine for a moment, Manu, that you really wanted to know what I think. I could share with you what I think. But you know the truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Actually, for you, there’s 3 three bitter pills, all named ‘trust.’ What makes you think you’re ready?”

I nodded, “I’m ready. I’ll try my best. Try me.”

Prem took a deep breath, appearing to collect his thoughts. “The first truth is that you need to trust me. If you don’t agree with me on what I tell you, it’s fine. The only thing I ask is that you trust me at least enough to listen with an open mind, even if you don’t agree,” he preached to me.

“All right. I agree. I have nothing to lose, so I promise to listen sincerely,” I replied.

He continued, “Manu, the second ‘trust’ pill is to trust your wife. You started by asking me what you should do to repair the relationship with Kavita, but then when I asked you what you thought, you replied by recounting what SHE has to do first to come clean and blah blah blah. That’s a wrong attitude. You can only control YOUR actions. If you want to enjoy the quality loving relationship with Kavita, you will have to stop blaming her, start trusting her, forget about counting who’s right or wrong, and get over whatever happened with me.”

“That’s easier said than done. I have reason to believe she’s being unfaithful to me even now. But she’s lying about it and denying it. Am I just supposed to ignore that?” I objected.

He argued back. “Look, I have no idea what’s she’s doing or not. She’s her own woman with her own free will. I’m not saying you ignore it, but you at least need to trust her to explain whatever is going on. If she says she’s telling the truth, you need to start there. Maybe the truth is not what you think it is. You once thought for sure that her belly ring was representing my initials! But it wasn’t. You assumed the exact opposite meaning. I know because she related to Gowri how painful that experience was for her.”

He had a point there. I had sometimes wrongly doubted Kavita, not only with the belly ring, but also about assuming she had shared my initials with Arun, and other things too. But this latest episode was different. I had a recording to prove my point that she was having sex with someone else. Even then Kavita had denied it confidently. I realized that despite my latest coup of evidence, history was working against me. The cumulative evidence was not in my favor. After all, I had been proven wrong repeatedly. I had to go along, at least for now. “All right, fine. I’ll try to trust her as best I can, to somehow convince myself to believe her.”

“Manu, it’s not just about saying that you’ll believe her. Words are merely a first step. You need real conviction. It won’t be easy, but it only works if you start to sincerely believe her. Only then she will open up to you, first from the heart figuratively, and then with her legs, literally!”

I did not appreciate him talking about my wife like that, but I understood his point. She had to trust me before she could feel emotionally safe to be intimate with me again.

“What’s the third bitter pill?”

“The third pill is to trust yourself.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You just told me to not to believe my doubts and instead trust what Kavita tells me –“

“No. I’m not talking about trusting yourself on these external matters. On those matters, you should most definitely not trust your instincts because you’re liable to mislead yourself.”

“Then what?”

“I’m talking about trusting what’s inside. Trusting who you are.”

I grew uncomfortable. “What are you talking about?”

“Let’s review the facts, Manu. Tell me if you agree. Your wife is a thousand times more beautiful than you are. True or false?”

“Yes, but maybe only hundreds of times,” I replied.

“All right. Whatever. Don’t take me literally. I meant ‘thousand’ as a metaphor.” I had no idea that this beast of a man also had a poetic side. “And she’s way smarter than you too,” he added.

“I don’t know about that!” I answered.

“Come on, you’re fooling yourself. Both of our women are far smarter than we are. In fact, your wife is more talented than you at most life skills,” he continued.

“True,” I replied.

“She makes more money than you now,” he added.

“Yes, for now,” I mumbled.

“You can give her sexual satisfaction only with your tongue.”

“That’s not entirely true…” I said as my voice trailed off. “Whatever! What’s your point?”

“My point? I’ll tell you the point. Be honest. In any objective evaluation of your marriage, who got the better deal?”

“There’s more to marriage than all these things you’re pointing out. Maybe she had many good reasons for marrying me too,” I objected.

He stared at me as if I had said something ridiculous. “Only Kavita would know what those reasons are. My point is that you should be happy and appreciative. Kavita is the best woman you could have found. You scored way out of your league. You hit the lottery!” Prem concluded.

“I am appreciative. I don’t know where you’re going with this,” I complained.

“For you, Kavita represents the highest embodiment of woman-kind. You, on the other hand, are at best, average. And in bed, when she wants to experience what every woman was meant to enjoy, you’re far from even average.”

He had put it very bluntly to me. “Amir, this is not helping. Not every sexual relationship operates the same fairy tale way as you’ve imagined in your caveman world!”

“Come with me,” he said, leading me to my bedroom. I followed reluctantly. He stood pointing to my closet. “Open it.”

“Why?” I asked in confusion.

“Just do what I tell you. Pill #1, remember? Trust me.” I opened my closet. “Manu, I have called you by your given name since coming here, out of respect for you and Kavita hosting us so graciously. And I will continue to show you that respect. But we both know that you have another, more deserved name.”

“Amir, come on, that’s not fair!” I objected, realizing that he was referring to my P.B. initials again.

“Take your pants down!” he instructed. I hesitated. His demeanor became more assertive. “Come on, take your pants down now!” he repeated more slowly and forcefully. He wasn’t threatening me or forcing me, but he did sound insistent. I thought about refusing but my willpower faded. I had come this far already. I unbuckled my pants and took them off. “Good, now remove the underwear too.” I reluctantly dropped my briefs, standing naked in front of him, feeling very weirded out.

He let me stand there, naked and embarrassed. He then opened up Kavita’s closet. He pulled open her intimates’ drawer. He knew his way around as if it were yesterday that he had lived here. He picked up a frilly yellow lace thong. It had a beautiful floral pattern all around the waist, with lined gusset and seamless crotch. “How about you put these on!” he commanded, tossing the thong at me. I didn’t like where this was going. I bent down to pick up my underwear instead. But he put his foot on my briefs and pulled them away. He stood there with his arms crossed. I turned away to hide my penis. I couldn’t think of what else to do so I quickly slipped the thong on and tucked my penis in as I pulled it up.

Then he stood back, smiling and admiring what he had done to me. “Now do you trust yourself that you’re a pussy boy?”

“Why? Because of these panties?” I asked.

“Yes, a REAL man would NEVER put on his wife’s pretty little lacy panties.” He paused as I stood frozen, red in the face. “But, it came naturally for you.”

“I did it because you asked me to trust you!” I objected.

“I also told you to trust yourself. And I think you did. That’s why your little tool felt excited too, didn’t it? That further proves just how much of you’re a pussy boy you are.” He must have noticed that I had developed an erection a moment ago.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” I retorted.

Prem sensed that he had me nearly checkmated. He started to lecture me sternly, “Accept who you are, pussy boy, and behave appropriately with your wife. Remember when I told you months ago when I left that you better treat Kavita well? Or else you’d have to answer to me?”

“Yes, I remember that,” I answered.

“I misspoke slightly. It’s not ME that you really have to answer to. You have to answer to YOURSELF.”

“Well, then, in my mind, I have treated her well,” I replied politely but defiantly.

“Well that is debatable. A man who continuously questions his wife’s integrity and makes false accusations is not respecting her.”

“Amir, we talked about this already. I have asked Kavita to refute my suspicions repeatedly. And she has refused. But going forward, I will try harder to give her the benefit of my doubts.”

“That’s not good enough. ‘Trying’ is weak. You need to ‘commit.’ And giving the benefit of doubts means that you’re still having doubts and acting as if you’re giving some kind of gift. The next time she feels that you’re still emotionally abusing her with your irrational suspicions and lack of trust, it should make you step back and ask yourself, ‘Am I being fair?’”

I was fuming inside. Had she told him that I was ‘emotionally abusing her?’ How could she be so one-sided and unfair to me?

“Amir, with all due respect, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts so openly. However, she is my wife, and it’s up to us to work this out.”

“Here you go again, arguing with me when I’m just trying to help you help yourself. So disrespectful! You’re right that in a normal relationship between a man and his wife, it would be up to them to work it out. But this is no ordinary relationship, is it?”

“No,” I replied.

“And this problem has been festering for some time without resolution, hasn’t it?”


“And what should have been a private affair between you two has now become my concern, hasn’t it?”

“How’s that? There was no need for you to have intruded!” I objected.

“When a woman is in distress, it’s in my nature to respond. What I’m telling you, pussy boy, is to be a good househusband to your wife. Help her more around the house. Give her a foot massage after a long day. Learn to lick her to orgasms to give her the pleasure she deserves. Give her the space to be herself without you hanging all of your suspicions and expectations on her.”

“Did Kavita put you up to this?” I demanded to know.

“No, not at all. How many times do I have to explain all this? YOU asked me. I told you the bitter truth as I see it. Now you can decide what you want to do with it.” Just then we heard the front door open. Our heads turned as we heard voices from the other room. The ladies had returned. Prem spoke softly and quickly. “Listen, Manu, as far as I’m concerned, this matter of my advice to you can remain between us only. You think about it and act on it if you like, or not. I won’t say anything to anyone.”

“Thanks,” I muttered. My underwear that Prem had stepped on was still sitting by the side of the bed. I didn’t have time to retrieve it, so I quickly putting on my pants before anyone walked in, then tossed the underwear into the closet.

Kavita walked into the bedroom just then. “Hi boys!” she beamed. “Did you have fun this afternoon?”

“Yes, definitely,” I replied. “We worked out at the gym, and then we came back to enjoy a drink,” I explained.

“Manu’s got potential if he keeps working out,” Prem said. “You ladies must be starving, huh?”

“Yeah, we spent all our time trying clothes and shopping. I’m so hungry,” Kavita replied.

Prem spoke, “I interrupted Manu while he was preparing dinner. I just needed to borrow some shaving cream.”

Prem winked at me with a subtle nudge, reminding me to get back to work. I used his excuse. “Kavita, let me get back to the kitchen to help prepare. Amir, you’ll find whatever you need in the bathroom. Shaving cream is in the first drawer. There’s also aftershave you want,” I replied.

Kavita followed me into the kitchen. A few moments later, Prem went back to the guest room with the shaving cream. Gowri had gone to the guest room to unpack too. My mind was still reeling from the lecturing I had just gotten from Prem. I asked Kavita how her day had gone. She described how they went shopping at various stores, trying on dresses and having a great time with each other.

“What did you two talk about?” I inquired.

“She was telling me more about how her family has not accepted Prem. She feels isolated and misses me. We’re like part of her family in some ways,” Kavita shared.

“Yeah, that’s really too bad when cultures don’t accept each other,” I agreed.

“Yes, but she hopes they will come around. Gowri is excited about the engagement and wedding. She’s been preparing for the festivities. She showed me pictures of her jewelry. It’s modest but lovely.”

“Inflation has raised the cost of living nowadays. It’s good that they are staying within their means and not spending to show off,” I said.

“They are independent minded that way. Did you know that Prem has become vegetarian?” Kavita shared.

“No way? Really?” I was shocked.

“Yes, he did it for Gowri as a gesture of his commitment to her,” Kavita explained.

“That’s quite a lifestyle change for him. I hope he keeps up with it!” I replied, somewhat skeptical.

“Gowri confided in me that he’s leaner and fitter. He’s lost some weight, but he’s gained strength. In fact, he has even more energy now than before,” Kavita said, pleasantly surprised.

“Interesting… I’ve heard about professional athletes going vegan in the news,” I shared.

Kavita turned to me in a whispering tone, “Manu, listen to this! She told me that since becoming vegetarian, he ‘tastes better’ and not only that - he’s more insatiable in bed than ever!” Kavita said it in an excited, giggling manner as if she were chatting with her girlfriend.

“Ugh. Please stop. We’re in the kitchen and I don’t want to throw up,” I complained.

“Manu, come on! There’s nothing dirty about it. Many women like the taste.”

“Lucky for Gowri,” I concluded.

“Well, yes and no. As it turns out, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. He wants so much sex that she can’t keep up with him,” Kavita whispered softly. She appeared to be lost in thought. Maybe she was imagining how Gowri was getting unlimited sex to the point where she couldn’t take anymore, while Kavita had the opposite problem of not getting any, at least not with me.

“You women don’t hold back anything, do you? Did you talk about me as well?” I asked.

“Not like that! I just shared how we’re working on our relationship to make it stronger, you know, with better communication and revitalizing the spark,” she replied in a sadder tone.

All this talk about sex was causing my cock started to feel aroused, which immediately reminded me that I was still wearing Kavita’s thong. The dinner was nearly prepared, so I decided to excuse myself. I returned to the bedroom to change back into my male underwear. I closed the door to the bedroom, but when I opened my closet, I discovered that my underwear was gone! The entire stack was missing. Prem was the last person in our bedroom. He must have taken them. But where? I searched frantically, but I couldn’t find them in any of the cabinets or under the bed. Just then Kavita opened the door to the bedroom. “Manu, is everything okay?”
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The Unwanted Houseguest Chapter 50 – School Girls

I had just been searching my bedroom for my underwear so I could change out of the thong I was wearing under my pants. The entire set of undergarments were missing. I knew that Prem had taken them, but I couldn’t find them. That’s when Kavita had entered the bedroom. She looked at me with a puzzled expression, “Manu, what are you doing in here? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, uh, everything’s fine. Why do you ask?” I replied, feeling flustered over my missing underwear.

“Just wondering. You look a little distraught, that’s all. Dinner is ready. Let’s sit down? Prem and Gowri are there.”

I followed her out, frustrated and feeling duped in my own home into wearing my wife’s panties. Kavita and I headed to the dinner table. I felt a bit mortified, wearing a thong while sitting across from my wife at dinner. Prem knew my predicament, but he kept his word by not revealing anything to the ladies. We enjoyed a long dinner with continued conversations. Prem complimented Kavita and me for the delicious vegetarian meal. We enjoyed a few drinks too, and made a toast to ‘good times ahead.’ By the end of the meal, the ladies had drunk enough to feel tipsy as we moved to the living room. I had forgotten about the missing underwear.

Kavita and Gowri sat on the sofa, whispering to each other like best friends, giggling, being boisterous, having fun. Prem sat on a separate couch watching them. Finally Gowri got up and walked over to his couch and sat on his lap. She touched his face and flirted with him. She asked Prem, “Honey, your birthday’s coming up, and I’d like to give you something special!”

“Thanks, babe, but my birthday’s not for another week,” Prem whispered softly, not wanting to be impose on his hosts.

Gowri tried again to persuade him with a pleading and salacious voice, “Please Prem, it’s something special that I think you’ll enjoy.”

Kavita interjected, “Prem, let’s celebrate your birthday together. Gowri and I want to give you something memorable together.” He looked at Gowri to seek her approval. She nodded.

“All right, sure. If Kavita insists too, why not?” Prem responded, delighted.

I pulled Kavita aside, asking “What’s all this, Kavita? I didn’t know we were getting him a gift.”

She looked at me with flirty eyes, “Manu, it’s not a gift from us. Just a spur of the moment thing that Gowri and I planned while we were out shopping today. Don’t worry…I think you’ll enjoy it too, okay?”

I nodded. The ladies said they needed a few minutes to prepare as they hurried into our bedroom. This meant I would not be able to change right now. I turned my attention back to Prem’s stunt. “Amir, what the hell? Where did you hide my underwear?” I scolded.

“Oh, I figured you might want to get better acquainted with your preferred undergarments, so I did you a favor and put them away,” he explained.

“What?! No! Where did you put them? I want them back!” I demanded.

“Relax, pussy boy. No need to panic. They’re all soaking in the laundry bucket inside your bathroom, ready to be washed,” he responded calmly.

“Oh, that’s just great!” I responded sarcastically, throwing my hands up. “Now what will Kavita think when she sees all of my underwear in the wash?”

“If you start doing the laundry like a good pussy boy, then the question won’t arise, will it? But if you insist on being all old-fashioned and making your hard-working wife wash the clothes, then she’ll come to know. Maybe you can just explain that you’ve been masturbating too much instead of paying attention to her, so you wanted to get a clean start? Literally,” he replied with a smirk.

The smart-ass bully Prem was back. I knew it was too good to be true. He continued, “Manu, the alternative is that you could tell her the truth about how you voluntarily put on her thong, but that’s entirely your choice.”

He got up to help himself to another drink. He asked me I needed a drink, but I declined. There was no way I could tell Kavita the truth. What would I say? That Prem tricked me into wearing panties, again? She didn’t believe me the first time around, so it would be even more unbelievable now. And if she confronted him about it, Prem would not doubt convince her that it was my voluntary choice to do it as a way of ‘trusting myself.’ If that happened, I would never be able to deny the pussy boy label. In Kavita’s mind, that’s exactly how she would brand me, and deservedly so. No, the truth was not an option. The best thing I could do was to wait it out until I could get a dry pair of underwear later.

About 10 minutes later, the door opened just a crack. Gowri shouted out to Prem to close his eyes. Prem sat on the sofa with his eyes closed, while I stood nearby. Then the ladies emerged from the room. My mouth fell open when I saw them. They were dressed in school girl uniforms, complete with red and black checkered mini-skirts, stockings, high-heel shoes, tight white blouses, and hair tied in pig tails. They were wearing lipstick and eye shadow. Both women were dripping with sexual energy. Kavita’s “M” belly ring was clearly visible. I had never seen Gowri in this state of skimpy clothing. The ladies had matched their outfits down to every detail. My cock immediately sprang to action. My knees felt weak as I feasted my eyes on the lovely sights.

Kavita turned on some loud music on the stereo, a Latin song called ‘Despacito.’ I had heard Kavita doing aerobics to the song sometimes. The ladies approached Prem from either side, dancing suggestively. “Happy Birthday Prem!” they shouted in unison as they planted a kiss on his cheeks from either side. Prem opened his eyes and his mouth fell open just like mine.

“Wow!!!” he yelled with a huge smile. “Beautiful!!!! What a treat!”

Kavita and Gowri began to dance in front of his sofa chair, paying no specific attention to me. I walked around behind Prem’s sofa chair but at a distance, so I could get a look too. Kavita and Gowri started to dance closely with each other, holding hands, crossing legs with each other and strutting around in the living room. Kavita and Gowri both seemed to know the lyrics to the hit song by heart. Even though they did not understan Spanish, they lip synced perfectly. They lip synced the beginning lyrics such as “Tengo que bailar contigo hoy” (I have to dance with you) and “Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome” (I see the look in your eyes that’s calling me). My mouth was probably drooling as they moved their bodies in synchronized union. They danced in unison as if they had practiced. They rocked their hips in seductive ways, turned around and swayed their behinds, teasing him. One line in the song went “Sabes que tu corazón conmigo te hace bom, bom” (You know that with me your heart goes bom bom). The line sounded innocent, but the moves were particularly raunchy, with words ‘bom bom’ timed to turn around, raise their skirts, and flash their buttocks up and down in quick movements. As the song carried on, they approached Prem, caressed his arms, knelt down to rub their breasts in his face, and tease him mercilessly. It was a fabulously seductive scene. Two slutty school girls dancing a hot Latin song for Prem. They got up and continued to dance in front of him, bending over at one point such that their skirts rode up and exposed their white thong panties very briefly. I was so turned on that I could have spontaneously orgasmed without even touching myself.

Kavita sashayed over to me, licked her lips, and gave me a kiss on the cheek also. “Remember I promised you that you could enjoy the treat too?” It was a brief consolation prize.

“I love treats, Kavita,” I replied.

“Manu, do you think I’ve been a good school girl?”

I absorbed her attention with a smile, replying in a playful way, “No, Kavita, you’ve been anything but good. I think you’ve been shamelessly slutty, wearing such clothes and dancing to such naughty songs. How do you expect us poor boys to concentrate on our studies?”

She played along, responding in a seductively sarcastic tone, “Oh, Manu, I’m so sorry you’re having trouble concentrating. Why don’t you come here to the sofa, so I can sit on your lap and I can help you concentrate?” She started to grab my crotch to feel my erection.

I backed off immediately, realizing that if she felt my cock and proceeded with a lap dance, she would discover that I was wearing a thong. As much as I appreciated her gesture, and as I desperately as I wanted to enjoy this school girl fantasy to its full climax, I could suddenly not take the risk. “Kavita, it’s okay. Prem is our guest, and it’s his birthday, so how about we let Gowri do the lap dance for him. You can do it for me on my birthday or some other time.”

“Aww, Manu, that’s very selfless and generous of you to let Prem enjoy his birthday gift alone, but it’s only fun if Gowri and I do the dance together. Come on, Manu, please? Let me do this for you?” Kavita pleaded.

What horrible luck I was having. After months of sexless nights and fighting with Kavita, just when she was finally ready and willing, practically begging to give me a lap dance while dressed as a provocatively seductive schoolgirl, I was mired in a most unfortunate dilemma.

I mustered up the fastest excuse I could think of. “It’s okay, Kavita. You’re right that the way you two dance together looks fabulous. The matching outfits and choreography are unbelievably stunning. You ladies could make men faint with way you’re moving your bodies. I’m sure Prem will appreciate it. Let me step back to take some pictures to leave some memento for them.”

“Okay, Manu, are you sure?” she asked again.

“Yes, but please let’s set some limits, okay?” I demanded. “Just sensual dancing, nothing more please!”

“Of course, Manu, I promise, and our intent is not to make anyone faint!” Kavita replied.

“All right then. I’m enjoying the show. Now get on with it!” I urged.

Kavita smiled and kissed me again. She turned down the lights to a softer glow before joining Gowri in the next song, a very sensual rendition of a duet called ‘Rimjhim Gire Sawan’, a song featuring lovers dancing in the seasonal rains while sharing small intimate moments. The ladies danced hand in hand, edging closer to his chair. They sat on his lap, one girl straddling each leg. They lifted his arms up to take off his shirt, then planted lipstick kisses on his chest. Kavita got behind the chair and started to rub her hands all over Prem’s chest. She removed the loops holding her pigtails and shook her hair loose. She let her hair brush up against his face. Meanwhile, Gowri had straddled her man and had started to kiss him while pushing one hand into his pants. She moved her hips to rev him up as the song went on. I so wanted to get in on the action, but I stood frozen, watching in excitement, clicking pics. As the song ended, Gowri and Kavita got up. Thankfully the lap dance was over. I could see a bulge inside Prem’s pants that was no doubt at a point of bursting.

The action was getting more heated as Kavita and Gowri started to dance with each other in the rhythm of the music. They embraced each other and even kissed each other, lip to lip! Kavita cupped her hands on Gowri’s bottom, while Gowri squeezed Kavita’s breasts. They fondled each other gracefully and sensually. The women had become so deeply engrossed into themselves that it was no longer a show put on to titillate their men, but rather as a tribute to the enjoyment of their own feminine pleasures, by themselves and for themselves.

This did nothing to lessen the thrill for me. It was a divine sight to behold. They held each other in a tight embrace, body to body, lip to lip, breasts crushing, hips swaying, delicate hands caressing each other’s hair and face, occasionally roaming down to their sweet buttocks, breaths racing to catch up, beads of sweat rolling off their bodies, and mouths letting out pleasurable moans in a duet of sexual song.

Prem was leaning forward, drooling. I could feel my heart beating in my chest. I whispered to Prem, “When did our ladies become lesbians?”

Prem remained mesmerized by the action. After a moment, he replied, “Gowri and Kavita know how to appreciate each other’s complex sources of pleasure in ways that only women can. That doesn’t make them lesbians. I’m damn sure that there’s nothing these hot minxes would enjoy more than a man’s fat dick to fuck them senseless.”

After a long time, the ladies broke from the trance, still embracing with their faces together cheek to cheek, looking at Prem and me. With a seductive smile and lustful eyes, Kavita spoke, “Boys if you don’t mind, Gowri and I need to finish this inside.” Gowri nibbled at Kavita’s earlobe as she spoke, flicking her tongue. Holding hands, they moved toward the guest bedroom, with Kavita leading.

Gowri turned her head to look back as Kavita tugged her by the blouse. She slurred, “Prem, you can come inside to watch.” Prem stood up immediately to go in to continue watching the women.

Gowri did not include me, and Kavita had not said anything either. I suddenly felt left out, not hearing an invitation. “How about me?” I asked causing Kavita to stop in her tracks. She and Gowri whispered something to each other back and forth. Gowri would not look at me directly.

Kavita came over to me to explain privately, “Manu, darling, we’re going to take off our clothes now, and it wouldn’t be right for you to see Gowri in that state of undress. She’s Prem’s fiancé after all. Please understand?”

“Sure, I understand that. But then why do you have to go in there? Why would it be okay for Prem to see you?” I complained. “Is it because he’s already seen you naked before?” I whined.

“No, that’s not the reason, Manu! Gowri really wants to just treat him to the visual gift of watching his fiancé make love to another woman, but she’s not comfortable doing that in front of you.”

“Kavita, that just seems so unfair,” I noted.

“Manu, I promise you I’m not going to do anything sexual with Prem, and there will be no touching. But I won’t do anything without your permission. If you don’t feel comfortable, then I won’t do it, okay? Just say it,” she said lovingly. I didn’t want to have the burden of saying no pinned on me. I decide daftly to throw the question back at her.

“Kavita, do YOU want to do it?” I asked.

Kavita pulled my hand under her skirt and wiped my fingers across her thong. It felt slick and wet. “Manu, yes, I want to experience making love to a woman. For me, this is not about Prem. I want to do it for me,” she pleaded. “Manu, have you enjoyed watching also?”

“Yes, it was the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen,” I replied, thinking to myself that it was second only to the epic fucking scene I had witnessed between Prem and my wife.

“See? We’re all getting something out of this. I’m asking your to let me do this. You can watch until she’s ready to take her clothes off. Then you give us just a few minutes of privacy. Afterwards, I’ll join you in our bedroom, okay?”

It was still inherently unfair, but the way she put it felt like it was a reasonable compromise. I was happy to hear her say that she was doing this for herself, not for him. The fact that she even asked me was at least an acknowledgement of respect for her husband. She had assured me that Prem would not touch her. And best of all, she indicated her intent to get back into bed with me where a different kind of action would happen.

I took a deep breath, resolving not to pour water over what had already been an incredible show. Plus, it would take some of the pressure off of me to perform later on in bed if Kavita had already had one satisfying orgasm with Gowri. I nodded my permission but told her that I was okay with it only if Prem did not touch her. Kavita smiled and kissed me. She went back to Gowri, and whispered something. Gowri called out to Prem loud enough for me to hear, “Prem, the rule is that you can look, but no touching, okay?”

“Agreed!” he answered as he followed them into the bedroom. I stood in the doorway, watching from a distance as he sat down on a chair in the corner. The ladies continued to make out with each other, locking lips in a sensual display of sexual affection. After a few minutes, they paused to take off their panties, tossing them away. Kavita lied down on the bed, face up, with her head pointing away from me. I could see Kavita’s pussy clearly from where I stood in the door. Prem was watching also. Gowri untied the knot holding Kavita’s blouse together. The blouse fell open, exposing her perky breasts. Inside I could see Kavita’s belly ring with my initials. Soon her friend was licking and flicking and sucking Kavita’s nipples as Kavita moaned and squirmed. Then, Gowri climbed on top, turning around to face towards Kavita’s legs to make a 69 position. She was still on her knees facing towards me. I could not see it because of the angle and the skirt covering her bottom, but her pussy must have been hovering just barely above Kavita’s face. Gowri brought her face down towards Kavita’s crotch. Her hair draped downwards as she began to lick my wife’s smoothly shaved pussy. At the same time, Gowri also lowered herself onto Kavita’s eagerly awaiting tongue.

Kavita broke away just then and mumbled from underneath, “Gowri, now you have to take this off too!” as she reached for Gowri’s blouse, Gowri looked at Prem and signaled something, eyeing me. Prem looked at me with an expression of a bouncer about to throw someone out. I was not allowed to watch Gowri get undressed, yet Prem had seen my wife’s breasts already. He got up and came to the door, walking backwards to avoid missing even a second of the action. I could see Kavita was breathing quite hard. Her breasts were heaving up and down. She turned her head to look at me ever so briefly, giving me a thankful smile. Then the door closed and the lock clicked, shutting me out.
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The Unwanted Houseguest Chapter 51 – Kavita’s Ultimatum

For the next half an hour, I stood right outside the door, listening as closely as I could. I could hear the ecstatic screams and moans of my wife, Kavita, and her new lover, Gowri, lying in a 69 position, getting their most sensitive and intimate body parts licked by each other. At some point, I heard one of them ask to switch places. I imagined that Kavita must now have rolled on top of Gowri like a yin and yang symbol, each perfectly interlocking with the other. The pleading and moaning sounds of their voices made my cock ache inside my pants. I never suspected that my wife had any lesbian tendencies, given her attraction to big cock and traditional masculinity. I rationalized that she was a hyper sexual being, equally open to any form of intimacy.

Finally, as I tired of standing by the door, the sounds stopped. Were they done? Or just taking a break? I waited anxiously, then sat down. My phone buzzed. A photo appeared like a hallucination in front of me, courtesy of Prem. It was a most erotic image, better than anything I had ever seen because the subject was my wife, positioned on all fours like a dog in heat, looking up but with her long and luscious hair half draped over her face in a disheveled way, her mouth and chin glistening. She showed a radiant smile and her eyes were half closed in a state of rapture. The bottom of the pic was cut off, but I surmised that Gowri must have been lying underneath, bringing my wife to a stunning orgasm.

The sounds of the two women started up again. I got up to listen quietly, my ear pressed to the door. The very naughty, would-be school girls were enjoying another round of oral sex. The climatic activity went on and on, such was the beauty of the female orgasm like a raging fire! On my phone, I kept staring at the photograph, growing agitated that Prem was able to see all this erotic action live, while I had to stand outside and console myself with the crumbs of imagination. I tiptoed away to retire to our bedroom.

The absurdity of the situation was incredible. How crazy was it that I had negotiated with my wife to allow another man to see her naked, but not the reverse? And that I had allowed it even after she told me she would stop and not do it if I didn’t approve. Why did I not put my foot down to say no? It was because I wanted to be a nice guy, having already appreciated seeing the girl on girl action. It was more sensual than anything I had ever seen. I hoped my permission to let her be alone with Gowri even with Prem watching would put me in Kavita’s good graces soon, and that maybe it would start to make up for the stealing her phone and making accusations about her cheating.

Finally, I heard the guest room door open. I got up out of bed to welcome Kavita back. As I looked up, however, I saw Prem instead, alone, standing like a statue outside the door which he had closed behind him. “Where’s Kavita?” I asked.

“She’s in heaven. Give her some time to come back down. She and Gowri seem to have passed out,” he replied softly.

“Passed out? Oh no! What happened? Are they okay?” I asked. “You didn’t lock the door from the inside, right?” I panicked, thinking what if they had passed out and we couldn’t get back in to help.

Prem shushed me to keep my voice down. “Relax, Manu. I don’t mean passed out like unconscious. It’s more like a state of euphoria. You know how when you have an orgasm, you feel a series of bursts of intense pleasure as you shoot your load?”

“Yes, it’s an awesome sensation, but so what? I want to know why Kavita’s not coming back,” I complained. He moved away from the door to lead me to the living room.

Prem continued to explain eloquently, “Imagine for a moment that you felt that same orgasm, but like a hundred times more intense, and the climax felt like a combination of overwhelming waves taking over your body, and powerful electric currents radiating concentrated energy from your core to your entire soul,” he described as he moved towards the living room. It was surprisingly flowery and sophisticated language, coming from the brute of man I knew.

“Yeah, that sounds pretty wild,” I agreed.

“Now imagine if this went on for 15 minutes continuously, like every second, instead of our male orgasm that throbs a few times before subsiding. How would that feel?” he added.

I paused before speculating about the surreal description, “I can only imagine.”

Prem then gave me a long, drawn out rebuttal. “No, pussy boy, you can’t imagine! If you could, you wouldn’t be up here asking why she isn’t coming out to join you yet. I can’t imagine it fully either, but at least I appreciate it enough to let them enjoy the moment and not ask a hundred impatient questions.”

I stayed quiet. My mind was still reeling from thinking about how much pleasure Kavita must have experienced. I had read somewhere that the clitoris and vagina have several times more nerve endings than a penis all in a concentrated area, leading to a supremely more pleasurable female orgasm, a mysterious phenomenon that men have respected, feared, and tried to control throughout the history of civilization. I was lost in awe.

Prem continued on, “Let me explain something else to you. Our women are close to each other like sisters. Today, they became emotionally intertwined after spending the day together, dressing up, shopping, eating, talking, drinking, and dancing. They had this golden opportunity to pleasure each other at the same time, literally physically intertwined. They knew exactly how to use their tongues to lick and stimulate, and where to stroke the complex regions between their legs. Their female instincts guided them to synchronize their loving to keep amplifying what feels good. Now they’re intertwined emotionally, physically, and sexually. It’s a divine gift that you should let Kavita cherish.”

There was nothing more I could say to this now. He was right. It was telling that even Prem had stepped out of the room. This man, an Adonis of sexual prowess, had decided to let his woman bask in the aftermath of her orgasms. A mere mortal like me had better not interrupt their divine moment of post-orgiastic sexual recovery.

We sat on the sofa quietly for a while. “I wonder what happens now…” I asked.

“No one knows for sure, but Gowri’s sexuality is like a many-headed monster. If you chop off one head, ten more pop up. Kavita may have pleasured her pussy and clit and as far inside as her tongue can reach, but Gowri’s still going to be craving to be filled up with a thick, hard hot dick. What she enjoyed this evening was passionate and gentle love making. Now she’ll want it rough and hard now. I’m expecting that she’s going to come out of her slumber soon, like a bear after a winter’s hibernation, with a ravenous appetite. I know my Gowri.”

He stopped by saying he knew his woman. He was prodding me silently, as if to ask if I knew my wife in such a manner. From what I knew, Kavita would also be exactly like her twin, craving a manly penis to fuck her roughly. Prem hinted to me, “You better prepare yourself too, pussy boy. Hope you found something else to wear.”

I knew better than to expect sex from Kavita, given what had happened yesterday, after which she had told me that I was in the doghouse. I had no intention of redoing her homework assignment. It would be a long time before she would forgive me. Even though it didn’t matter since sex was out of the question, it occurred to me suddenly that I better get out of my wife’s panties, just so that she didn’t discover another reason to not have sex with me. How nice of Prem to remind me! I slipped into the bedroom and took off the thong. I stuffed it into back of a drawer out of sight. I had nothing else to wear, so I just put on my pajama pants.

About half an hour later, the bedroom door opened. Gowri and Kavita came out, wearing their school girl uniforms again, but with the blouses rumpled and no stockings. They looked more subdued, with a glow that exuded overt sexuality. They went to the kitchen, and then came back with a plate of snacks to sit with Prem and me to eat cookies and milk. The dancing and oral sex marathon must have worked up an appetite. Kavita sat next to me, smiling mischievously. Gowri snuggled up next to Prem.

Soon, Prem and Gowri started to flirt and touch, then kiss each other on the sofa, slowly at first, not wanting to be rude. They were staring at each other, oblivious to Kavita and me. Then Prem spoke in a playful but sharp way, “Gowri, you look like you’ve been quite a naughty student.”

Gowri denied it, “Oh? Whatever makes you say that? I’ve been a perfectly good girl, studying hard!”

Prem responded, “I don’t think so. I don’t see any books. Your stockings are gone, your hair untied, lipstick smudged away. You weren’t studying at all!”

“No really, I was studying art and beauty,” Gowri responded, playing the role of the lying school girl.

“Well, your face looks flush to me, and you smell like pussy! I may just have to interrogate you about this further, huh?” he sported. Prem had his hands all over Gowri’s buttocks and breasts as she tried to wiggle free, laughing. He licked Gowri’s face and reached in under her skirt. “Hmm, for someone who was studying, her royal pussy is quite a bit wetter than it should be. I need to have a word with you, young lady,” he scolded her. He was smelling Kavita’s scents on his fiancé’s face. I leaned towards my wife to get a hint of whether I could likewise smell Gowri on my wife’s body. I could not get close enough however.

Kavita nudged me that it was time for us to retire. She looked at me with bedroom eyes, something I had not seen for a while. Just yesterday, the last time when Kavita and I had privacy, we had suffered a serious argument over my repeated instances of not trusting her, and then she objected vehemently to my more egregious violations of her privacy. Yet, she had also reinforced how much she loved me, and how our relationship was resilient. Right now, she appeared to be softening up. She was treating me on friendlier terms. Maybe that was just because we had guests over? Would she go back to her colder ways after they left? I could not tell.

Kavita read the doubts in my mind, and leaned into me to whisper, “Manu, I put you in the doghouse yesterday after your shenanigans. But you’ve been so good and cooperative today. I want you to know how much I really appreciate it. You know that assignment I’ve been demanding you to finish, the one where you need to answer the questions more honestly?”

“Yes, what about that, Kavita? I haven’t done it,” I replied.

“It’s okay. I’d like to give you an extension on the deadline. I’d like for us to reconnect tonight, sexually. We should experience that spark so we can reconnect, at least tonight, and then maybe the assignment will come easier to you.”

Kavita was overtly seducing me. Her breath in my ear was intoxicating – pure essence of pussy. It was about as close to Gowri as I would ever get. I began to get aroused with the renewed hope of getting some action. I nodded to Kavita with a big smile. We got up and whispered goodnight to Prem and Gowri to leave them to have some privacy. But it was unnecessary. Prem had already picked up Gowri and slumped her upside down over his shoulder, holding her by the legs with one arm. As he walked toward their bedroom, he slapped her ass once with his free hand. Gowri squealed, looking up towards Kavita and me with a huge smile. He closed the door with his foot as they disappeared inside.

Kavita whispered excitedly to me, “You think she’s going to get a spanking?”

“Of course not! They’re adults!” I objected. Kavita had joked about this taboo topic once before over the phone when she called me ‘Daddy’ and asked me if I was going to spank her for going out alone to dinner with male colleagues. Before that, on the epic night with Prem, he had given her a sound whipping with his belt. I wondered if Kavita herself was craving a spanking.

I wasn’t sure what to do. Maybe I could take a page from Prem’s book and be an authority figure. I certainly wasn’t going to beat my wife physically, but I could take Kavita into bed, and then just try to have my way with her, using a similar tone of firmness that Prem had just taken. A few minutes had gone by while I deliberated all this. Kavita had gone to the bedroom to change and freshen up. I followed her inside. “Kavita, I think Prem was right. You girls were not studying. You need to come to my office!” I barked orders.

Kavita’s mindset was in a different place now. “Manu, forget it. I was just kidding around. That moment has passed. Let me freshen up a little,” Kavita replied in a half-hearted tone, all serious and subdued now. No more flirty school girl. She was probably disappointed by my late reaction, or maybe turned off by my attempt to emulate Prem. I wasn’t able to act confident and firm in the same way as Prem.

Kavita was already washing her face. I had missed my chance to kiss Kavita and enjoy the vicarious taste of Gowri’s pussy on her lips. Maybe there would still be a trace scent in her hair. I went up behind her as she stood, bent over the sink and pressed my erection against her behind. I bent over to embrace her, reaching around to cup her breasts. I was so super excited.

Kavita stood up and gently pushed me back a little. “Manu, I know you’re excited, but give me just a few minutes to finish cleaning up? I want to brush my teeth and put on something comfortable.” She looked at me realizing how horny I felt. “Manu, like I said earlier, I’m ready to put aside all the nonsense we’ve been going through lately. I need you to fuck me. Really good and hard, okay? You get into bed, give me just five minutes!”

“Okay, but I don’t know if I can wait!” I replied excitedly. At this point, I was thinking with my dick. I didn’t care if this opportunity was only a temporary reprieve from my doghouse days. I didn’t care if she was giving me a chance only because Prem’s presence was driving her wild. I didn’t care why. All I wanted, desperately, was to fuck my wife, plain and simple. I also understood from what Prem described that all the lesbian action with Gowri had probably riled her up. She had enjoyed some superb orgasms, but she also needed to feel a dick inside her pussy to satisfy her. With Prem in the vicinity, I could not risk any chance of her pussy finding its way onto his cock. No, I had to be the one to fuck my wife to take the edge off, and I was thrilled to do it.

“Well, Manu, if you can’t wait, then maybe you can check if everything is okay in the kitchen? I’m not sure if we left anything out,” Kavita suggested.

I was about get into bed to wait for her, but I did not expect her to send me to the kitchen to pass the time. I asked for it, so here I was. I decided to take Prem’s advice to help my wife with housework. Maybe this would allow her to feel more energized in bed with me. “Sure, my love, I’ll check it out.”

“Thank you, Manu,” she said as she gave me a kiss. She walked toward the bedroom, making her curvaceous body sway back and forth, knowing that I was watching. In the kitchen, I finished sweeping up the floor, putting away the leftover food in the refrigerator, and wiping the counter. My heart was beating hard as I thought about the sexy dancing and passionate kissing and groping between Kavita and Gowri. It still felt unreal to think that I had witnessed this in real live action. I stayed on the edge.

I approached the bedroom with giddy excitement. Finally, after all the arguments and tensions we had been experiencing, Kavita seemed ready to have sex. With me! Inside, Kavita had turned down the lights and turned on the ceiling fan. She was lying back on the bed, dressed in a provocative and skimpy set of lingerie, including only a lacy bra, and matching panties. She had redone her make-up to accentuate her eyes and succulent lips. She toyed with her belly ring, beckoning me with her fingers to come to bed. I tossed my shirt off and snuggled in. She reached over to cup my pajamas and feel my cock. She smiled. “You must be so eager, Manu. You’ve taken your underwear off already!”

“Yes, I wanted to be ready for you with easy access,” I replied using my pre-planned explanation for my state of dressing in only pajamas.

“Good, because I need you Manu. I want you to make me feel like a woman again. Fuck me!” she sizzled.

I wasted no time taking off my pajamas. I climbed on top of Kavita to kiss her and fondle her all over. What a gorgeous sight to see, like a glamourous super model, in bed with me. She nibbled on my ear. We made out. I felt up her mango shaped breasts, then sucked on the nipples and kissed every inch of her body. I could tell she was aroused by the way she spread her legs open. I lubricated my cock and positioned myself on top, ready to go in. It had been so long since I had sex with Kavita that it felt new again. I poked around to find my way, then plunged in, sinking my cock into her vagina. Oh, how I missed that heavenly feeling when it came to me! The soft and velvety sensation of my penis inside her pussy, surrounded on all sides by hot, wet, flesh, creating friction and titillation all over. The feeling was beyond words. I arched my back to go all the way in.

It had not even been about ten seconds before I felt I was at risk of coming too soon. I tried to resist, pulling back my cock. But Kavita pulled me in closer to her. “Don’t pull out,” she said.

“Kavita, just stay still. I’m too close,” I mumbled. She slowed down momentarily, loosening the vaginal grip on my penis. I looked into her eyes. I took a deep breath. She held my buttocks with both hands, pulling me into her. I tried to think of something else, something not erotic to slow myself down. I did not enjoy politics. I thought about Modi’s recent landslide victory to re-election. Still my penis was buried to the hilt inside the most beautiful woman in the world. Not even Modi could ruin this. For that moment I was on top of the world.

Kavita sensed that my mind was wandering. She kissed me. With a smile, “Manu, fuck me hard. I need to feel your cock all the way, deep inside.” The pressure was on me now. I felt a little anxious whether I could last, and whether I would be able to give my wife an orgasm. I took a deep breath to relax. I tightened up the Kegel muscles to prevent me from coming. My erection was still present, but not as strong. I got the sense that Kavita wasn’t satisfied. Maybe I wasn’t filling her up as much as she needed. She placed her dainty hands on my buttocks. I pushed myself in. “Manu, yes, that’s it. Push your teensy-weensy cock in all the way!”

Suddenly, I felt my erection bulging and the floodgates opening up. I quickly tried to pull out to stop it, but Kavita had pulled me inside and doubled up her grip, bringing me to an orgasm after just two lousy strokes with her pussy. I had been so highly stimulated all evening that I totally ejaculated prematurely. I felt completely frustrated.

I pulled out and lay on my back. “Kavita, why did you move around on purpose after I asked you to be still, and not to stroke my cock like that!” I complained.

“Manu, I’m sorry. But how else are we supposed to have sex?” she asked, pointing out the patently ridiculous notion that intercourse could happen without movement and friction to stimulate the nerves.

“I just needed you to stay still so I could calm myself down. Instead you squeezed my cock with your pussy and stroked it!”

“When I realized you were so close, I started to fuck you vigorously. Once you started coming, I figured it would be best if I intensified the stroking to give you pleasure. Surely it was better than if you had pulled out and then come?”

She had a point that it could have been worse. I might have pulled out but continued to lose control of my orgasm. I continued to analyze what had just happened. “Kavita, you know how excited I get when I enter you, especially after such a long time. You should have known not to over stimulate me,” I said.

“Manu, I was just trying to help stoke the fire,” she explained unhelpfully.

“I was already hard. What are you saying? That you couldn’t feel me inside you? That my fire was going out?” I objected.

Kavita giggled, “No, come on Manu! Let’s not go down that path of negativity. You did fuck me, technically. You came inside me. It must have felt good. I can feel it all leaking out now. Why don’t we forget all this, and try again after a nap?” she offered.

Having ejaculated now, the excitement in my mind was gone. I was no longer under the hypnotic influence of her feminine charms. Her giggling at my situation just made me feel even lower. I sat up in bed, facing away from Kavita. I started reflecting on my life, thinking rationally about what she had done to humiliate me again. My wife had not only been sleeping around on me, but preparing all the while to deny it when unexpectedly caught thanks to my spying prowess. Furthermore, she managed to make ME feel like I was being paranoid and making false accusations. HER dishonesty was somehow perverted into MY problem of not trusting her! Moreover, she had tried to keep me from joining her company. Even after I earned my way in, she voted not to hire me, confirming my suspicion that she must have been hiding something.

This week, she had tricked me in a very subtle way into inviting her ex-lover over to our home. By guilting me into making the invitation, she protected herself, effectively disassociating herself from inviting the guy that once seduced her. Today, she put on a show for Prem, which though I enjoyed, was intended for him. He got to see the action, while she conveniently found an excuse through Gowri to exclude me. She wore my belly ring for show, and gave me a pity fuck in order to keep manipulating me. Even in this act of supposed sacrifice, she pretended to want me, but she used her acrobatically trained yoga pussy to stroke me to orgasm quickly, as if she wanted me to finish so she could get it over with. I was getting all worked up, convinced that my wife no longer loved me sexually. Kavita crawled up behind me, “Manu, what’s up baby? Why are you holding your head in your hands like that?”

“Leave me alone,” I snapped.

“Manu, come on. It happens sometimes that you shoot off too quickly. It can happen to anyone. We can try again when you’re ready.”

“Why did you call my penis ‘teensy-weensy’ earlier?” I demanded to know. “Why would a loving wife say that to her husband when he’s trying to make love to her?”

“Manu, I regret I said that. I’m really sorry. It was a trick I had heard from someone to flag up a waning erection,” she explained.

“How, by insulting my manhood?” I asked. “Who told you such nonsense?”

“No, the intent was not to disrespect or insult you at all,” she responded. “It doesn’t matter who said it. There’s so much stupid advice floating around out there. Manu, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what?”

“You have to admit that whatever I said did something to you. You got even harder right away and ejaculated. How do you explain that?” she pointed out, as if her comment about having a small penis got me into a competitive mindset to fuck her properly.

“That had nothing to do with it Kavita. I already had an erection, because I was excited to be having sex with you, like any red-blooded man would be.” I responded. Kavita stayed quiet, staring at me, analyzing my psychology. I knew she was asking me why her comment about me being small made my erection grow. But she didn’t pursue it. She started putting her panties and bra back on, and then covering up in a thin robe. She came around to sit next to me, to comfort me.

I could not take it anymore. I felt like a caged animal, pushed to my limit, causing me to lash out. “Kavita, you’re an unfaithful and manipulative slut!” I said harshly.

“What? No, Manu, please don’t say that,” Kavita pleaded, looking suddenly confused. “Manu, listen. I can’t help if you don’t trust me when I tell you that I’m not being unfaithful. Manu, you make assumptions that aren’t true, it doesn’t help our relationship move forward.”

“You’re hiding something. I know it. That’s why you didn’t want me to join your company!” I exploded.

“No, Manu. I thought we talked about all this. I told you I thought it would create potential conflicts of interest. That’s all. Even then, I helped you get the job! Why are you going back to square one of not trusting me?”

“You aren’t being honest with me, Kavita. Just like the affairs you’re supposedly not having on your business trips. You always have an excuse!” I explained.

“They’re not excuses or alibis Manu. It’s called the truth! Manu, I hate to say this, but you’re not being honest with yourself. That’s why I was hoping that you would complete the introspective exercise assignment more sincerely for your own good, but there’s no point in me being stubborn, is there?”

“That’s right, you finally agree,” I quipped.

She relented, “Okay, Manu, have it your way. Do you want to know the truth about the condoms?” she asked.

“Yes, if you’re really going to tell me the truth, and not just use it as a way to make me do something else,” I said, suspicious about her motives.

“Manu, I’m trying my best. Could you drop the attitude please?” She looked at me pleadingly with her beautiful eyes, framed by luscious black hair. I stayed silent. Then Kavita continued, “I have not slept with or had sex with anyone on you on these business trips.”

“I have proof that you did,” I replied.

“No, Manu, you don’t. I would know if I had experienced sex, believe me. What you have is some proxy evidence that you THINK is proof of me having sex. It wasn’t.”

I paused in the face of her confidence in denying what I knew. She was very good at bluffing. I shook my head in disbelief.

“Manu, you want proof?” she inquired slyly.

“How can you prove that you didn’t have sex?” I asked.

“The evidence is inside you,” Kavita replied.

“Inside me? Like in my heart?!! That’s great, Kavi. You fuck around behind my back, lie about it, and then you try to persuade me to believe you with some touchy-feely metaphorical nonsense. Forget it!” I yelled.

“Manu, please keep your voice down?” She shushed me. “I don’t mean figuratively. I mean literally.” Kavita giggled again. It took my mind a moment to figure out what she way implying.

“Ok, I get what you mean. You tricked me into licking your well fucked pussy. Is that it? That I literally ate the ejaculated evidence of your cheating? That’s sick, Kavita! How could you do that? And how does that prove that you didn’t have sex? Your logic is so fucked up, just like you!” I yelled again.

Kavita tried to soothe me even as I brushed her off. “Manu, no, you’re misunderstanding me. The evidence of my fidelity is LITERALLY inside you.” I was getting more upset now. Unfazed, Kavita continued, “Tell me this, what did you eat for dinner after my business trips? What is that favorite dish that you’ve been eating?”

I thought about it for a moment. “Baingan bharta? What does that have to do with anything?”

“Eggplants, Manu. The long, slender, Chinese-style eggplants with the smooth curves and bulbous heads. I’ve been fucking myself with baingan. In the absence of a bid dick, the eggplant feels so delicious inside my pussy, so smooth, firm, big and purple dark, filling me up like a manly cock…”

“You must be joking,” I said.

“No, my friend Mona told me she uses cucumbers to pleasure herself. But I found them too prickly. After a long day, there’s nothing I want more than to fuck a big hard cock, and since you’re not willing, the eggplant agreed to take your place,” she teased me. She reached into my pajamas to stroke my cock as it grew erect. “I think you like it, don’t you Manu? You’ve been savoring the eggplants that I fucked. You dirty little boy, Manu.” Kavita was stroking me, teasing me with a thick, sultry voice.

I was not going to fall for this again. I had enough self-awareness to realize how I was being manipulated in the moment. “You’re lying!” I screamed at her. She looked shocked. I scowled as she stood up from bed. “Manu, you are being unfair to me and to yourself. I have shared the truth with you, yet you continue to doubt me, throw suspicions and accusations, violate my privacy, and now call me names! This is nothing short of emotional abuse - do you realize that?”

I stared straight ahead, staying firm to my belief that Kavita was sleeping around with other men while effectively denying me sexual pleasures that I was entitled to enjoy as her husband. “Kavita, if there’s anyone who is being abused in this relationship, it’s me! Your denials don’t add up. How do you explain the photo on your phone of the guy you took a selfie with? It was dated on the day you supposedly went out with your friend Mona to celebrate your promotion. It looked like you were at a bar. You came back drunk and eager to get it on that night. But was that out of guilt after hooking up with him?” I kept rambling.

Kavita held her hand up. “Stop! You have made up elaborate fantasies in your head to paint me out to be a slut. Why Manu? Why do you abuse me and hurt yourself like this? The guy in that pic was some random person at the bar. I’ll never see him again. His name was Jacques, and yes, we danced a little and had great conversations. He flattered me with his flirting, and you know how much I enjoy dancing. We took a harmless selfie together. What matters more is that I was so eager to get it on with you that night even though you chose to go to sleep and then masturbate instead. I just can’t understand how you can pervert a simple incident into this paranoid meltdown!”

I shook my head, “I distinctly heard a man’s voice in the background of the recording this week. The last time I checked, eggplants don’t make grunting sounds, do they Kavita? But I’m sure you have some elaborate alibi for this also? You’re always a step ahead of me.”

“Your sarcasm would be funny if you were a comedian. But this is real. It’s our life. If you put even half as much effort into trusting me as you do into getting all worked up into an imagined frenzy, you could be happy. I’m not going to tell you that eggplants talk. But did you think for a moment that I played a porn clip on my phone in the background to get myself in the mood?”

I stayed silent again. I figured she might say something like this. No matter what proof I came up with, she always had a way to refute it. Kavita continued, “But you see how even now, you keep coming up with new accusations! It’s all very disrespectful, Manu, and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Her voice had grown more determined. She had grown more agitated and now raised her voice in a demanding tone, “Manu, I want an apology right now. You take back what you said about me cheating, lying, manipulating, and having sex with other men. You need to acknowledge that I’m telling the truth!”

I had lost control of my emotions. In that moment, I just didn’t care. She could cause a scene right now with guests in the house. “I’m not apologizing for anything Kavita!” I spat back.

“Okay. Have it your way, Manu. If you won’t take back the words, maybe I should make your imaginary lies come true. Is that what you want?” Kavita provoked.

“Nothing would make me happier than for you to be truthful.” I replied.

“Well, Manu, I am telling you the truth, but you don’t seem to want to believe it, so I’m giving you one last chance to apologize that take back your hurtful words, or else!” she declared in her ultimatum.

“Or else what?”

Kavita stared at me with piercing eyes. “Or else I’ll make your so-called truth come true, so then I don’t have to be a liar in your eyes.”

“You’re a cheating, lying slut!” I yelled again, standing a distance away from where she was.

Kavita stood there with tears flowing. The silence in the room was broken only by some sounds outside, maybe the guest room door opening. There was a knocking on our door. Our arguing must have woken up our guests. Gowri asked, “Didi? Are you okay?”
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The Unwanted Houseguest Chapter 52 – A Feeling of Losing Kavita

Kavita and I stared at each other. Gowri knocked again to ask, “Didi, are you all right? Can I come in?” She opened the door anyway and looked at Kavita, then at me, shifting glances between us. She was wearing cotton gym shorts and a stretchy tank top that accentuated all of her curves. Gowri looked shocked. “Didi, we heard some yelling, so I wanted to be sure that you two are okay.”

Kavita was very obviously crying at this point, probably embarrassed that someone else was now aware that we had been fighting. She walked over to Gowri who embraced her. Gowri looked at me wondering what happened. She led Kavita to their room. I started to follow, but Gowri held up her hand to signal ‘no,’ for me not to come. She glared at me with a scowl of disapproval. Kavita turned once to look at me sympathetically, but then she also turned away before disappearing into the guest room.

A couple of minutes later, Soon Prem came out to my room, where I was sitting, unsure what to do now. He stepped in, approaching me, calmly but with a look of frustration. “Pussy Boy, you really blew it big time, didn’t you? I don’t understand why or how you can be so stubborn and dumb, man. I tried to help you today and you somehow did exactly the opposite it seems.” He shook his head, pacing back and forth. “Look, as much as this sucks for you, you should realize that this makes me look like a fool too. Gowri thinks my advice backfired. This is not about me, but I should never have tried to help you, fool!” he responded as if he were the victim.

“I’m sorry your involvement has embarrassed you in front of Gowri. But like you said, this is not your concern. So, leave me alone please,” I muttered.

“PB, you made it my business when you treated your wife disrespectfully.” Prem raised his fist at me, more in a gesturing way than a threatening way. “If I wasn’t a guest in your home, I would so straighten you out! I’m this close to teaching your sorry ass a lesson but Gowri is holding me back. Even I have some boundaries,” Prem lectured me.

I was in no mood to argue with anyone. I sat silently, avoiding eye contact. Prem instructed me, “Do not disturb your wife tonight. Do not knock, do not come to the room or call or text her. You’ll get to see your wife in the morning only when SHE decides she wants to see you. Is that understood?” Prem demanded.

“All right,” I groaned.

Before leaving, Prem tossed Kavita’s bangles on the bed, saying “Here! Meditate on these tonight.” He continued giving me the stern eye as a warning as he returned to the guest room, closing, and then locking the door.

Kavita’s shiny golden bangles rested on the bed, taunting me as my face turned red. What did Prem mean when he said, ‘meditate on these?’ I sat alone with familiar fears again. I thought about what had happened that afternoon. I was bothered again by this afternoon’s incidence with the bangles all over, in which Kavita allowed Prem to help her remove the bangles from her wrist. I wanted to go with the positive, generous explanation that he simply helped her take the stuck bangles off her hand, and that’s all there was to it, nothing more.

If Prem had not tossed the bangles to me like this just now, I might have been able to let the whole incident go. But now that he had returned her bangles to me in this flippant manner, it was impossible not to interpret his actions for the insult that they represented. Bangles were important in our culture. Indian women wore bangles for various reasons, but one well-known reason was as a symbol of matrimony. For Prem to remove my wife’s bangles from her hands was itself borderline inappropriate. But now it felt like a symbolic but gut-wrenching attempt by him to nullify my marriage. Could that be how he intended it?

Why did Kavita even bring it up to him on the balcony conversation with him? Why did she go along with it instead of objecting? Even now, she must have given the bangles to him to return, so was now acquiescing in the act of another man returning the bangles to her husband. Did they conspire with each other earlier to send me a message and prepare me for the inevitability of my current situation in which my wife would leave my bed to go to another man’s bedroom for the night? Was this a symbolic pre-cursor to another man replacing me in Kavita’s marriage?

I felt dizzy from the angst of the moment. I wanted to barge into the room and demand Kavita to come back to my room. But Prem had warned me strictly not to do so. And more importantly, Kavita appeared to have gone willingly. She had no objection. The emotions were too raw for me to do anything now.

I started to regret losing my temper and descending into the abyss of irrational suspicions. I was not able to sleep well at all. I tiptoed to the hallway, standing close to their door, not sure what I hoped or feared to hear. Were they tired and asleep? Were they just talking quietly? What would Kavita share with them and what would they think of me now? Were they sleeping in the same bed? I wondered who would sleep in the middle and whether Kavita would keep her robe on. Would Prem take advantage of her vulnerable emotional state and make love to her? Would she reciprocate and accept his sexual overtures? Wouldn’t Gowri get jealous and try to stop it? I had a thousand questions bouncing around in my head but no way to know.

To my surprise, I heard nothing. I should have been relieved, but the absence of any definitive sound made me go even more crazy. I stood for a while, but still heard no signs of activity, and got no texts or pictures. I was completely in the dark about what, if anything, was happening inside the room. Finally, in the silence of the wee hours of the morning, I finally went back to my bed, fell asleep, physically and emotionally exhausted.

When I arose, I panicked, realizing that it was 10 in the morning. I did not realize how long I had slept in. I looked like crap in the mirror, but I washed my face and got ready hurriedly. Still no underwear to wear so I had to put on pants by themselves. It was uncomfortable.

I noticed that the others had gotten up already. Kavita was leading Gowri through yoga exercises on the balcony, while Prem was reading the sports section of the newspaper, catching up on cricket news. He put the paper down to look at me. “Good morning, Manu,” he spoke softly.

“Yes, good morning, did you all sleep well?” I asked.

“Yes, beautifully, three in a bed,” he replied, not wasting a moment to remind me how Kavita had slept in the same bed with him. I wondered if anything had happened, but it would be foolish to ask. He added, “I’m really hungry. Kavita said she’s going to make breakfast after they finish.”

Through the window to our balcony, I could see the ladies working up a sweat in the morning sun. Dressed in their yoga pants and tight tops, I became mesmerized by the sight of them. The pair of beautiful goddess-like creatures, silhouetted against the sun, moved in unison with their flawlessly tight bodies, dripping with sexual energy. At one point, my mouth fell open as I saw the gap between their thighs when they did the downward dog pose. “Don’t be ogling, P.B.” Prem warned. I averted my gaze.

I went into the kitchen to be helpful and start to prepare breakfast. I made chai and prepared a few other snacks. By the time I set the table, the ladies had finished with yoga. They sat down to have breakfast. Gowri thanked me for preparing everything. My wife, however, remained cool towards me. The meal proved a bit awkward with long silences and some forced conversations.

Finally, when Kavita went up to go to the kitchen, I followed her, then whispered to her, “Kavita, can we talk please? Are you okay?” As I got closer to her, I could sense a mixture of smells emanating from her, including the scent of Prem’s signature cologne on her body, a strong whiff of vaginal secretions, a subtle odor of musky semen, along with her own sweet body perspiration. It brought back uncomfortable memories.

“No, Manu, I’m not really okay, to be honest, and I think you know why,” she replied.

“Yes, we have some things to work out,” I admitted.

“You think?” she threw back at me sarcastically.

“Kavita, I’d like to rebuild my trust, but it’s not like I can just flip a switch and have sudden conviction. But I am an optimist. That’s one of the things you always admired about me. So, I’d like to start right now. I’m ready to believe in you. What happened last night in Prem and Gowri’s room?”

Kavita sighed and looked away for a moment. “Manu, I admire your positive attitude. But I’m not going to answer your tawdry question. I have nothing to hide from you, I just can’t keep going in the same circle of doom again and again. Regardless of what I tell you, I don’t think you’re prepared to believe me, and I’ll get blamed anyway. Better that I keep my mouth shut.”

I thought to myself that silence on such a matter would generally imply that she had experienced sex with Prem again. I wondered how much she enjoyed it, whether she missed it? Kavita was playing games of intrigue with me. She was provoking me into assuming that she had sex with Prem. But I was not about to fall for it. Instead, I would give her the benefit of my doubts for a change. “Kavita, please give me a chance. If you’ve already concluded that I’ll never believe you, how can I ever make things better?” I pleaded.

“I didn’t say never,” she clarified.

“Right. But you’re not saying whether or not you let Prem fuck you last night!! What you’re saying is that you don’t think I’m capable of trusting you!” I complained.

“Manu, there you go again! Please, it’s been a long night. I can’t have this conversation right now,” Kavita pleaded in a soft voice.

“I feel like there’s no hope for me,” I sighed.

“Let me repeat myself, Manu. I am not going to answer your sordid question because you have not shown the maturity that you can believe or handle the truth. And you have no right to assume what I did or didn’t do!” she retorted. “All I’m saying is that after last night, and with everything that’s happened, I understand that you can’t just ‘flip a switch’ - it’s going to take you some time to start to believe what I say and trust me,” Kavita said more gently, rubbing my chest with her hand and embracing me, “But Manu, there’s always hope, and I believe in you. Let’s see.”

“Okay,” I agreed. Her last comment was ‘Let’s see,” implying that she was going to observe me, test me to see if I had changed my perspective. I kissed the back of her neck as a peace gesture. I inhaled a deep breath of her scent. As much as I had hoped that we could just put our differences aside and jump back immediately into a sexual relationship, Kavita didn’t work that way. Like most women, she had to feel the emotional connection and trust before she could feel safe and trusted. No doubt this would set me back with her, and I would have some making up to do.

No sooner had this thought crossed my mind when Kavita looked at me with a slight smile, as if she already had an idea. She walked out of the kitchen back to our friends as I followed. They were finishing up their breakfast too. Turning to Prem and Gowri, she dropped an unexpected offer, “Prem, Gowri, I really need to get cleaned up. Think we could all use a good scrubbing. How about we take a shower?” Kavita asked. Then she added, “Together,” with a smile, stealing a momentary glance at me. The one word ‘together’ made it a completely different proposition.

“Together, meaning what?” I asked, fearing the worst. The angst created a nervous sensation in my stomach.

Kavita spoke sharply to me, “Together, meaning with each other! At the same time, in the same place! Duh?” she taunted me. Prem and Gowri looked at each other and smiled in approval over the idea.

“You don’t have to explain to us what ‘together’ means. Let’s do it,” Prem replied, slapping the table. “Gowri is all sticky from you know what. The dirty girl needs a shower badly,” he joked.

“Cut it out, Prem!” Gowri complained, hitting Prem. She found it embarrassing when Prem spoke like that about her in front of others.

The three of them headed to the guest room. I was just about to say something, but Kavita read my mind. She turned around to intervene in a polite but firm tone, “Manu, you can use our bathroom to shower. And would you mind cleaning up the kitchen before you go?”

Even when she was being a bitch, it perversely made her even more attractive to me. I was in a state of regret after what happened last night when I lost my temper. I needed to make it up. “All right, Kavita. I’ll clean up the kitchen,” I replied.

Kavita did not really acknowledge my response. She disappeared into the guest room, without another word to me. I had been dismissed like a servant. No thank you, no please. I went to the table to pick up the used plates and glasses. I started washing the dishes when Kavita returned unexpectedly a couple of minutes later. “Hi, Kavi, you’re back!” I said, feeling hopeful that maybe she changed her mind and decided to give our guests their privacy, and to take a shower with me instead. Such foolish thoughts were dashed in the next moment.

Kavita walked up close to me, holding up her panties from last night. I noticed that the panties looked heavy and wet, crumpled up into a ball. I could smell the bleachy scent of semen on them even without getting close. “I’m sorry. Prem was being mischievous. He jacked off inside my panties last night. You know how immature he can be,” Kavita joked as if this were a routine matter. “I scolded him that it was very wrong to do. I was going to throw them in the laundry, but then he apologized and insisted on cleaning them himself. Then I recalled how upset you felt that I let Prem take my bangles off yesterday. So, instead, I figured it would not be right to let him do something so personal and intimate involving touching my undergarments.”

“I agree, Kavita. He shouldn’t touch them. Just put them in the laundry,” I replied. Kavita just stared at me, waiting for the light to go on.

“Yeah, of course I could do that. It’s just that Prem offered sincerely to hand wash them just now…” she tossed out there like a dangling hint, not wanting to say anything overtly.

I understood her now. “I get it. Is that why you came back … to get me to wash your soiled unmentionables, so that you don’t have to say no to him?” I inquired.

“No, that’s not the reason. I can assert myself just fine, Manu. Listen, you don’t have to do it. I was simply offering you the chance to do it. It’s okay if you don’t,” she said, retracting her offer.

I immediately took the panties from her, instinctively taking them into my hands. “I’ll wash them. I suppose it’s the least I could do in appreciation for the show last night.”

“Are you sure, Manu?” Kavita asked teasingly, sealing the deal.

“Yes, I’m sure,” I responded, burning in shame but also eager not to let Prem touch my wife’s intimate clothing. It was bad enough that he had desecrated my wife’s panties with his semen, but at least I could prevent him from getting any closer.

Having won her way with me, she turned around and headed back to the guest room. She closed and locked the guest room, leaving me to wash her soiled panties, the most intimate article of clothing that a wife could wear which had now been stained by her ex-lover. Now it was my mission to clean them. If she wanted to reserve some privilege worthy of her husband only, she could have showered with me, or given me a blow job, or fucked me. Of course, she did fuck me, just last night. I could not let the darkness that came afterwards overshadow the fact that I did ejaculate inside my wife, premature as it was.

Last’s night sex should have left a thrilling sense of love and fulfillment in me, yet there was something about it that left me feeling empty instead. I felt like she tricked me into having an unsatisfying orgasm and referred to my penis in a derogatory way. Then today she bamboozled me into doing her dirty work by threatening to let Prem touch her private underwear if I refused. She tricked me like the proverbial Tom Sawyer using reverse psychology to get his friends to wash the fence. By positioning it as a ‘chance to do it,’ she made it sound like an opportunity to have the honor of cleaning her panties of another man’s semen! And if I had not agreed to, the honor would have gone to him, which I probably would have regretted even more. There was no good option.

I passed by the guest room on the way to my solitary shower. I checked the door to their room, but it was locked. How could Kavita have felt right to sleep in Prem and Gowri’s bed? And how could she have gone into the shower with them? How could Gowri have allowed Kavita to not only sleep in the same bed, but now get naked in the shower with her fiancée? Did she have no feeling of jealousy? No sense of shame?

Pressing my ear to the door, I could hear the shower, and indiscriminate noises, yelps, shouts, laughter, even some slapping. I imagined that Prem was getting another show with Gowri and Kavita soaping and washing each other, shampooing each other’s luscious hair, maybe even making out again. Then he himself must have enjoyed the sensual pleasures of being bathed by nymphs. I wonder if he fucked the ladies in the shower, or if they sucked his manhood. The lucky bastard was probably enjoying heaven on Earth.

I went into my own bathroom. I stood in my bathroom shower alone, holding Kavita’s used panties. I looked around as if to make sure no one was watching, which felt ridiculous since there was no one else around. I opened the panties just to check where exactly the wet spot was. I figured if Prem had merely masturbated into the panties, the stain could be all over the panties, on any part of it. However, if the semen stain was concentrated in the gusset strip of the panties, it might mean it was the result of it leaking out from Kavita’s pussy. The darker wet spots seemed to be spread out all over the panties, but the bleachy smell seemed to come from strongly from the gusset area. But maybe I was imagining all this. I could not objectively make out any conclusion about whether or not Kavita had enjoyed sex with Prem last night.

I decided to masturbate into her dirty panties myself. It was the only wifely stimulation I was likely to be able to enjoy. Wrapping my dick inside the panties, I began rubbing off. But after a few minutes, the recurring thought of Prem having touched his manly dick to the same panties made it difficult to keep an erection. Frustrated, I threw the panties down and turned on the shower. I got on my knees as it rained on me, soaping and scrubbing them. It took me three times and a lot of scrubbing before they felt clean. After I finished showering, I got ready and hung the panties to dry.

They trio were still inside, getting ready. I paced around the flat, waiting for them. As I read the paper, I heard a faint buzz. Kavita had left her phone to charge, placing it upside down. Usually it made a tinging sound when someone messaged her, but she must have set the ringer to vibrate. I picked up her phone to check. There was a message. I could not unlock her phone to read it, but I could see that it was a message from Arun, saying “Thanks! I’ll stop by at 9 tomorrow.” I quickly placed the phone back down as it was. I wondered what for? Why was that young man going to stop by here? There must have been a trail of messages prior to this explaining it, but I could see only the most recent message, so I had no context. It struck me that I would have to leave early tomorrow, probably by 8:30 to get to my new job on time on the first day. Kavita was travelling again, so she was planning to work from home and then head to the airport later that morning. Why did Kavita agree to see Arun at a time when she knew I would not be around? Why did she not tell me or ask me? What could Arun possibly want now that Kavita had already reimbursed him for his broken phone? Regardless, I dismissed these concerns. Arun’s message was merely a distraction, an annoyance. I had a bigger anxiety on my mind.

What I was most anxious about was how would I feel in the presence of our guests when they emerged, knowing that they had just been showering together, and having heard my wife order me to clean up the dishes and banish me to my own bathroom? I could not bear to face them right now. I grew more agitated as I waited, so I decided to step out, using the excuse of having to run some errands. I texted Kavita that I would be back soon, knowing that Prem and Gowri had appointments to visit places that morning. They would be gone by the time I returned. I would find a polite and civilized way to discuss Kavita’s disrespectful treatment towards me later when we had some privacy, but for now, I would not have to face the shame.
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